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Re: Frank26 Wed. Night Videos:

LyndeeandMadee:  I am just stating this in my opinion. With Frank’s video yesterday, he quoted part of the Lunar Landing, but left off, “The Eagle Has Landed.”

IMO, this eagle was money that was sent to Iraq to help shore up their Federal Reserves. So, if the Eagle has Landed, the money is there to support the currency revaluation. The monies was not sent by the US.

The monies were sent by countries that are supporting Iraq in the Middle East. I am sure, those countries are not interested in excuses, why their agreement can not be upheld. I have no idea what the agreement is, but I am pretty confident, money was sent, with expectations that the currency swap will be valuable for all countries.

If Iraq drags their feet after an agreed-upon date, I am sure these countries will come down on Iraq. I am pretty confident, Iraq does not want to drag their citizens through another war or occupation by other countries. It would be countries because there we several countries that helped Iraq with the federal reserves.

SteelyJan:  AGREED 100%!!! The whole world would be mad as H.E.DOUBLE.HOCKEY.STICKS at them!!! TIME IS UP!!!!!!!


MilitiaMan:  7-1-2016: Article:   Parliamentary Economy: edit Mosul will stimulate investment and the private sector in the country

Frank26: 7-1-2016   “This is literally the FORMAT of our SHARING on Your CC ‘s ……………. “GIVE ME MOSUL ………. AND WATCH THE REFORMS PICK UP AT A VERY VERY VERY QUICK ………….. PACE….”

We told You this a month ago but take heed ………….. THEY NOW TELL YOU OUR …………. KEYWORDS.

MilitiaMan:  This is a memory lane post above from Frank26 and now look at where we are today. Abadi is about to give us Mosul. Investors were all over DC this week. Now we watch for the UN to give us word on The last Sanction? We shall see. Very exciting times indeed.

Frank26 today:  I only smile   This DC Trip ………… IS A TRIP !!!


Naphtali:  THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WATCHING FOR…..  The rate on electric is the GOVERNMENT OF IRAQ…..  When the prices changed in the market place Frank said to be excited when the government started to change the pricing.

HERE IT  I S !!!

Don961:  Electricity for “Economy News”: kilo watt 180 dinars and handily sell to citizens with 10 dinars

20/04/2017 – 13:46

The Ministry of Electricity, said Thursday that the electricity is supported by 94% of the citizens as we are selling at 10 dinars, while costing us 180 dinars, adding that she is exposed to significant attack by those affected by the citizen to get 24 hours of power supply.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher for “Economy News”, “The privatization of the electricity distribution sector, a project aimed at eliminating the excesses that led to the loss of 65% of the energy produced in addition to the payment of citizens are discharged from the money that reached $ 2.7 billion, which is enough to pay off Ministry staff salaries for two years. ”

He added that ” the privatization of the electricity distribution sector , the project has achieved great success   and led to the rationalization of consumption by 30% with the termination Aldhaiat 100% , ” noting that “the Ministry of Electricity supports the current equipped citizens by 94%.”

He explained that “the cost per kilowatt ministry 180 dinars and Njhzh citizen at a price of 10 dinars,” stressing that “the ministry is exposed to significant attack by those affected by the citizen to get 24 hours of power.”
The World Bank announced that the Iraqi government doubled the prices of electricity consumption four times, indicating that the non-oil economy in 2017 is expected to recover this year after three years of contraction, thanks to the improved security situation and increased investment spending of non-oil.



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  • I have 5. 25,000.00 Iraq diners
    What can I be looking for money wise.
    Do I pay taxes on this ?

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