Samson: Preparation for the conference to launch electronic travel cards

10th June 2019

To / All Banks, Electronic Payment Companies, Visa Company and MasterCard (Preparation for the Electronic Travel Card Conference ) … Click here to view

Visa Company and Mastercard M / Preparation for the Conference of the launch of electronic travel cards Greetings. . . As a result of the strategy of this bank to gradually guide citizens to use electronic payment tools instead of paying cash, draw your attention to the fact that we are preparing for the conference to launch electronic travel cards Which will help passengers in the payment of external expenses and contribute to increase the ability of banks to attract customers towards modern banking services.

 In this regard, the bank will coordinate with the Association of Iraqi Banks, licensed payment companies and international card companies to establish a conference during the first week of July 2019 to launch an intensive media campaign in this regard.

And (a) other In 191 days, and in 2019 to launch an intensive media campaign in this regard. The establishment of the Conference of the launch of electronic travel cards issuance of electronic cards for Iraqi citizens to motivate them to use these cards during the payment period expenses (purchases – hotels – treatment – study with reference to the additional benefits that qualify these units of the holders::

Buy the dollar at 1, 200 dinars. Travel and avoid theft and loss – Payment in all currencies and around the world – access to additional privileges offered by banks to enter the halls of businessmen, discounts This bank will settle the cards abroad by selling them dollars at a price. Aqh sell the currency, the dollar against the sale of citizens at the price of 1.200 dinars through purchases of cards.

This bank does not settle the cards to banks abroad by selling them the dollar in full, in return for the sale of the US dollar at the price of 1, 200 dinars through the purchase of Alta – the Central Bank of Iraq – the Association of Iraqi private banks Tamkeen Fund – all licensed banks – licensed payment companies – agents Banking Offices –

Iobey777:  No wonder they are calling the citizens to come into the banks before the 1st week in July!! Put your money in here so you can spend it anywhere!!   “Aqh sell the currency, the dollar against the sale of citizens at the price of 1.200 dinars through purchases of cards”

S41755k:  There you go Iraq book a vacation at the Hotel holiday Express and go get a Happy Meal at Mc D’s for dinner!


EdwardK: Holiday Inn Express & Suites : Colorado Springs Central They are accepting IQD for room for the night check it out WOW 236,810 IQD / Night

Iobey777:  Just wondering how they will take it to the bank?? Hmmm!!

RockCharlie229:  Electronically MasterCard Visa

Iobey777:  Oh yeah!! It’s like when I think of IQD..I think of the paper notes!! lol!!


 Hey everyone.  Just wanted to share something coincidental and curious.  I use paypal credit card payments for my business.   On June 8th I received an email from paypal stating there are some updates to their policies beginning  July 9th, 2019.

Here is what was at the top of their list of updates:

If PayPal performs a currency conversion for your purchase, and the purchase is refunded at a later date, PayPal will perform a currency conversion for the refund at the transaction exchange rate in effect on the date of the refund.

I am NOT suggesting a date. Just interesting timing…   That is all.

Have a great day!!  We are in the home stretch..IMO…

Samson:  Published the first amendment to the electoral law, which is discussed by parliament on Tuesday

2019/6/9 22:43

The House of Representatives will resume on Tuesday, its regular sessions.

The agenda of the session includes a report and discussion of the first amendment to the law of provincial and district elections No. 12 of 2018.

Our agency publishes the first amendment to the election law, which will be discussed by parliament.   LINK


Samson: Iraq receives 42 thousand tourists in two weeks

10th June, 2019

The Tourism Authority announced on Monday the entry of more than 42 thousand tourists Arab and foreign to Iraq during the first two weeks of last May, pointing out that the majority of Iranian visitors.

“The total number of tourists who entered Iraq reached 42,828 thousand tourists during the period from 2 to 16 May,” said Mohammed Al-Rafi’i, Director of Relations and Information at the Authority.  “The number of Iranian visitors to Iraq since May 2 to May 16 was 34,488,” he said.

He explained that “foreign visitors and Arabs who entered Iraq at the same time through the airports of Baghdad and Najaf and the ports of Safwan and Shalamjah and Zurbatia reached 8,340 visitors.”   LINK

Samson:  Adnan Karima: Gold, trade wars and currencies

9th June, 2019

Entered gold strongly in the global wars of trade and currency, and its impact on the price of oil, as a strategic commodity in the global economy. And focus on the “yellow metal”, because it is a “safe haven” for investors and their savings, as well as the reserves of countries in their central banks, in the context of “geopolitical” tensions and security disturbances in several parts of the world.

If gold is a luster that captures the eye, and is bought as a luxury commodity and “adornment” of social well-being, its acquisition comes in response to the deepest instinct and rooted in the human soul throughout history. His great appeal to investors is that he is a “strategic” asset and one of the most fundamental assets in any investment portfolio.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944, under which the currency pricing system was developed for the economically developed countries against the dollar and a fixed price of gold. The US currency became the reserve currency. The United States committed itself to guarantee a change in its value by a certain weight of gold But it appears that this agreement did not realize at the time the possibility of America’s inability to cover the accumulated “dollar” reserves of these countries.

This happened in 1971 when Western Germany and France replaced them with gold reserves. The so-called “Nixon shock,” announced by US President Richard Nixon, called for the abolition of direct international transfers from dollars to gold.

Before the global financial crisis that began in the United States, the price of a gold ounce in 2007 was about $ 750, and began to rise from the crisis and its aftermath, reaching a peak in September 2011 when it reached $ 1875, and remained at high levels until mid-2013, but declined between 2014 to 2016 to between 1200 and 1060 dollars according to the evolution of supply and demand, and then returned to rise in recent years until last week amounted to about 1328 dollars.

In addition to the 2008 crisis, liquidity is a high risk for all investors, as well as for central banks. The “geopolitical” developments and the trade war that accompanied the currency war have resulted in a number of countries led by China and Russia reducing their dependence on the dollar The buyers’ circles have expanded to include Turkey, Argentina, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Poland and Hungary to diversify their reserves. According to World Gold Council figures, central bank purchases in the first quarter of this year reached 145.5 tons, Up 68 percent year-on-year, following purchases of $ 651 million.

But last year, Russia bought 274 tons, a record and unprecedented, in exchange for the liquidation of its US treasury bonds, which brought it closer to the stock the Soviet Union had before its collapse in 1990. If it continues to buy, The level of France, which has the fourth largest gold reserves in the world.    LINK

Samson:  INTERPOL: Issuing 653 international search papers against Iraqis

10th June, 2019

Interpol director General Sadiq Faraj Abdul Rahman revealed on Monday (June 10, 2019) that 653 international red flags were issued against Iraqis wanted for Baghdad.

He said in a press statement that “there are 653 Iraqi citizens have been issued international red leaflets and we await the completion of the rest of the necessary legal procedures on the files of the recovery of wanted.”

As for the former Secretary of Baghdad, who was released by the Syrian authorities, he explained that “the Syrian Interpol is the one who felt the arrest of the former Secretary of the Iraqi Engineer Naeem Abaoub, and that there is a recovery file prepared against him with the competent Iraqi authorities.”

He added that “Najmuddin Karim, the former governor of Kirkuk and required for the Iraqi judiciary on various charges has not been released, as the Lebanese law allows those wanted to leave bail after the seizure of passports and special documents until the completion of special files. LINK

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