Steveyoga1: A Valid Purpose for the New Notes with Signatures?

It’s my opinion that they put the new version of the notes out with signatures because they are immediately visually different from the old 3 zero notes.  These will at the time of the Revaluation, immediately be invalid inside Iraq. These new “higher” notes (250, 500, 1,000 Dinars) will already be in circulation (rolling out since last week) so commerce can continue during the time it takes for the RV to activate and take place.

These will be uniquely identifiable from the older 3 zero notes of 2003, 2013, etc., at least by the controversial new signature, if not also the images.

These new notes will continue to be valid inside Iraq after the RV, but they will immediately drop 3 zeros from them to make them equal in value to the new lower denomination notes that they announced are coming out (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 Dinar notes). This will also have the benefit of immediately invalidating the forgeries of the older 3zero notes.

They know what they are doing.  All their explanation about replacing the wearing out lower denominations is only one of the reasons…not the main one.  Allowing the RV to unfold is one of the biggies!


Samson:  Al-Kafai: A promising start in Iraq, but the challenges are great

9th October, 2018 by Hamid Al-Kafai

Five months after the parliamentary elections in Iraq, the political crisis is about to break out after the completion of the election of the three presidencies, despite the differences, conflicts and frustrations. Abdul Mahdi, quietly and was fully welcomed by the political parties in various recitations.

The Iraqi and international political welcome by appointing Abdul Mahdi is good news, and he is getting the first time for an Iraqi leader since the change in 2003.

Although Abdul Mahdi has advantages not shared by any of his predecessors, he has outstanding economic qualifications, a broad political experience, a broad culture and a deep understanding of international politics. The absolute acceptance and broad welcome of Abdul Mahdi is not necessarily linked to its merits, merits and merits.

The man is not surprised by the political process that the world has suddenly discovered but has been strongly involved with since 2003. He competed for the premiership in 2006. Ibrahim al-Jaafari outperformed him with one voice.

The largest of which was “Sadr” led by Moqtada al-Sadr, 54 seats, while the alliance “victory” led by Haider Abadi, 42 seats, half left to block Remote competition announcement results. The “Al-Fateh” alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri won 47 seats, which enabled him to compete for the premiership. He formed with the “state of law” and “axis” the “building block” which was claimed to be the largest in the first session of parliament.

But the “reform” alliance, which included the “Suron”, “victory”, “patriotism” and “wisdom”, was also announced at the same meeting as the largest bloc. This confusion comes for the first time, and two blocs have not fought before on the site of the largest bloc that is entitled to form a government. Although the determination of the larger bloc seems easy, the situation can be resolved by simple arithmetic, but the fluctuating positions of some of the deputies, the majority of the two blocs that the number of members more than the other, did not know until now, the two blocs more numerous, if we assume that they are real blocs and not aggregates Homogeneous MPs looking for gains.

This rivalry between the political blocs and their sharp differences and the rivalry of their leaders, made everyone looking for a savior that could satisfy all parties and be acceptable to the international community and key players in Iraq, Iran and the United States. This is where Adel Abdul Mahdi emerged as the only person enjoying all these benefits. Indeed, everyone was convinced that he was a stage man. But have the parties really been persuaded to hand over the reins of power and accept what they are going to do in the future, or is it a brief truce after which rivalries and competition for power begin?

Abdul Mahdi, who is not interested in the post, has resigned from two senior positions, Vice President of the Republic in 2011, and the Minister of Oil in 2016, without hesitation after realizing that the post does not allow him to achieve the desired accomplishments. Some fear that he may resign if he does not cooperate with others, but this time he has the initiative and can tell the Iraqi people who are hindering his performance.

The opportunity available to Abdul-Mahdi is now historic and rare, and he has to invest it to achieve real achievements entrenching the political system and putting the Iraqi economy on the right track. Such an opportunity was available to his predecessor, Haider Abadi, in 2015, but he lost it. What Abdul Mahdi needs is to bring in experts from the successful experiences of the State Administration. Should review the previous appointments of important positions, from senior positions such as heads of independent institutions, judges and ambassadors, to agents of ministries, inspectors, advisers, directors, university professors and senior officers.

This is not to say that all of them are unfit and incompetent and must be excluded, but most of the appointments since 2003 are political and consular appointments, not according to efficiency, but according to party and personal allegiance. If these failed administrations change, Useful. It should be emphasized here that Haider al-Abadi was not bad but was restricted.

The Iraqi people are angry and have demonstrated since July against corruption, unemployment and poor services. The political blocs realize that they can not govern the way they have for 15 years. The religious authority has announced that it supports bold steps to advance the country and eradicate corruption. . Adel Abdul Mahdi, the father of this task is difficult and worth it and I say this talk about accurate knowledge of the man I knew him on the pages of this newspaper in the nineties of the last century, we were writing in the economic section, as we worked together in the Governing Council, and then in the Ministry of Finance and I can say that he owns The vision of a statesman who goes to a distant nation in order to bring about the desired change.

The challenges are many, large and urgent. The poor performance of successive governments has brought the situation to serious levels of deficit and deterioration. The forthcoming government will serve as a crisis cell to solve the accumulated problems, but not neglect the long-term strategic aspects. The prevailing thinking about the role of the government must change, and this requires intensive cultural work undertaken by the Ministries of Education, Culture and Interior.

Creating the right environment for investment and establishing the legal foundations needed by the private sector to take the role of government in many service sectors. The government can not remain the primary employer. Such a government no longer exists in our world.

The government legislates, encourages investments, sponsors initiatives, manages security, does justice and monitors general economic performance, but intervenes only when distortions occur. Mahdi, who knows the details of the modern economy, is better than his administration, but he will not succeed if he does not enjoy the necessary political support and enjoys responsible parliamentary oversight. It is a historic opportunity for Iraq that the best politicians invest.    LINK


Samson:  New justification and “strange” in writing the name of the portfolios in currency

2018/10/9 10:32

In a surprise move, the Central Bank of Iraq announced the printing of large quantities of small groups of the Iraqi currency and the beginning of distribution, and write the name of the governor {agency} on the links, after improving the type of material used, and make a simple change in the form of these Categories. And raised the move of relations by placing his name on the currency in addition to signing a kind of controversy in the Iraqi street, and some called the House of Representatives to remove this addendum.

However, the director of accounting at the Central Bank Ihsan al-Yasiri said in a press statement that the move was considered normal, considering that many central banks in the world put the name of the governor next to the signature, and only at other times sign, citing it as a “fingerprint of the Iraqi currency.”  “These small groups are the ones that were printed in 2004 and include categories of 250, 500 and 1000 dinars, and today the need is much needed to pump more into the Iraqi market,” he said.  “Iraq received two days ago the first shipment of the category of thousand dinars and distributed to banks and financial institutions in order to put them to market, and this month will receive shipments of 250 and 500 dinars.”

The Central Bank of Iraq changed the image of the Islamic dinar on the category of a thousand dinars and made it a picture of the Assyrian logo.  The legal expert Jamal al-Asadi, the existence of a legal violation in the name of the governor of the Central Bank, the second edition of the Iraqi currency, and told the {Euphrates News} yesterday that the lack of reference to the status of the governor by proxy and write only a conservative in the currency is not original ” And according to the Iraqi constitution is supposed to vote on the original in the House of Representatives and Ali al-Alaq acting and legally speaking if raised and pretended to be impersonated.

For his part, counting the historian Ghazi Ahmed al-Samarrai, step by “the previous did not occur on the date of the modern Iraqi currency since its issuance 87 years ago.”  While attributed the general manager of the issuance and cabinets in the Central Bank Abdul Karim Hassan reasons to write the name of the governor on the new currency to know the citizen who is the governor.  LINK

Samson:  Halabousi: Iraq seeks to engage the world in investing its natural resources

9th October, 2018

Iraq is seeking in its legislation and legal systems to involve its neighbors and the world as a whole in investing its natural resources and contributing directly to all sectors, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi said Tuesday.

“Iraq has all the elements of a comprehensive economic renaissance, supported by enormous resources that can be invested to serve the interests and aspirations of Iraqis to develop and progress in all walks of life,” Halboussi said in his speech at the third meeting of heads of parliaments in Turkey.

“Iraq has long suffered from the effects of war and its negative effects on the environment, which played a key role in the pollution of its water resources, agricultural land and fisheries, which contributed to the settlement of serious diseases suffered by the Iraqi people,” he said. Of the effects of environmental pollution that have reached serious levels that require substantial support at the level of Governments and relevant international organizations.”

“The importance of sustainable development in renewable energy sources,” he said, adding that “this decision is at the heart of the executive and legislative concerns through taking a series of measures to reduce the pollution causing serious global warming.”

He pointed out that “Iraq fought a war against terrorism, which paid the blood of the finest of his youth on behalf of the world as a whole, and left the war is a huge destruction to cities and people alike,” noting that “we hope to see a world and people understand the magnitude of these sacrifices, And actively contribute to stand with Iraq through continued cooperation on the basis of economic and investment partnership and environmental cooperation in a way that serves the interests of all peoples.”    LINK

SJosh:   IMO, This is ALL very calculated.

The reason they re-issued the 250 and 500 (and 1000) is multi-fold:

1 – Citizens haven’t used these bills for a LONG time since they’re worth ~0.25-.50 cents equivalent USD. Now that Iraq has stopped MCP, including the USD, they are using Dinar in-country. That means they begun using these bills again in order to make lower change amounts.

2 – These bills were VERY worn/torn. OK. Pull them from the market to replace them the CBI says..

3 – But wait! We are going to issue all these new very low denomination notes (1,5,10,20, etc.) very soon! Why would we bother issuing NEW version of the OLD notes?
Because it is the MOST PERFECT bridge for the citizens, of course!!!!!

4 – What did they do with these NEW issues of the 250 and 500?? They issued them with the NEW lower denomination features!

5 – So, citizens get used to using 100% of their currency again, while consecutively getting used to low(er) value Dinar notes using the NEW currency format!

Bravo, Iraq!
Bravo, CBI!
Bravo, Citizens!
Bravo, Frank and KTFA teams!

This is SUCH a HUGE indicator of where they are in the process Remember the importance of the CITIZENS in the MR process. Keep them happy, keep them in the loop, everything goes SMOOTH as BUTTER.

Frank26: YUP.