MilitiaMan: Article:“The Parliament directs the Commission to take the necessary measures to provide confidence in the elections”  LINK
The cat is coming out of the bag…. Evidence is suggesting the elections are rigged.. No longer doubt but facts. Will the evidence be set aside…?
With Al Sadr meeting with the five, I’ll bet as we are taught the results will be “” more of a move along nothing left to see here… lol Plus the USA ordering Solameini “” to get out of Iraq finds us with the hicupps subsiding as he crosses back over the border..?
It is also obvious the investors are ready to roll when it comes to re construction.. the timeing of it all coming together is fascinating!
Even the video WS posted has presentation boards in the back drop and advertising those involved!! There was one that stands out to me and if we recall EO 13303, one will know a major player in this project to iraqs MR.. imo – MM
ToledoBound:  Didn’t Kim Clement say when things looks their worst, then it will happen? Or something like that. Chin up Family. Hang in there. I feel your sentiments. There has never been a date or rate published here but there are ups and downs facilitated by the atmosphere of the situation in Iraq. Ride out the storm. Keep yourself busy doing something else for awhile if it helps.
Samson:  “BBC”: Sadr will play a key role in forming the government and for these reasons lost Abadi
09:49 – 19/05/2018
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, will play a role in forming the new government after the list of results of the final elections, according to a report published by the British channel “BBC” on Saturday.
“According to the final results, the alliance won,” Sason “54 seats out of the total number of seats in the parliament, a 329 seats,” asserting that “Sadr will not take over the presidency because he did not run himself, but likely to Plays a key role in shaping the new government. ”
The report added that “Sadr has re-introduced himself as a combatant of corruption after his reputation in the leadership of gunmen in the face of the US invasion in 2003,” indicating that “the campaign of the Sadr Alliance against corruption and investment in public services.”
The report pointed out that “the defeat of the coalition” victory “comes at a time when many voters expressed discontent over corruption in public life,” pointing out that “despite the poor performance in the elections, but Abadi may take over the presidency again after the negotiations to form a government Which is due to expire within 90 days.”  LINK