Samson: Russia: Trump invited Putin to visit Washington

2018/4/20 9:11

Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to meet with US President Donald Trump, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

Lavrov said in an interview with the Russian news agency Sputnik in response to a question on whether the preparations for the meeting of the two presidents were “pending”. “The word came out [means to confirm the intention of Trump].”  “President Putin is ready for such a meeting.”

However, the Russian Foreign Minister pointed out that the preparations for the Summit itself have not yet taken place.

“But if that is the case, once there is some development, we will certainly tell you about it, but I will only draw attention to the fact that Donald Trump, following this phone call, spoke several times in tweets and orally that issues should be resolved With Russia, we want to have good relations with Russia, and this is better than the lack of good relations, and the only fool is the one who thinks differently, all this we also hear. ”   LINK


Rommy: In My Opinion … This is a very good thing!  Is it possible that some, if not all of this anti Russia stuff is propaganda to be used for political agenda and maneuvering?

Who says that Russia and Putin are the bad guys?  Seriously … WHO is saying this … hint hint …

Would not the great President Trump and Mr. Putin make a great international team?  Why not?  Would not the American and Russian people be super allies?  Why not?

If Russia and America can be allies in space then why not on earth?  There are plenty of videos available which put Mr. Putin in a total different character than what the US GOVERNMENT CORP and their fraudulent media want the American people to believe.

Make love not war …. but WAR has a new meaning.


Samson:  Easy to capture corruptors abroad than inside, MP

20th April, 2018

Member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Integrity Commission Salem al-Issawi disclosed that it is simple to arrest the corruptors and accused persons with corruption dossiers who are living abroad than those who reside inside Iraq.

He added that the foreign countries can arrest those accused due to their experience and ability to chase the culprits, in comparison to Iraq.

MP Issawi charged that some of our security establishment are suffering of corruption and political pressures, thus they are unable to implement the arrest warrants.

He expressed his hopes that the coming government will be able to avoid such partisan pressures by a national project against corruption.

On the other hand, the Parliamentary Integrity Commission disclosed the implication of some politicians and parties in corruption dossiers.

According to International Transparency Organization, Iraq occupied number four in the corrupt Arab countries after Somalia, the Sudan and Libya.   LINK


Lynette Zang: Rigging the Rates; Libor, the Scandal that you Forgot

Streamed live 18 hours ago

The first earning season after the tax changes is upon us. Earnings have not disappointed with many corporations posting the expected 20% earning surge YOY. But Insider selling more than doubled this past week.

$370 Trillion in fiat money contracts are tied to LIBOR, which is set to die in 2021. The problem is all the contracts tied to that rate that come due AFTER 2021 and LIBOR is on the rise.

Looking at the charts, Spot silver sits right on the upper trend line in a wedge formation. We may know today, if there was a breakout above the trend line. Spot gold continues to form a second cup formation inside the current long-term trend.

Remember, a cup formation indicates that smart money is quietly building their position. Are you with the smart money?