StephenMac63: In the late 80s, there was a term called “Yuppies” and it was an acronym of Young Urban Professional of which they usually had a well paying job and a sense of fashion. Many drove “the car of status”, back then it was the BMW in the Bay Area of California.

Many of these yuppies also learned about a book in their Business Major class called “Art of War” by Sun Tzu. This book spoke of principles used in battle that are also used in business, many similarities.

And they also learned of a man named Lawrence J Peter. Lawrence was the type of person that would see the irony of business structures, especially in corporations and came up with descriptive one-liners that still are in practice and recited today.

His most famous one-liner was…….”In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”….meaning just because you know how to stock the shelves, run a register and have worked longer than the new hires….it doesn’t mean you are a manager.

This is known as “The Peter Principle”. He has several well known quotes and can be easily searched online.

I’m the type that likes to experiment in public this very principle and have had great success. On one of my recent trips to the hardware store I purchased 6 sheets of 4 feet by 8 feet drywall and exited the store with them on a rolling cart.

As I walked outside I saw three employees….one was the forklift driver, one was holding the flags and a girl that was observing everything. They all saw me and I said I would like to have assistance in loading the drywall. They all agreed to help.

I then told them I had a Toyota Prius.

The forklift driver just laughed and said it wasnt going to work, it was impossible. The guy holding the flags just stood there like a bump in the asphalt not knowing what to think. The girl was in deep thought for about 30 seconds and said “No problem, we can cut it into equal portions and make it fit”…….and she was serious.

Tell me which one demonstrated the “Peter Principle”……correct, the forklift driver as he thought it was impossible, the second guy didnt know how or what to think. And as for the girl…….I would safely bet she will be at least a district manager one day as she had a situation presented, didnt think it was impossible so she concentrated her efforts on making it “possible”.

The reason behind this posting is because many in this Spec. Invest. do not have the foggiest of what to do when it hits. We have reached the Peter Principle.

Many postings before this have recommended for you to get the assistance you need in order to reach your goal. Please do not pretend that “you know it all”…nobody does, including me, and Im a half way intelligent bear. When you hear of “getting your team”, do not be intimidated. There are pros that want to help.

You need to have guidelines…for example, when you deal with Landlord Tenant Laws are you going to write up a lease? Not if you are smart. The best thing you can do is find a Landlord/Tenant Attorney that has written books and are being used in Real Estate Courses.

What better authority can you have on your side? To me, it is better to have a Battle Scared General fighting for me in court than a fresh young recruit out of law school.

Time to work on your strategy. If you dont have one, dont do anything until you do.
See ya at the finish line (wink)

(whole posting in my opinion of course)…..<———- ( release of liability, see? you are learning )


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