KTFA Monday Night Conference Call 11-20-17

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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StephenMac63:  Another great call!

In one section of the call it was speculated that the “Corruption Files” provided  to Abadi will be opened and all “heck” would break loose. It was opined that this is to occur shortly after the RI, if I am not mistaken, if not right at that time.

Lets all take a ride on “Maliki’s Train of Thought”. We know corruption has been rampant. We have Barzani making 400K a month in addition to the embezzling of anything that wasnt fastened. By the way, the US President makes under 40K a month to put into perspective. We also know that Maliki not only has had his hand in the cookie jar, he carried it around because he is so possessive.

We do know that in order for Abadi to open the files he needs to know where everyone is at. Sorta like when you put out a rat trap, you know where they hang out. Abadi also knows just as soon as he opens the files Maliki will do anything to protect himself.

He will lie, cheat, steal, slander, libel and quite possibly put out a hit on Abadi. In the interim he will run….to gain space so he can think….but where? Would Iran take him?

What would the political repercussions be? Did he send enough IQD over there through the years for his “retirement”? He might have a place in London and Interpol would have to get involved…..if it goes through the normal channels. He knows his run will be “one-way”….wont be a round trip as he will never set foot again into Iraq as long as he lives. He will be holed up somewhere until the day he dies.

Ok, so lets think that Maliki was able to escape and is living somewhere. What would he do? Do you think he would still have contact in Iraq through various channels? He will be kept up to date with the latest happenings and will adjust accordingly. If he feels he can not destroy the country from within, he may try to do it from a distance. Maliki has a Plan “B”. If he doesn’t have a “Plan B” then I can say without being a board certified psychologist…he’s delusional.

Abadi not only has to deal with Maliki, he has to deal with everyone connected to Maliki. The first rat caught will throw the biggest fit denying everything and the last rat will sing like a bird for forgiveness in hope to live because they saw how the first rat was treated. There is something about self preservation. I think there will be amnesty and immunity on silver platters for those who wish to partake providing they are low to mid level in the scheme.

Imo, all of this is in my opinion, Abadi will not open the files until he has everyone important rounded up already because he knows you dont put rats in a cardboard box as they will chew through and escape. You put them in a steel cage in order to keep them. I think Abadi will not be able to catch everyone at the same time therefore he will take the important ones and let time allow for the remaining to be caught.

I also think that Abadi will not be doing this alone as he has the credibility and support of the international world. Frank did say that there will be life on Mars because that’s the only way Maliki is going to escape this earth alive.

Maliki at this point in time is thinking about surviving, at least we hope so as this would be the natural course for one to take. He knows his time is soon. He knows that Abadi has taken a country and whipped it into shape, along with the ISIS battles in a matter of three years. Maliki knows that Abadi and Abadi’s crew all have locations on each of the guilty. And with the borders being secure, not only can you get in……you cant get out.

Imagine when all of the guilty are rounded up and prepped for trial. Do you think the trial will be in Iraq? Can you imagine the sectarian strife that “could” occur? Would Maliki’s Party sit back? IMO, no, they would run. It may be easy, just catch anyone who is running and ask them why are they running……..its going to spill………big time. I do not know the qualifications for a trial to be held at World Court but it may be the least damaging place to have one because if it was in Iraq…..all heck may break loose…..maybe. Abadi knows best. He has a plan.


DocK :  Looks like they are screaming ” WE ARE INTERNATIONAL ”

Getting Accolades like they are International


.Dec. 2015

To receive a permanent UNESCO City of Literature designation cities must apply to UNESCO and meet exacting criteria. They must show that they have outstanding literary heritage, a vibrant contemporary scene, and importantly, that they are a city where their sector works collaboratively to grow and develop through their chosen artform, via capital development and cultural engagement programmes.


Baghdad, Iraq


Yellen Resigns From Fed Board After Being Passed Over To Keep Top Post

November 20, 2017


Fed Chair Janet Yellen on Monday submitted her resignation from the Federal Reserve Board. Earlier this month, President Trump named Jerome Powell to be the next Fed chair.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen today announced that she will resign from the Federal Reserve Board once her successor, Jerome Powell, is sworn in.

Yellen is the first woman to serve as Fed chair. While her term as Fed chair ends in February, Yellen could have stayed on the board until 2024, serving out her 14-year term as a Fed governor. Instead she’ll follow the practice of previous Fed leaders and leave the board once Powell becomes chairman.

Powell’s nomination by President Trump marked the first time in decades that a president hasn’t reappointed a chief of the central bank for a second term. The Senate Banking Committee is set to hold a hearing on Powell’s nomination next week, but a vote has not been scheduled.

In a letter of resignation to Trump, Yellen said she is “gratified that the financial system is much stronger than a decade ago,” and that the economy has improved substantially. Also in the letter, she pointed out that 17 million jobs have been added since the financial crisis and that the Fed is close to achieving it goals of “maximum employment and price stability.”

Yellen is credited with helping move the U.S. economy to a firmer footing after the turbulence following the financial crisis. Her decision not to stay gives Trump an even greater opportunity to reshape the Federal Reserve Board. If he fills the remaining vacant positions, Trump will have appointed five of the seven members on the board of governors.

Yellen, who is 71, was initially appointed to the Fed board by President Clinton in 1994 and served until 1997, when she became chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. She was appointed again to the board by President Obama for a term that was due to end in 2024.

She served as vice chair of the Board of Governors under Ben Bernanke from October 2010 to February 2014, when Obama elevated her to the top job. Yellen was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco from 2004 to 2010. She remains a professor emerita of the University of California Berkeley.


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