Inkmaster91: October -12- 2017

His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi chaired, Today Thursday, an expanded meeting to consolidate the stability in Anbar province

Dr. Haider al-Abadi said “We’ve achieved the miracle of victory and we’ve moved a long path, our heroic forces, all the Iraqis and the people of Anbar have sacrificed dear sacrifices that we must preserve our national unity, very soon I will inform you of the recapture of the last inch occupied by Daesh in Anbar.

He added during a speech at the expanded meeting to consolidate stability in Anbar province in the presence of members of the local government and the people of the province of tribal sheikhs and academics:

We are working hard to accelerate the restoration of stability in Anbar province, and we must close the camps for displaced persons and return every displaced citizen to his home sooner, and must maintain the success achieved in Anbar.”
Dr. Haider Al-Abadi said: “Iraq’s glory is by its unity and the unity of its people, we’ve warned from attempts of returning to the first square, sectarianism, partition and abandoning the benefit of the homeland and citizens.

He called on the people of Anbar to fight corruption and consider it a fundamental issue, not secondary because corruption is no less dangerous than terrorism.

He added: “Our army, which achieved the miracle of victory by the testimony of the world and became one of the strongest armies in the region on the level of fighting on the ground and with an Iraqi self-strength can’t be used against our people or wage a war against our Kurdish citizens and others, It is our duty to preserve the country unity, to implement the constitution, to protect the citizens, imposing federal authority, oil imports, border crossing should be under the government audit for the Kurdish citizens benefit and the national wealth.

He stressed that the current crisis is not made by us.

During the meeting, the security, economic and service situation in Anbar province were discussed. Dr. Haider al-Abadi orders to form of committees of Anbar people on humanitarian, judicial and criminal problems, and said: “We will not protect anybody that attacked citizens.”

Media office of the Prime Minister


MilitiaMan:  Well this is obviously a word to get attention.. Glory be it! What other glory is there than bring back your currency to it’s real value and away from a program rate?

We all know the banks are meeting with the UST and have been for some time now. Are the final touches in place? I’ll bet so.

Even Abadi today is just about ready to tell the world the final inches of Iraq are liberated from ISIS. Security and stability, is at hand.

Therefore, imo the remaining touches if you will are being done and in a very timely manner. 9-15/2017 IMF, 10/16/2017 Private Banks and the UST and then 10/18/2017 Iraq and US represented by the Institute of Strategic Studies. Go figure.. A global think TANK! wink then ka boom lol that fast.. ~ MM

“The general orientation of the central bank is working to restore the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar to its former glory in collaboration with government banks, indicating that the bank seeks to make way for government banks to carry out sale the dollar put pressure on speculators in the markets.” FA #9

“the Arab-American banking conference will be held in New York on the sixteenth of October next and Iraq will participate with a large banking delegation,” noting that “there is great confidence between the Association of Iraqi private banks and the US Treasury.”

““the classification of the new Iraq is in the follow-up area after leaving the gray area,”

“There are many Iraqi private banks are ready and comply with international standards and is ready to open accounts with foreign correspondent banks for the ownership of a cadre of excellence and policies and procedures are subject to international standards In addition to integrated services. ”

“The presence of adults on the field of international work comes in any case, where conventional economies are not usually not important international attention of the largest economic blocs, and here comes the presence of Iraqi banks and US banks in Washington evidence of the importance of Iraq and its economy for the side The other, who is aware that the size of work in our country is large and can be employed in the financial and executive sector in more than one sector within Iraq.

Preparations continue between Iraq represented by the Association of Iraqi private banks and the US States represented by the Institute of Strategic Studies, And an Iraqi-US meeting on October 18 Great cooperation.”



MrMoerbe:  Anyone else notice the CBI website added a conversion rate calculator recently?


Timaldo: The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday said nine of the world’s biggest financial institutions may find it hard to thrive in the new global economy and deserve heightened attention from regulators.

In its latest report on global financial market stability, the IMF listed nine banks: Citigroup C-3.43% Société Générale FR:GLE-0.42% SCGLY-0.65% UniCredit Group IT:UCG-1.33%Deutsche Bank DB-1.3% XE:DBK-1.05% Barclays UK:BARC+1.39% Standard Chartered UK:STAN-0.85% Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group JP:8316-0.44% Mizuho Financial Group MFG JP:8411-0.2%  and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group MTU-1.54% JP:8306-1.03%  as banks that exhibit “both thin capital buffers relative to future regulatory requirements and relatively weak profitability to build those buffers over the next few years.”

The IMF said some of these banks continue to grapple with legacy issues. Others, mainly the European investment banks, “still face the problem of defining and executing profitable business models.”

Low domestic interest rates also affect the profitability of the troubled Japanese banks, the IMF said.

“Problems in even a single one of these global systemically important banks could generate systemic stress,” according to the IMF, so supervisors must focus on business model risks and sustainable profitability. Citi, for example, was a poster child of the financial crisis, with the company forced to cleave off billions in businesses to comply with more stringent regulatory requirements in the wake of the mortgage-fueled, global banking implosion.



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