JesusLovesBaseball: Iraq working on settling all UNSC resolutions – FM Jaafari
24/09/2017 | LOC00:28 21:28 GMT | Gulf News     LINK

Jay:  SAY BYE BYE to Chapter 7 IMO… Nice find JJ.

IMO. Kuwait saying we are good UN. No issues with Iraq and Kuwait. We “Kuwait” can wait 3 years to be paid because we want Iraq to pay us with an International rate. WOWOWOWOWOWZERS…ALLLL  IMO…..


Aggiedad77:  This appears to spell HCL IMO…..oh BUDDY…..OH BUDDY   Aloha   Randy

Samson:  Oil calls for the removal of the oil sector from political conflicts

23rd September, 2017

The Oil Ministry confirmed on Saturday that oil is a sovereign wealth and a property of the Iraqi people in all its sectors, including the Kurdistan region, warning against exploiting the exceptional circumstances and being dragged to control it. All concerned parties called for the removal of the oil sector from political conflicts.

The Ministry said in a press statement received by “Economy News”, “The national oil wealth is a sovereign wealth and the king of the Iraqi people in all its spectrum and components along its territory from north to south and from east to west, including the Kurdistan region,” noting that “the country faces challenges and repercussions As a result of the announcement of the Kurdistan Regional Government to hold a referendum in the Kurdistan region and the provinces of Kirkuk and Diyala. ”

“The Ministry of Oil strongly warns all parties and entities that try to exploit these exceptional circumstances and be forced to control the capabilities and wealth of the Iraqi people and tamper with them or interfere in the affairs of oil companies in our dear province, including Kirkuk,” the ministry added. The concerned parties “responsibility to maintain the oil facilities and the lives of workers and officials.”

“The government and the Ministry of Oil keen since 2003 on the optimal investment of national wealth and meet the needs of the Iraqi people in all its parts and components,despite the intersections and differences between the federal government and the territorial government on The oil policy and management of the country’s wealth and the lack of commitment of the region agreements concluded against the federal budget and its many excesses, as well as the government of the Territory to export oil and conclude contracts with foreign companies without reference to the federal government and the Ministry of Oil.

The Ministry of Oil stressed that it “placed the national interest above all considerations and put differences aside,” stressing “its commitment to national constants and its keenness on the optimal investment of national wealth and development in service of our people in all their spectrum and components.

The ministry called on everyone to “remove the oil sector from political conflicts or use national wealth as a means of pressure and bargaining at the expense of national constants.” He called on all concerned parties to “resort to serious national dialogue and building away from narrow slogans and interests



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