Walkingstick: General Debate of the 72nd Session: 19 September 2017 to 25 September 2017

23 September 2017

Iraq    18. H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Abdulkarim Al-Jafari

Minister for Foreign Affairs


Frank26:  IMO ………….. Jafa can have this UN Speech …………….. As we await a BIGGER SPEECH from A.

Walkingstick:  Agree: I believe…his speech, would falter…  in comparison, to Abadi… announcing, a fully liberated Iraq

Realstorm:  What if the Kurds somehow were able to separate from Iraq??? Could this be a break in the financial system in the Middle East? What else could break the financial system in the Middle East?  What if OPEC totally fell apart?

Kim Clement Prophecy:

July 18th, 2015 – From The Den

The Spirit of God is speaking now over the region of Iraq, over the region of Iran, over the regions of the Middle East and southern Asia. The earth has shaken and shall shake again. But God said I am speaking that I may release resources, and there will be a grave surrender that will take place in the months to come.

I want to free you, every one of you, My people, to be able to stretch out their hand to the lonely, to the hungry, to the poor, and feed them and clothe them. This is My desire, says the Lord.

Therefore, there shall be a break in the financial system in the Middle East, the dinar. And then he shall say, “Why? Why now?” And God said, when things seem at their worst, I shall bring it forth and I shall free them up.

Walkingstick:  Keep in mind, a referendum does not necessitate and or imply an immediate secession… Kurdistan is conducting what is deemed to be unilateral referendum…Meaning, it is more of an aspiration/ symbolic move that has little to no impact on a move toward secession…  Similar to the one they conducted in 05 …Knowing, without a doubt..any, move to secede … would bring a total collapse to the Kurdistan region by means of….military force, political and economic means….

RealStorm:  Thanks for the reply and all your work here! This word from Kim Clement has stuck with me along with the Dow hitting 20K. Thanks also for clearing up the referendum thing for us!


Samson:  The World Bank calls on the Iraqi government to create jobs to restore confidence with its citizens

23rd September, 2017

World Bank Regional Director for the Mashreq, Saruj Kumar Jah, said that restoring trust between the Iraqi state and its citizens is highly dependent on the government’s ability to provide security, jobs and economic growth for all Iraqis, especially the poor and the weak. for them.

“The World Bank Group today concluded a series of consultations with various stakeholder groups on the new strategic partnership framework for Iraq for the period 2018-2022, which sets out the key development objectives of the World Bank Group to help Iraq,” the World Bank said in a press release. For its realization, and which proposes a program of strategic interventions for this purpose. ”

“The consultations, which began on 16 September, included several meetings with government officials, members of the Council of Representatives, representatives of the private sector, civil society organizations, academia and international partners.” The consultations showed a high level of interest and participation by the Iraqi public at large on issues related to the future Iraq, the challenges facing the country and the opportunities for development are at stake. ”

He explained that “these direct sessions preceded the first phase of online consultations on the channels of social communication (from 7 to 13 September). These online consultations have allowed the World Bank Group to reach nearly 1 million Iraqis from various groups and bodies across the country, including from Mosul and other liberated areas. The number of responses to online surveys has more than 200,000 comments. ”

“The results of the discussions and comments gathered during these consultations will be reviewed in the final document of the Strategic Partnership Framework, which will be presented to the World Bank Group for approval later this year,” he said. The Iraqi government’s development plan in the country, and is in line with its reconstruction and recovery program. ”

The World Bank noted that “the strategic partnership framework is based on the findings of the World Bank’s systematic diagnostic report for Iraq, which set three priorities for moving forward in poverty eradication and promoting common prosperity: re-establishing security, rebuilding the social contract and state legitimacy, Oil wealth in a just and sustainable way “.
“In line with the priorities of the country’s systematic diagnostic report, the objective of the Strategic Partnership Framework is generally to help the Government of Iraq benefit from the liberalization of areas dominated by a nascent organization and the slow recovery in oil prices to rebuild confidence with citizens through the implementation of reforms Economic and administrative management, providing basic services efficiently and in a fair manner, and ensuring the sustainability and sustainability of recovery and reconstruction efforts. “

“The World Bank Group will seek to support the Iraqi government in designing and implementing response mechanisms based on rigorous economic analysis, mobilizing best practices in recovery and planning for reconstruction, and benefiting from sustainable international support,” the statement said.

“Despite the massive devastation caused by the recent conflict, Iraq now has a unique opportunity to re-establish itself after the restoration of Mosul,” the statement quoted the World Bank’s Mashreq Regional Director, Saruj Kumar Jah, as saying. There is a lot to do. It is imperative for Iraqis to persevere and move forward in order to secure a better future for all. Through this strategic partnership framework, the World Bank Group is ready to support Iraq in its long journey towards long-term reconstruction and development that benefits everyone. ”

“The restoration of confidence between the state and its citizens is highly dependent on the Iraqi government’s ability to provide security, jobs and economic growth for all Iraqis, especially the poor and the weak, and the millions of internally displaced people affected by the war and their host  communities.”

On the sidelines of a consultation session, Acting Deputy Minister of Finance Dr. Maher Johan commented: “Everyone has the opportunity to play an important role in Iraq’s economic, social and infrastructure reconstruction.” The World Bank is a key partner of the Government of Iraq in its efforts to alleviate poverty , And the programs and projects that support them are fully consistent with the Government’s development vision and the work of other international organizations



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