Walkingstick: Iraq is entering the global financial markets with great success. LINK

Iobey777: THANK YOU, WALKINGSTICK!! I really appreciate the quality of this post, especially the last paragraph! It clearly says they have been implementing this for the past 3 years! ..at least that’s what I get from it! So, if this is true, then they MUST be ready to take it to the next step which is INTERNATIONAL! I believe Iraq is ready!

MilitiaMan: The confidence the investors have in Iraq has arrived. WS has highlighted some very important language to study. An additional point to think about is the three years it has been in the making. If we recall the MOP shows that time line for the IQD as well.. with two sets of books per se, one may deduce they have been doing them for a heck of a lot longer than ever thought. If true, how sweet it is!! -MM

Richard:  One issue I have always had was why a three to four day holiday (for possible RV) ? We now live in a 24/7 era that so that at any point there is something going on.

Poppygirl:  I work in local gov’t and occasionally we plan to take advantage of long weekends to close down the IT system for particular works to be carried out. This time is not usually needed in full but it does provide a safety net in case a particular upgrade or whatever does not go according to plan and needs more time for testing. It seems sensible to me that any big change might benefit from being scheduled over a non-working period?

Frank26:  This is a post of Experience and …………. Logic…….. TY POPPYGIRL.


Don961:   Trump seeks political change in Iraq, with Abadi as PM – Analyst

August 12 2017 07:45 PM

Trump seeks political change in Iraq, with Abadi as PM

The US seeks a major political change in Iraq in the next election, with Haider al-Abadi as Prime Minister, political analyst Wathiq al-Hashimi said on Saturday.

In a press statement, Hashimi asserted that the Trump administration sees that Abadi achieved a major victory against ISIS terrorists and is impressed with his cooperation with the US-led Coalition.

Hashimi further said that Mullah regime seeks to preserve the status quo in Iraq since it is the biggest benefactor from the current situation in the country.

He noted that Nouri al-Maliki and Ammar al-Hakim are Mullah regime’s biggest allies and contribute so much to its agenda in Iraq.



Walkingstick:  Central Bank: Conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to reform Iraq’s economy

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali Alalak, that the economy of Iraq can not rise without the existence of a real banking sector and effective, stressing that the conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to reform the economy.

Al-Alak said in his speech at the celebration held by the Islamic Bank of Iraq on the occasion of the anniversary of the “25” year of its founding, and attended by “Economy News”, “It can not rise the economy of Iraq without a real banking sector and actively contribute to support the productive sectors,” adding that ” Of the Iraqi banks possess human and financial capabilities and keep abreast of developments in banking systems. ”

He pointed out that “the need to strengthen confidence between banks and citizens, which reflects positively on the economy of the country and facilitate banking operations and create great competition,” noting that “the Central Bank launched the largest lending initiative in the history of Iraq through the allocation of 6 trillion dinars.”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi economy exceeded the difficult stage and that the IMF’s recent report on the financial situation of Iraq was positive,” stressing that “the conditions of the International Monetary Fund aims to reform Iraq’s economy by controlling expenditures and revenue.”



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