KRG ready to cooperate with Baghdad on border crossings, airports

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has displayed willingness to cooperate with Baghdad on border crossings, internal trade, banks and airports in the region, a KRG statement revealed Thursday.

In the statement, KRG said that it is ready to combat corruption and improve Iraq’s ranking in this issue globally.

It also confirmed its willingness to cooperate with the federal government to audit and follow up Kurdistan Region and Iraq’s oil revenues since 2003 and up till now.

Iraq ranks 166st out of 176 nations in Transparency International’s Corruption Index, it noted.

Iraq has generated revenue from oil exports estimated at over $850 billion since 2003. However, Iraqis’ living standard is similar to citizens of poor countries. The country has the worst infrastructure and services, it added.

Tension between Erbil and the federal government has escalated over Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum, held late in September, which Baghdad considers unconstitutional.

Source: The Baghdad Post

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