June 21, 2018 Frank26 The POS with MasterCard and Visa’s is HUGE!

This POS [Point of sale] is crucial to the bankers and investors. Because of the POS the banking system of Iraq has changed dramatically. Their business and personal accounts are open to the world. The door for…contracts is open to the world. The POS is talking clearly about a price change in Iraq… The cost of goods in Iraq is about to change because of the POS…Their purchasing power has increased due to the POS…this is not a revalue. This is a reinstatement, a roll out within the country of Iraq…It’s reinstatement material. THIS POS IS TALKING ABOUT A RATE CHANGE IN IRAQ!!! The CBI and her BB’s are now set up for the reinstatement. (BB’s – Mom and Pop stores, ATM’s are baby banks.) This action ends the auctions, the corruption. This puts the reinstatement on a real fast track.

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-23-18