Judiciary enters Abadi and Najirvan Barzani on the pretext of exporting Kurdistan oil


The Federal Supreme Court has considered a lawsuit to challenge the export of Kurdistan Region oil exported from the region and export directly, and decided to enter the Federal Prime Minister and the Federal Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister in the Kurdistan Region / in addition to their functions third persons in the lawsuit to stand for them what is necessary to resolve them because the lawsuit Constitutional, political and financial side.

“The Federal Supreme Court held its session today under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud and the presence of all members, and considered a lawsuit filed by the Federal Minister of Oil, in addition to his function, against the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region,” in addition to his job.

He added that “the parties to the lawsuit attended the hearing, which saw the prosecutor’s request to issue a ruling that includes stopping the export of oil directly from the Kurdistan region to outside Iraq, and return the amounts sold in the past, because oil belongs to the entire Iraqi people.”

He explained that “for the purpose of providing legal time for all parties to do what they have postponed the appeal to 6/5/2018.”

The Kurdistan region began to export directly to its oil after cutting Baghdad for the salaries of employees and elements of the Peshmerga.

Source: Twilight News

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