It’s Been a VERY Busy Month.


The MOST SIGNIFICANT & IMPORTANT EVENT to take place over the past 4 Months, concluding this week – the IMF Meetings in Washington, D.C.

C. Largarde – “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in its report on Wednesday that the global Debt rate reached UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS of $164 trillion in 2016 (and much higher ever since), equivalent to 225 percent of the world GDP (which is the Largest Worldwide Debt ON RECORD). ?

Global indebtedness increased 12 percent relative to GDP, compared with the previous peak period in 2009 led by China’s indebtedness.”

North Korea & South Korea agree to meet April 27th, to discuss Peace.

M. Pompeo met with N. Korea over Easter Weekend (April 1st).

N. Korea yesterday, April 20th, “Kim Jung Un has agreed to suspend Nuclear & Long Range missile testing & shut down a nuclear testing site and agreed to meet with Pres. Trump in May or early June.

We’ve been talking to you about the Importance of N. Korea, in this thing, for over 2 years.

The United States Cannot and Will Not afford, a glitch in the system, during the Iraq Elections.

They HAVE protected & will continue to protect, their investment – Short Term & Long Term. Quietly.

An RV in Iraq WILL NOT insure a Win for Abadi because Abadi has ALREADY Won.

THUS, why he has allegedly said, he’s going to delete the zero’s, IMMEDIATELY AFTER the elections, MAY 12th, 2018.

Which is 60 DAYS after March 12, 2018 when they publicly came out and said, the Lower Denominations of currency were being released “In the Coming Days”.