Iraqi Forces Not Allowed to Enter Kurdistan Without Coordination with Peshmerga: Official

A Peshmerga official said on Wednesday that no Iraqi forces are allowed to enter Kurdistan Region’s territories without coordination with Peshmerga.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Peshmerga Ministry, Major General Qaraman Sheikh Kamal, told BasNews that any military force intending to cross the borders of Kurdistan Region’s territories, including Kirkuk, need to coordinate with Peshmerga.

“The Iraqi forces were never allowed to enter Kurdistan’s areas without coordination with the Peshmerga forces in the past,” Qaraman said, adding that they won’t be allowed in the future as well.

The Peshmerga official, said that according to their reconnaissance of the military positions, a large number of Iraqi and Hashd al-Shaabi forces are still remaining around Hawija, southern Kirkuk.

Kamal Kirkuki, Commander of Peshmerga forces in southwestern Kirkuk, stated that Hashd al-Shaabi had deployed heavy arms to south-western Kirkuk and al-Basheer village in southern Tuz Khurmatu district, preparing to attack the Peshmerga forces in those areas.

Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) warned yesterday about the Iraqi army’s intention for a “major” military offensive against Kurdistan around Kirkuk and Mosul.

“We are receiving dangerous messages [that] the Iraqi forces, including PMU [the Shi’ite militias of Hashd al-Shaabi] and Federal Police forces are preparing a major attack,” the KRSC posted on its official Twitter account.

Source: BasNews

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