Iraq Raises Customs Duties on Jordanian Goods


The Iraqi Chamber of Industry announced on Monday that the Iraqi government has raised customs duties on some Jordanian goods, pointing out that the fees will lead to further decline in Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market.

“The Iraqi government has decided to impose additional customs duties on some Jordanian goods,” the head of the chamber, Ziad al-Homsi, was quoted as saying by the Jordanian daily Al-Rai. “The additional fees will lead to further decline in Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market.”

Al-Homsi added that customs duties included the addition of 20% to Iraq’s imports of men’s suits, 30% to Iraq’s imports of containers and dishes, and 50% to imports of chicken and chicken pieces, noting that customs duties also included 100% And some vaccines and vaccines and 85% on the imported natural shibps product

Al-Homsi called on the Jordanian government to take responsibility for exempting Jordanian products exported to Iraq from the fees imposed nine months ago

The Amman Chamber of Industry confirmed, on April 5, the decline in the volume of Jordanian exports to Iraq despite the reopening of the border crossing point (Trebil) between Iraq and Jordan, demanding the need to activate the decision to exempt Jordanian exports.

Source: Iraq’s Economic Center

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