Iraq issued new instructions on the ten advance salaries

Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday that the ten advance salaries include employee pledged to the Department of completing the monthly premiums resulting from them.

The media office of the bank, “The granting of the ten advance to the salaries of the staff of government departments are measures through the ministries and institutions under the guidance letter to the concerned branches that includes the names of employees who wish to receive the advance in addition to the official archives that belong to the employee.”

The statement pointed out that “there are other measures, put the bank on the advance, including: support for the continuation of employee service and support of his monthly salary and that his department is committed to fulfilling the monthly salary of premiums and transferred to the bank.”

The statement continued that “the granting of the advance forms stamped the seal of authenticity of the information contained in the required documents by the administrative department official in the directorate concerned and send all the information, however, it supported the concerned directorate.”

Source: waradana