Iraq invests $ 21.7 billion in US bonds

The Arab countries’ investments in US Treasury bills and bonds at the end of last March reached about $ 287.5 billion.
According to US Treasury data, 11 Arab countries invest money in US Treasuries, accounting for 4.6 percent of the total global investment in these bonds, amounting to $ 6.29 trillion.
Saudi Arabia accounts for the lion’s share of Arab investments in US Treasuries and Treasuries, with a 52.6 percent share, worth $ 151.2 billion, accounting for 2.4 percent of the world’s investments in the US debt instrument.
The United Arab Emirates came second with investments of $ 59.2 billion, representing 20.6 percent of Arab investments, 0.9 percent of global investments, and Kuwait with investments of $ 36.9 billion, representing 12.8 percent of Arab investments and 0.6 percent of World Investments.
Fourthly, Iraq was resolved with investments amounting to $ 21.7 billion, representing 7.6% of the Arab investments, 0.3% of the world’s investments, and Oman with investments of $ 12 billion, representing 4.2% of Arab investments and 0.2% of Investments of the world.
Egypt is ranked sixth with investments of $ 2.1 billion, representing 0.7 percent of Arab investments, 0.03 percent of world investments, and Morocco with investments of $ 1.8 billion, representing 0.6 percent of Arab investments, and 0.03 percent Of the world’s investments.
Bahrain was ranked eighth with investments of $ 815 million, representing 0.3 percent of Arab investments and 0.01 percent of global investments.
Ninth, Mauritania, with investments of $ 796 million, represented 0.3% of the Arab investments and 0.01% of the world’s investments. In Algeria, Algeria, with investments of $ 681 million, accounted for 0.2 percent of Arab investments and 0.01 percent of world investments.
Finally, Qatar has invested $ 264 million, representing 0.1 percent of Arab investments and 0.004 percent of world investments.
Source: Economy News