Iraq asks Saudi Arabia to reinstate the oil export agreement through the joint pipeline

A Lebanese newspaper on Wednesday revealed an Iraqi request from Saudi Arabia to re-work on the agreement to export Iraqi oil through the Iraqi-Saudi joint pipeline that runs through the Kingdom’s territory in order to confront the secession of the Kurdistan region.
The newspaper said in a report issued today, that “some leaks came out of an Iraqi request from the Saudis to re-work on the agreement to export Iraqi oil via the Iraqi-Saudi joint pipeline that passes through Saudi territory, and the latter was stopped unilaterally by the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 As a punitive measure for Saddam Hussein. ”

The pipeline, which runs from the Rumailan field in southern Iraq, is making its way into the Saudi desert towards Riyadh and then turning west to be located at the Al-Majas refinery near Yanbu on the Red Sea coast. The pipeline has a capacity of about 1.6 million Barrel per day “.
The newspaper pointed out that “Iraq neglected before the US invasion to prosecute Saudi Arabia in international courts because of the confiscation of the pipeline (owned by Iraq) and oil, which was in addition to the use of the transfer of gas from the eastern region to the west of the Kingdom.

According to the newspaper, Iraq “hopes today that Riyadh agree to revive the agreement to increase the capacity to export,” pointing out that “can not be ruled out the possibility of pre-emptive Baghdad steps to separate the Kurdistan region, which would confiscate a large part of oil production in the north (about 700 thousand barrels per day) ) To demand Riyadh revive the work pipe agreement (miracle).

Source: Iraq’s Economic Center

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