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Whitelions: Abadi takes a step towards abolishing sectarian quotas   The Iraqi Prime Minister announced the opening of the candidacy for citizens to the highest positions in the state in a measure which is the first 14 years ago.

Political reform begins with the fight against corruption and the abolition of appointments based on loyalties BAGHDAD – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced Wednesday that he will open the door to candidates for the highest positions in the state and independent bodies in an effort to get out of the political and party quotas in this regard.

Abadi is the first step of its kind in Iraq for 14 years, during which only the distribution of senior positions and the management of independent bodies in the process of consensus on a sectarian basis between the large political blocs. “Independent bodies must come out of quotas,” Abbadi said in a speech during the announcement of the opening of the door to run for office in Baghdad.

“It is not possible to establish a political system without party organization and our steps are not against partisan action, but the mistake is to extend it to state institutions and to be appointed on the basis of partisan and personal loyalty,” he said.

“As a first stage, we will announce a group of independent bodies with a special website and we will open the door to competent citizens and we want to take correct steps for political and economic reform, and this is one of them.”

The Iraqi state includes 25 independent bodies, some of which are linked to the Council of Ministers and others to the parliament, most notably the Independent Electoral Commission, which demands that the Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr abolish and restructure away from political quotas.

In March 2016, al-Sadr called for the abolition of political quotas and a time limit for forming a government of technocrats in all its joints, stressing the need to develop a comprehensive service program.

Whitelions: He also called on the Iraqi judiciary to hold accountable and follow all corrupt since 2003. In August 2015, Abadi launched a package of political reforms, but he ran into the reality of powerful parties and armed militias that prevented the implementation of reforms and embarrassed him.

Influential figures such as former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki have obstructed political reforms because they threaten their interests and influence.

He fought his reformist tendencies in the street and in parliament, while he faced intense pressure from Iran not to undermine its powerful arms in the Iraqi state, including Maliki. Al-Abadi’s promises were scattered on sectarian rock and party quotas, prompting Iraqis to stage demonstrations demanding swift implementation of reforms, accounting for corrupt officials and improving services.

Analysts say any reform must be based on tackling corruption, something Abadi has been unable to do since announcing the reform package.

Neither al-Abadi nor the Iraqi parliament succeeded in getting rid of the pressure of political and party quotas as Baghdad busied itself with the biggest military campaign against the Islamic state, which since mid-2014 has controlled large parts of Iraq.

It seems that Abadi chose this time to announce the first step that could pave the way for the abolition of sectarian political quotas built by consensus between the Iraqi actors in the midst of the dominance of the Shiite forces, which later differed to the interests of the party and a narrow personality that led the sect and the struggle to influence the national interest.

But the way to implement this measure on its importance (opening the door to candidates for senior positions in the state and independent bodies) may be long for reasons including the composition of the Iraqi political scene based on doctrinal and sectarian conflicts and strong influential lobbies linked mainly to the agenda of Iran. But some Iraqi political circles hope that Sunni

Whitelions: But some Iraqi political circles hope that Sunni, Shiite and other national forces will be able to overcome these difficulties towards establishing transparency in state institutions away from partisan loyalties and the impact of Iranian influence and building on this rule in the selection and appointment of state officials.

Whitelions: UN says referendum on territory is illegal

[Oan- follow] description of the Secretary General of the United Nations envoy in Iraq, Jan Kubis, Qaqrar Kurdistan region to hold a referendum to secede from Iraq as “not a legitimate”.

“The United Nations stresses the need to resolve the differences between the region and Baghdad through dialogue and negotiations,” Kubic said in a statement to an Iranian agency on Wednesday.  In response to a question on the legal background on which the referendum is based in the Kurdistan region, the UN envoy said that “the referendum in this region is illegal.”

“As for the UN vision, the important point it always makes is that any change or initiative must be based on the law,” he said, adding that “the United Nations believes that the constitution of Iraq is the only law on which the conflicting parties must base themselves.”  The UN official stressed that the subject of the referendum did not respond to the Iraqi constitution. ”

Kubic added that”  The United Nations, stresses the need to contain current problems and resolve differences through dialogue and peaceful negotiations, and the outcome of the negotiations would be the basis for taking all future decisions.

“It is noteworthy that a high-level Kurdish delegation arrived Monday from the Kurdistan region to Baghdad and conducted smoothly meetings with officials in thefederal government and political leaders about the referendum independence for the region.  the meeting of all data to the need for the unity of Iraq and solve the problems between Baghdad and the region through dialogue within the constitutional and legal frameworks.

It seems that the Kurdish delegation did not find acceptance in response to Wallace Vta especially with the presence of a regional and international rejection of him. It is noteworthy that a high-level Kurdish delegation arrived on Monday from the Kurdistan region to

Whitelions: and conducted a series of meetings with officials in the federal government and political leaders on the referendum on the independence of the region.

All the statements of the meeting pointed to the need to unite Iraq and solve problems between Baghdad and the region through dialogue within the constitutional and legal frameworks. It seems that the Kurdish delegation did not find in the response to accept the referendum, especially with the existence of international and regional rejection of it.

It is noteworthy that a high-level Kurdish delegation arrived on Monday from the Kurdistan region to the capital Baghdad and conducted a series of meetings with officials in the federal government and political leaders on the referendum on the independence of the region.

All the statements of the meeting pointed to the need to unite Iraq and solve problems between Baghdad and the region through dialogue within the constitutional and legal frameworks. It seems that the Kurdish delegation did not find in the response to accept the referendum, especially with the existence of international and regional rejection of

Whitelions: U.N. says won’t play a part in Iraqi Kurdish referendum BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The United Nations said on Thursday it will not have a role in the Iraqi Kurdish referendum on independence planned to be held in September.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said in a statement released on Thursday that “it has no intention to be engaged in any way or form as concerns the referendum, to be held on 25 September”.

Iraq’s Kurds said the referendum on independence will go ahead despite warnings from western powers that a vote in favor of secession could trigger conflict with Baghdad at a time when the war against Islamic State is not yet won.

The Kurds are playing a major role in the U.S.-backed campaign to defeat Islamic State (IS), the ultra-hardline Sunni Islamist group that overran about a third of Iraq three years ago and also controls parts of Syria.

Whitelions: Abadi confirms the launch of candidacy to apply for senior positions and independent bodies

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on Wednesday the nomination of candidates for senior positions and independent bodies within his reform program.

“The independent bodies must come out of the quotas and be truly independent, and the unequal opportunities and lack of justice lead to injustice, corruption and the destruction of society,” a statement from his office told the agency All Iraq.

“It is not possible to establish a political system without a party organization, and our steps are not against partisan action, but the mistake is to extend party work to state institutions and to be appointed on the basis of partisan and personal loyalty,” he said. “We are on the threshold of a new era and in achieving justice, we are striking a blow to terrorism and corruption,” he said.

“We have as a first phase a group of independent bodies in two stages. We will announce a special website and open the door to competent citizens as a first stage to end the proxy appointment. We want to take correct steps for political and economic reform,” he said. SOURCE

Whitelions: Hamoudi calls on Abadi to activate the reforms that the people are waiting for

A member of the Presidency of the House of Representatives Hammam Hamoudi, on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider Abadi to activate the reforms that the people expect, praising the declaration of Abadi to open the nomination of the sites of independent bodies.

“We welcome the announcement by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to open the opportunities for candidates to be able to occupy the positions of the independent bodies,” Hamoudi said in a statement received by Mawazine News, adding that it was an important step in the right direction.

“We appreciate any decisions that promote the state of citizenship and call for opening opportunities to the people and with full transparency,” he said. “This step and other reforms have been adopted and agreed upon by all the blocs that have been keen to activate the issues that strengthen the present and future.

Iraqi individual “. A member of the parliament speaker called on the government to “expedite the implementation of the reforms that the citizen is waiting for before the end of this session” SOURCE

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tman23: Iraqi PM Haider Al-Abadi has prepared a campaign to oust several corruption networks, managed by many parties, after liberating Iraq from ISIS, Noura al-Bajari, a member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, said Thursday.

The campaign will bring influential figures at the government before the court on charges of corruption, she added. She stressed that an international audit company played an important role in revealing the corruption of several governors.

Iraq seeks to reduce the corruption rates which made it ranked in ten most corrupt countries in the world during the past few years, she said. Bajari confirmed that without tackling the corruption, Iraq will not get loans or Arab and global grants to rebuild the affected areas after ISIS heinous attacks.

On January 2015, the governmental experts committee confirmed that international audit company revealed the manipulation with public money by several ministries of the Kurdistan and Baghdad governments.

?tman23: Erbil is ready to postpone the referendum on the independence of Iraq’s Kurdish Autonomous Region if Iraq’s central government fulfills a number of conditions, Iraqi media outlets write Aug. 17.

Reportedly, for the postponement of the independence referendum, the central Iraqi government must resume budgeting for the autonomous region, determine the status of the strategically important city of Kirkuk and increase the number of Kurds in the central government as well as the number of ethnic Kurds in the Iraqi Armed Forces……. IF IT IS CANCELLED……THERE IS ONE ******* OF A DEAL MADE……AND IT WILL HAVE TO SHOW BEFORE THE 25TH

txbrand: @tman23 :Tup sound like they are trying to get Erbil done …after how many years ?????????

tman23: The demands above are all vanilla…….. Has to be more than that to cancel……WAY MORE !!

txbrand: Barcelona —terror attack —killed 2
txbrand: Van ran into people
txbrand: how can people get that brain washed that they could do that ?

chattels: there is “a small chance” that the Kurdistan Region would agree to postpone the referendum until after the Iraqi elections if Baghdad gives guarantees to give the go ahead for the referendum at a later date. The guarantee should come “in writing” and be observed by the United Nations and the United States, the source explained.

tman23: I just cant’ figure Barzani’s date of 9/25 for the vote…….and then Nov 1 Kurd will hold another election for President etc…….. Why not place it all on the ballot at the same time Nov 1 ………… This 9/25 date is weird and I suspect Barzani is holding not just Baghdad but other entities feet to the fire…….

chattels: @tman23 I have not heard as to who the candidates are / will be either.

txbrand: At one time they had reported that Abadi had cancelled the elections…i can’t keep up

chattels: @txbrand different elections
txbrand: oh ok

chattels: @txbrand Kurdistan runs their own provincial elections.
txbrand: ic

abangjadul: 9/25…
abangjadul: 239
abangjadul: sept 23

Sparky: What’s up you-all

abangjadul: signal
abangjadul: end of world …lol

chattels: @txbrand Baghdad sets elections for the Iraqi Parliament and provincial councils. Federal offices.

Sparky: @abangjadul lol
abangjadul: September 23, 2017? What’s going to happen?… :laugh

chattels: @txbrand Kurdistan has it’s own Parliament, President and Prime Minister.

Sparky: @chattels afternoon Sir
chattels: @Sparky ga sir

txbrand: so they are pretty much independent already

chattels: @Sparky Somewhat analogous to Federal and State government in the USA.

txbrand: oh ok

chattels: @Sparky Federal and Regional in Iraq.

Sparky: @chattels not quite, in my understand
Sparky: @chattels Shiite rule at the moment
Sparky: @chattels Iranian influence

chattels: @txbrand Arguments between the Federal Government in Baghdad and the Regional government in Kurdistan center upon constitutional conflicts and interpretation not unlike here.

chattels: @txbrand What the Federal government in Baghdad is not expressly empowered to do is left to Kurdistan.

chattels: @txbrand I am oversimplifying, but there is a strong analogy.

Sparky: @chattels 104

chattels: @Sparky What us 104 ?

tman23: Kurdistan is saying…… Baghdad had received several loans and now has a debt of 111 billion dollars…….The Kurd region has not received any of the money from the loans and Baghdad has not paid Kurdistan any money it was due not including the loans since 2014…….

Yet Kurdistan collects taxes from borders and it goes to Baghdad……And now Baghdad expects Kurdistan to be a partner in paying the debts Baghdad owes……

Sparky: @chattels you explained it eloquently
Sparky: @chattels border territory, wealth,,

txbrand: @Sparky where are you getting this

Sparky: @chattels years of thought

txbrand: @tman23 good explanation

Sparky: @chattels sorry, meant for tx

chattels: Reidar Visser? @reidarvisser Aug 8 Replying to @reidarvisser Once more, disagreement over voting in disputed city of Kirkuk is preventing Iraq parliament from completing election law revisions.

chattels: A divisor of 1.7 is still extraordinarily high for the St Lague method. Other countries have 1-1.4. Smaller Iraqi parties are not happy.

chattels: Contested divisor for calculating seats in Iraq elections law lowered from 1.9 in draft to 1.7 in final version …

Sparky: @chattels census

chattels: Reidar Visser? @reidarvisser Aug 7 More #Iraq parliament today passed 46 of 53 articles in new provincial elections law

ttp:// …

Sparky: @chattels getting closer

chattels: The larger the divisor the less likely a small party will qualify for an elective seat(s) in Parliament.

tman23: @chattels …..Read the other day…..Parliament passed law that Kirkut was exempt from what ever is coming up in way of election

Sparky: @chattels parties law

chattels: So, a larger divisor favors the larger factions and maintains a strong(er) hold on / in the Parliament.

Sparky: @chattels Dawa

tman23: @chattels The Iraqi parliament approved on Tuesday the draft law of provincial council elections for the next year. According to the bill, all provinces in Iraq are included in the election except Kirkuk, seemingly for issues related to the multi-ethnic status of the province.

The provincial council election was due to be held on 16th of September this year before the parliament decide to postpone it to April 2018. The decision was made after the Iraqi Hight independent Electoral Commission said it is not capable of organising the poll this year on time.

txbrand: what is a divisor?

chattels: @tman23 I think that you are correct. These posts by Visser are from last week.

Sparky: @chattels today, not tomorrow
Sparky: @chattels Sunnis

chattels: @txbrand It is a number identified and applied under the St Lague method of apportioning seats in Parliament.
txbrand: ok

chattels: There may be appeals and challenges in the court on the divisor of 1.7

Sparky: Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds
Sparky: That’s The battlefield
Sparky: Also slowing our endeavor
Sparky: 104 is distant
Sparky: Sept 25

tman23: Kirkuk ( Kirkuk’s governor Najmuddin Karim has defied a court ruling and insisted to keep Kurdistan Region’s flag flattering alongside the Iraqi one in the province. An administrative court in the province ruled on Thursday to lower the Kurdish flag, reversing a controversial decision by Karim late March to raise it alongside the Iraqi one above government buildings, which he adopted following a vote inside the province’s council.

“There is no constitutional article banning the raising of the Kurdish flag as long as the Iraqi one is raised,” the governor said in a press statement. Karim has been an ardent supporter of the vote Kurdistan Region scheduled for September 25th on independence from Iraq.

He recently said a Kurdish delegation visiting Baghdad to discuss differences over the planned poll represented Kirkuk, one of the territories to which both Baghdad and Erbil claim sovereignty.

“The government of Iraq neglects Kirkuk and fails to provide any services to its citizens because it is confident that the province is not part of Iraq,” Karim said in statements following the verdict.

“I am confident that the referendum will end successfully, and that the majority of Kurdistan people will vote for independence,” he added.

txbrand: update 20 injured 3 killed
Sparky: @tman23 lower the Kurdistan flag? WTF

txbrand: omgosh 13 dead

Sparky: @tman23 won’t happen
Sparky: @tman23 pesmerger
Sparky: @tman23 pesmerger, best fighting outfit, next to Israel fighters

Sparky: @tman23 real deal
Sparky: @tman23 peshmerger
Sparky: @tman23 104

abangjadul: lot a lots of 23 …lol

Sparky: @abangjadul he’s in the know
abangjadul: lol
abangjadul: better stop saw youtube now

ElmerFudd: @Sparky But not as good as Canadian fighters.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd or Canadian bacon
Sparky: @ElmerFudd trust me, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Israel

ElmerFudd: @Sparky Oh, I know.
Sparky: @ElmerFudd Biblical
ElmerFudd: Yep.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd beautiful day, today!
Sparky: @ElmerFudd good day to breathe
ElmerFudd: Raining here.

txbrand: Clay are you here ?

abangjadul: all this wars inside iraq and kurds matters will be over if alaq raise the value of iqd…. :hh …lol

ElmerFudd: A lot of problems will be solved if they RV the currency.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd wrong side, no more air
Sparky: @ElmerFudd life is precious

ElmerFudd: Any word on lower denoms today?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd 6 to 8 months away

ElmerFudd: 6 to 8 months? How do you figure that?

abangjadul: @ElmerFudd no not yet…maybe in the coming days…soon …lol
Sparky: @ElmerFudd imo, I look at progress

abangjadul: this kurds delegation …what are they doing..staying in Baghdad for a week…they beg for freedom or for art140….

Sparky: @ElmerFudd f LP ht, at 1162
Sparky: @ElmerFudd flights
ElmerFudd: flights?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd float
Sparky: @ElmerFudd start at 1:1

ElmerFudd: Ahh, I heard that.
Sparky: @ElmerFudd and rising
ElmerFudd: I heard that too.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd lol, imo
Sparky: @ElmerFudd get ready, ****s about to change
ElmerFudd: But when? When?????

Sparky: @ElmerFudd change is the only dynamic
Sparky: @ElmerFudd Delta

tman23: It has been reported that the coalition will begin construction at the start of 2018…… It is also when I suspect they will lift the 3 zeros at the start of they year, and by their words, this is when the fiscal year begins with banks and is the appropriate time for accounting purposes…….

Add those 2 scenarios together……. Then possibly as they did back on October 15 2003 they released the new Iraqi dinar….. logical to think this could be repeated with the “new lower denoms”…… Then take it to the first of the year where they lift the 3 zeros…… But the lower denoms would need a rate or be worthless… it’s a brain teaser !!

Sparky: @ElmerFudd everything changes,. Moment to moment
Sparky: @tman23 just s waiting game
Sparky: @Doug_W it will be nice when this come s in!

Doug_W: made a good cash living till last 3-4 years
Doug_W: yes indeed

Sparky: @Doug_W got a good feeling
Doug_W: even if it floats with all the wealth they have it will become valuable not like now

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