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Xyz    7-12-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 Compression of time. They are moving extremely fast. WS [Guru Walkingstick] told me, “we are on the cusp of of this happening”.

xyz   ;not-true; 7-12-2018 Intel Guru Bruce We know Abadi has been officially welcomed as Prime Minister of Iraq again. It was a little bit of back and forth on that, but we knew that he was going to be the Prime Minister and it is official. Has the rate been put out publicly? May be not yet. I don’t think we are going to see a public rate on the dinar until we go and start. It is already on the screens.

Doug_W    @Baxter there is your rate Pal
Doug_W   because BRUCE said so

Baxter   Yep… I love Bruce
Baxter    He anticipates a lot more than my DIME

Woke AF   I read 72 hrs from the 11th… Window really tight!

Foxmulder    Woke AF come back !!!! 72 hrs from what ??? and for what ??? is this double secret code ??

Woke AF    foxmulder am looking for article…
Woke AF    Scroll down in this article where it says ”
B. July 11 2018 1:21 pm EST 72 More Hours, Murdock: “Just 72 More Hours!” by Michael Murdock – 7.11.18? and start reading!

foxmulder    Baxter most people been around for a while are just exhausted with the non commitment from Iraq to do a currency reform

Baxter    yep.. thats me

foxmulder    Woke AF I’m really sorry and do mot mean any disrespect but until I can see a rate change on the CBI and forex everything else is just that !! a rumor

Foxmulder  I have read it all seen it all and do not in any shape or form believe a friggen person putting out their opinion !! I have one you want to know it ?

Baxter    7-12-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 Compression of time. They are moving extremely fast. WS [Guru Walkingstick] told me, “we are on the cusp of of this happening”.

Woke AF    Sry, am a newb… foxmulder no sweetie, I get it. I’ve been lurking here since mid April… only found out about it 3 most ago.

Baxter    12 1/2 YEARS HERE

meatball    Baxter same here

Woke AF    Yes, God bless y’alls heart! I couldn’t even imagine…
Woke AF    12 weeks and I’m bout to pull my hair out!

Xyz     Sadr to Abadi: Either Premier Office or Islamic Dawa Party

ERBIL — Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the election winner faction of Sairoon, has warned Haider al-Abdi to choose either the Iraqi premier position for the next government or the Islamic Dawa Party, an official said.

Ziyad Assadi, a leading member of Sadris Movement, said that Abadi will have to abandon the Islamic Dawa Party if he eyes the second term as the Iraqi prime minister.

Otherwise, he said, Sadr shall not accept his nomination.

Sadr previously said it will only ally with the political factions which are free from sectarian ideologies and external influence.

Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell?@UticaRisk   If it helps Iraqis feel better about getting cut off the Iranian electricity grid with temperatures at summer highs, this week Iran also cut off the Pakistanis, whom it has been supplying for 15 years:

xyz   sandyf There was no revaluation in Kuwait :popcorn

bunny    They would have more electric if they paid their bill to Iran ~ Gotta pay your bills, or at least make payments on such ~

The ministry spokesman did not disclose the value of Iraq’s debts, but it is estimated to be about one billion dollars

Spectra    President Trump Retweeted  The White House?@WhiteHouse   S.A. Miller in The Washington Times: “Mission accomplished: Trump gets NATO members to spend more on defense”

bunny    xyz ` you are absolutely correct. ~~~
bunny    have a good evening all

Sparky    Dinard its gotta be 420 somewhere

Jo    bunny xyz Can we believe the main stream ny times?

Sparky    Jo not likely

Jo    Sadly can not believe main stream news

?Sparky  Gotta go outside the country for real need
Sparky  News
Sparky    Both true statements

Jo    RT
Jo    news

Sparky  Sadr is, imo, the best shot at things moving in the right direction for us, and his people

Sparky    I recall his million man March threats
Sparky   As wangdang refers to Sadr, ” the murdering cleric”

Sparky    But, beware of the Maliki wild card
Sparky    Trump looking for 4%, may get 2 and be happy
Sparky   Ease the USA defense burden

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