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chattels Monday, June 11, 2018    Displaced Returns Slow In Iraq

The displaced continue to return to their homes in Iraq, but the rate is drastically slowing down. The previous trend was that as soon as an area was cleared more and more people started to head back.

That is now slowing, which gives rise to the warning made by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) that many people may never make that trip.


chattels    The IOM warned that many displaced may not go back due to several reasons. Those include people who are banned for their connection to IS, destroyed homes, and the lack of jobs.

?Iraq maybe reaching a tipping point where all those interested in going have mostly left, while those remaining either can’t go back or don’t want to. The same thing happened after the civil war when more than 1 million people remained in their new areas and never returned.

chattels    Reidar Visser @reidarvisser

This is what political pressure on the judiciary looks like in #Iraq: 4 days ago the higher judicial council sharply criticised attempt by govt & parliament to circumvent election complaint procedure. Today it’s implementing the parliament decision anyway

Spectra    Wow     Unbelievable

chattels    Excellent article in voter fraud and recount in the Iraqi Election.

chattels    ” ………… accusations of tampering with electronic voting machines, ballot box stuffing, voter intimidation, bribery, and misuse of voter IDs.”

chattels    One of the more troubling conclusions was that Iraq’s electronic voting machines—which the country had never used before—were not adequately tested against tampering before election day. This resulted in discrepancies between actual ballots and machine readings, indicating that some machines were pre-programmed to yield fraudulent votes.

The committee also found that some of the IHEC officials supervising the elections abroad had been bribed into doctoring results through ballot box stuffing. A few polling stations even recorded 100 percent participation rates—a feat that was only possible through illegally procuring voter IDs from abstaining voters and casting ballots in their name.

chattels    Yet a manual recount is not a panacea—although it can address electronic fraud, it will not detect other problems such as ballot box stuffing and voter intimidation. The June 10 depot fire could further limit the recount’s effectiveness if crucial evidence has been destroyed.

Moreover, if the discrepancies between machine and manual reading are egregious, the country will likely be headed toward fresh elections, as advocated by former prime minister Ayad Allawi and other political leaders.

chattels    A recount carries significant political risks as well. It might delay the government formation process well into 2019 and cause further party fragmentation. It could also produce major shifts in the declared results that wind up blunting the lead of Muqtada al-Sadr’s Shia Arab coalition—a development that would no doubt exacerbate sectarian tensions and political turmoil.

chattels    As the recount takes its course, Abadi and his government will likely be forced to enter caretaker mode in the absence of a new legislature. Any decisions he makes in the interim would affect his chances at securing a second term.

chattels    Nevertheless, ” If conducted in a transparent and accountable fashion, the process could infuse some much-needed confidence into the country’s democratic process, despite the risks.”

chattels    We shall see. Tune in tomorrow for another day in the life of the ” democratic experiment ” in Iraq.

chattels   Note that the author ideates on the possibility of the formation of a new government in Iraq being delayed until 2019.

?Chattels    Iraqis went to the polls in March, 2010, and it was seven (7) months of political deadlock before a coalition could agree upon Maliki. Maliki demanded – and obtained – a recount in 2010.

Recall also that Maliki’s bloc was not the top vote getter in 2010 either. Allawi was.

futuremoney    chattels I knew this election was going to open a huge can of worms…knew it
futuremoney    they cant do anything right

dinard    meatball i couldn’t imagine that story if I wanted too. This can’t be real life lol

meatball    dinard jut when you think you have seen it all

spankie    these guys do not know normal

meatball    its normal for them

chattels   futuremoney It seems to be the ” same song, different verse ” time and again, eh ?

spankie     corruption , homeless, poor, destruction, crime

futuremoney    I cant believe the people keep taking this..

spankie    sadre was a good chance for them

futuremoney    the only hope I see, is that a dictator rises up and takes control…its the only form of Power they understand. Democracy is foreign to them and will never work

chattels    Democracy is a messy business. I have not abandoned hope for Iraq, but it is foolish to think that we can know what and when anything may happen.

meatball    will happen in its own time if it ever will

chattels    meatball Indeed sir.

chattels    In the meantime, treat the imposters known as triumph and disaster the same.

meatball    chattels curious how this election circus will pan out and the fallout

futuremoney    they have had 15 years to figure this out…they cant…get a strong handed dictator

chattels     meatball All of it can be interesting to watch if one is curious about such things and do not be too preoccupied with the timing of the ultimate outcome, eh ?

meatball    chattels chasing the outcome is unhealthy imo, not like we have any input

Baxter    Looks Like my dime return is in serious doo doo… eh Chattels…

chattels    How people govern themselves, manage their mutual concerns and resolve conflict is the stuff of life and living.

Baxter    Cant see anything happening till they get a new govt…. that could be next year….

Baxter    if then

meatball    chattels whoever said the value or Iraq was ready to change?

chattels    Baxter It appears to be at least delayed, eh ?

Baxter    I guess… LOL

chattels    meatball Some wishful thinker(s) I suppose.

Baxter    every time the sun comes up.. seems another delay unfolds..

meatball    Baxter makes you wish for cloudy days…lol

chattels    meatball Positive illusion can be a blessing and a curse.

Baxter     I got plenty of those in Ohio..

meatball    chattels all goes hand and hand…. cant deny progress has been made

chattels    Off to court friends. Have a fine day. Hold on to faith and good conscience.

JoeSchmoe     what is the latest delay?

Baxter    Havent heard of one in the last hour…. LOL

Baxter    Just the whole mess over there..

Baxter    the govt is a total disaster… political corruption… banking corruption.. burning ballot boxes…rigged election machines… you name it… its there

Baxter    meanwhile… life goes on…. bbl..

spankie    the corrupt r in control , citizens can do nothing- voting is a waste of tme –


Zig    “Baxter (YESTERDAY):  Kap has said nothing about anything happening after the next 2 days… that is just more nonsense people making up stories… alI it is is another step… hopefully in the right direction… at least then the CBI… if they decide to.. can ask for Article 8 status… that is the HUGE STEP…. Article 8…. at least with the 90 days… they can at least ask for it”…..

Zig    TMAN23 FROM YESTERDAY:…..”tman23……I never said ESF sets the RATE…… I did say they are the architect.. And I think the better question is ……. Who is going to convert this currency for you ? What bank will risk holding it ?? We assume the UST will have to back it up for any exchange to take place ….And if that assumption is close to accurate……

Do you really think that the IMF or CBI will set a rate without UST approval……. Sure Wells Fargo a public traded company will empty their vaults of USD for IQD and risk shareholders security on one of the most corrupt countries in the world….. I can go on but why bother…… Good luck with the 3 zero notes floating …… NEVER EVER GOING TO HAPPEN ….. That is insane corruption waiting to happen”…..

OCDCD15     I am having a hard time keeping my family from having a tuff time with the currency I purchased. They read and listen to several people as do I, but when people said something big was going to happfen on the 11th and they did not see anything I think the wind got taken out of there sails.How do I tell them that this is going to happen?

Spectra     Listen to everyone believe only your self….
Spectra    its ok to hear what other people say but in the End use your own judgment….

Spectra    OCDCD15 be patient nothing says there is proof of anything right now…

Baxter    Dont listen to dates…. ever….. unless they get a govt seated quick.. this could easily go into 2019

Spectra    OCDCD15 remind them its a speculation..

Baxter    I listened to dates about 12 years ago….. LOL…. you learn as the years pass by

Spectra    i Am feeling very happy today……..President Trump got this going on with North korea ……….

Spectra    Peace is easier than War……..

Dave    Trump get his way?

Spectra    Dave yes    Spectra    Dave denucluerization

Dave    WOW….

Spectra    Dave Its beautiful in my eyes ..I really am tired of all these lunatic wars.
Spectra     Kim wants to play in the BIG league…

Spectra    The only way too the big league is too give in …..He has no other choice..

Spectra    North Korea is full of Major Assets in minerals ect….The world wants too do business with them..And so do we….
Spectra     I find this to be a great Day in History……

Dave    Spectra just hope they can walk the talk

Spectra   I never hope …I know….besides what choice does he have???
Spectra    He will reek the benefits and that alone will pursue him….

Dave    Continued poverty through sanctions…..

Spectra    Dave That will all be gone….

Dave    Maliki comes to mind
Dave    The Sadr Alliance vows to reopen the file of the fall of Mosul and sets a date for the prosecution and accountability of those involved   June 11, 2018 Walter

Spectra    i do not worry about the politics of Iraq ……..
Spectra    i could care less anymore no offence…….
Spectra    The vicious circle of boredom too me….

Spectra    Brow Well i watch and then now i see the most unexpected ….North Korea …..BIG NEWS ….The world needed this kinda lift….

Spectra    Jerome Corsi?@jerome_corsi Trump To Kim: “Instead Of Missiles, You Could Have The Best Hotels In The World” … Trump told a group of reporters Tuesday that he had floated the prospect of rebuilding North Korea’s coastline to feature beachfront hotels and other developments, @POTUS

Dave    Trump hotels and casinos…..

Spectra     Sounds like a plan >>>>
Doug_W     I guess he has SO far “trumped” all other attempts at N Korea

Dave    Give them a NBA team with Rodman as coach….
Dave    cheapier than hotels and casinos…….

Spectra    Dave Ha ha
Spectra Doug_W no one has ever attempted anything sensible with North Korea…?…nothing logical ..

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