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Spectra Currency365?@Currency365 SADR do not put @HaiderAlAbadi or anyone into that PRIME MINISTER Position unless they activate ALL ECONOMIC REFORMS AND RELEASE THE SMALL NOTES AND CITIZENS RECEIVE PURCHASING POWER AND MONTHLY OIL REVENUES!!!!!!!!

Dave  Spectra peeps will need wheel barrows their to buy their groceries

Spectra    thats what he thinks?
Spectra    Dave true   Dave did you read what 365 thinks???

Dave    how is that not inflationary
Dave    just read the news…no gurus other than our own here……beny good for a laugh

Spectra    Dave yes be your own GURU ….thats what i say..
Spectra    i Believe that SADR wants his currency up….that’s just my opinion from what i have read coming from him…

Dave    Spectra My only comment today is 1000 fils for a coke……Makes the most sense for some here

Spectra    Dave alright

Dave    Spectra  Curr365????? Will wait for mORE confirmation on that one!

Spectra    Dave Time tells all..yes give it a bit of time.

Dave    Spectra HOW many times have we discussed and read arts on free vs managed floats over the many yrs…….?

Spectra    Dave too many and i always see no sense in a float..

Dave    Spectra IRAQ is VERy WEALTHY huge gold and mineral resources and once was the agricultural Mecca for the region….

Spectra    Dave They wealthy even the president stated that….

Dave    Spectra BASED on Fact

Dave    Possibly one of the wealthiest countries in the World……

PM foxmulder    Dave their resources are staggering according to the British geological society done yrs ago

Spectra    Dave i cannot say i have the facts but i feel reassured they have wealth and pleanty of it.

Dave    foxmulder YEPPERs

foxmulder    and that is a fact

Dave    AND we speak of DOng and rice….

foxmulder    Dave LMAO

Dave    and ZIM……    and lump it all together

Dave    and this is what Turkey did 25 yrs ago    without consideration of changing circumstances
Dave    nor the circumstances in the 1st place

Dave    I find it also very interesting that the other oil rich countries citizens in the region generally do not work …..they hire us to do it for them

foxmulder    Dave very good workers over there but under skilled in the oil and manufacturing field .

Dave    foxmulder Most construction workers too

foxmulder    Dave yep
Dave    from India    Many of my buddies and old co worker worfed in the oilfields in the middle-east

Spectra    KTFA -POST—{Morning} in the eyes of economists )))))19/5/2018 12:00 am On her fifteenth birthday   Baghdad / Economic morning

A new year and morning platform of the most important people supporting the trends supporting the process of economic development sought by Iraq with international support and regional aware of the importance of Iraq on the world economy, especially as it is the richest internationally in terms of wealth in the billion square meters relative to the population.

Dave    Now Saudi is having to start fracking their fields Iraq is still discovering huge oil fields untouched sweet crude


foxmulder     Dave so did some of my fellow steamfitters ! I turned it down ! pretty interesting stories , in a nut shell kinda lazy peeps

Dave    LETS be competitive IRAQ with our neighbors go art8 at 1/10 of a cent go IRaq go
Dave    foxmulder rich peeps

foxmulder    Dave I’m like baxter ill take a dime LOL

Dave    My wife refused to go to Saudi
Dave    foxmulder that is 1000% ROI

foxmulder    5874918|Dave> dont blame her

Dave    foxmulder could of made a bundle of money….

Spectra    foxmulder THEY ARE LAZY because its hot….they dont work really hard at all.

Dave    300K a year tax free and all accomidations covered… keeper too

foxmulder    Dave gents i know did ! every hour of work was double time

Spectra    they sleep all day most of them

Foxmulder    Dave first 10 months tax free

Spectra     foxmulder you get per diem

foxmulder    Spectra no do not think they did I’m not sure but certain contractors may have paid it   pay also could be dependent on security level

Spectra    foxmulder <@5861322|foxmulder my husband had no tax..worked high level security clearnce.

Tebow     Kaperoni many countries have more than one currency, including iraq and will probably have the dinar and dollar for a long time. Idiot, no the USD is not their currency. Yes they use it because theirs is worthless and they prefer the dollar.

Tebow     Seems he has new new mini me… MiniMe Dinard!

Zig    LOL….have to admit…..that is funny
Dave    Tebow I believe most countries accept USD    USA accepted my Candian dollar yrs ago….

foxmulder    Dave of course they do …still do

Dave    I CAN not take a Canadian dollar to 7 11    banks yes stores no longer
Dave    Have not accepted the CanAdian peso for over 25 yrs

Tebow    All the countries Minime KapDinard ]has listed as having suffered from Hyperinflaction.

Dave    Tebow IRAQ suffered SANCTIONS

foxmulder    Dave if i go to windsor canada i always exchange when i get there

Tebow    Yes and sanctions

Dave    I would take your USD all day 1 to 1

Spectra    The whole purpose of monetary sanctions is too cripple a countries economy …. A punishment …

Dave    tell that to kap

foxmulder    Dave im sure you would ! Couldnt tell you what it now

Spectra    Dave im done with that guy..he never gives me a straight answer to any question…

Dave    evades mine as well

Spectra     well there you go…why ask then..

PM Dave     we fuel the fire

Whitelions    Dave I can take Canadian money in to any store around here and they will take it and do the conversion on the spot My Brother can take the paso Mex. money into any store where he lives and the will take it , My Neice can take Mex, money into any store where she lives and they will take it and we all live in the USA do you know why?

Dave     I have tried In seattle for example at a gas station …..or other stores they do not take it

Tebow    Whitelions Canadian and Mexican are not widely taken at business in the US. Maybe near our borders.
Tebow    Currency

Whitelions    anybody . anybody anybody lol

Dave    Tebow Not in Seattle…border city

Tebow    Dave never been there

Whitelions    Tebow your right I live close to canada my brother lives in Cal in fact he is a boarder potroal and his daughter lives in Tuscon AZ

Dave    When the CDN was on par or more they accepted it ……

Spectra     DEFINITION of ‘Balassa-Samuelson Effect’
Balassa-Samuelson effect is a phrase that describes the result when countries with high productivity growth also experience high wage growth, which leads to higher real exchange rates.

The Balassa-Samuelson effect suggests that an increase in wages in the tradable goods sector of an emerging economy will also lead to higher wages in the non-tradable (service) sector of the economy.

The accompanying increase in inflation makes inflation rates higher in faster growing economies than it is in slow growing, developed economies.

Read more: Balassa-Samuelson Effect Definition | Investopedia

Whitelions    I have both Candain and usd in my wallet now

Spectra    ;ha-Ha:

Dave    Canadian peso

Spectra    DEFINITION of ‘Balassa-Samuelson Effect’
Balassa-Samuelson effect is a phrase that describes the result when countries with high productivity growth also experience high wage growth, which leads to higher real exchange rates.

The Balassa-Samuelson effect suggests that an increase in wages in the tradable goods sector of an emerging economy will also lead to higher wages in the non-tradable (service) sector of the economy.

The accompanying increase in inflation makes inflation rates higher in faster growing economies than it is in slow growing, developed economies.

Read more: Balassa-Samuelson Effect Definition | Investopedia

foxmulder     Spectra is this mandated by the Imf or world bank ,i wonder . Also remember the Cbi and only cotrols monotary policy !!

Spectra      Thats what his whole babsis is Kaps   Spectra     basis for his beliefs -lol

Spectra     foxmulder i dont know …really but just for the record ..This is where he Kap derives his beliefs..

Dave     Whitelions any election news…..? Dave    …just wanna see 165 good guys

Spectra    thats a impossible feat by any standards anywhere in the world..for any goverment…

Dave    almost but not quite last term

Spectra    Dave be happy for 100 decent guys

Dave    need to make quorum    and pass laws and amnesty and other laws to weed out the corruption

Dave    165 for that    and SADR has a plan……..esp for Maliki……
Spectra    Dave probubly

Tebow    The Balassa-Samuelson Effect has no standing when considering Kap’s theory as in Iraq they have neither high productivity growth, also experience high wage growth. It also states inflation rates higher in faster growing economies. Iraq has no inflation! -0.02$%

foxmulder    Tebow , Dr.SHabibi had always stated low infkation was a positive effecy on value and growth

Tebow    agree

Spectra    Tebow exactly i was waiting for some one to say that….Thanks…

Spectra    Balassa-Samuelson is not a good fit for Iraq … my belief too …. ?
Spectra    In here you have to fight fire with fire ..To get a point across, and the best way is to show why …And …Tebow you made a perfect set of points.

mod    10 IQD Note shows up again??????
Spectra    mod Thanks

Spectra    ((Iraq cuts ties with US sanctioned bank)) The sanctions also targeted Iraqi electoral candidate Aras Habib Karim…The Central Bank of Iraq has cut ties with a bank and its director after they were added to a US Treasury sanctions list on May 15 2019. Sabah Arar / AFPARAR

Iraq’s central bank on Thursday cut ties with an Iraqi bank and its director after they were targeted by new US sanctions against entities linked to Iran.

Local media reported that the Central Bank of Iraq ordered the country’s financial institutions to cease dealing with Al-Bilad Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance, and its CEO Aras Habib Karim, after they were added to a US Treasury sanctions list on Tuesday.

Mr Karim is also Secretary General of the Iraqi National Congress (INC) and ran in last week’s election allied with Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi’s Victory coalition. He spoke out after being added to the US sanctions list for allegedly helping provide support to designated terrorists, calling the designation politically motivated.


Spectra    The ever elusive 10 Iraq dinar note…or imposter ?? it doesnt look real but it is intresting …

Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell  @UticaRisk  Releasing final results right now. At 2AM in the morning.

Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell  @UticaRisk  Basra, Ameri Sadr Abadi are  6, 5, 5, then 4 for Maliki. Oil people will be interested to know that Oil Min Luaybi came in first among Nasr candidates.

Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell?  @UticaRisk   I’m not going to try and transcribe all the results. You’ll just have to wait until there is a video or text result. Plus, it is 2 Freaking AM in the morning.

Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell    ?@UticaRisk  Following Following @UticaRisk
Individual votes in Baghdad, senior figures:
Maliki: 102,000
Amiri: 63,000
Abadi: 59,000
Allawi: 28,000

Spectra    wow what a surprise    Maliki got the most ???

Baxter looks like we liked Abadi more than they did

Dave    Spectra THUD BACK
Spectra    Dave ;ha-Ha:

larrykn    Spectra only in one place
Spectra    Baxter exactly i am laughing my head off really

Dave    kept his seat on his arse for now……
Spectra    Baxter i always thought they liked maliki

Dave    and his arse
Hawk    He’s the Duke of iraq…lol
Spectra    Hawk is this duke?

Dave    keeps his immunity unless Sadr can form 165 votes
Spectra    Dave right

Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell?@UticaRisk  More Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted Kirk H. Sowell

This is a massive fail by Abadi as a political leader here. Baghdad is his home province, he had every advantage going into this election, used the office extensively.

Larrykn    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A political bloc led by populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a long-time adversary of the United States who also opposes Iranian influence in Iraq, has won the country’s parliamentary election, the electoral commission said on Saturday.

Sadr himself cannot become prime minister as he did not run in the election, though his bloc’s victory puts him in a position to have a strong say in negotiations. His bloc captured 54 parliamentary seats.

The bloc led by Hadi al-Amiri, who has close ties with Iran and heads an umbrella group of paramilitaries who played a key role in defeating Islamic State, came in second with 47 seats.

The Victory Alliance, headed by incumbent Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, took third place with 42.

Sadr’s victory was a surprising change of fortunes. The cleric, who made his name leading two violent uprisings against U.S. occupation troops, was sidelined for years by Iranian-backed rivals.

Dave    Wow a lot of parties I never heard of……..that maybe a good thing

larrykn     what I’m getting out of this is Sadr is probably a good thing for Iraq, Sadr Adabi an hakim will get rid of Iran out of the country an still work with the US, they will help the people an not the politicians, all will work for our favor

Dave     larrykn still require about90 seats to make quorum

larrykn    between sadr an Adabi they will have over 100 seats

Dave    larrykn need 165 and I will start getting excited

larrykn    true that is why they will have to negotiate with other groups hence that 90 day period

Dave    a lot of incumbants must of lost their seats

Cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s bloc wins Iraq election

Reuters Staff   BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A political bloc led by populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a long-time adversary of the United States who also opposes Iranian influence in Iraq, has won the country’s parliamentary election, the electoral commission said on Saturday.

larrykn    hakim (not sure on his spelling lol) anyway not sure of how many he has but I’m thinking he will put them over

Spectra    BREW we knew already !

Dave     HAkim 22 seats I think

Spectra    BREW ..Now it is official..Thanks ….


larrykn    Dave as you see this group will have the largest number of seats I think other will come on board or be left out

Spectra      BREW hey over the last few days all articles were saying it is what i meant

Dave    so that be about 120 seats for our side so far

Spectra    BREW i appreciate you bringing it to official

Dave    45 more


Spectra    BREW i know just been on too long ..getting tired
Spectra    well the election done …on to the next phase —lol
Spectra    it is a never ending story so it seems ….


larrykn    the election are done not they need to get together an form a large enough party so they can run the govenment, lets hope Maliki doesn’t get there first

Spectra    im not going to fret about Maliki…    Nothing we can do about it…lol

larrykn    you should he an ameri has the same seat count that Sadr an Hakim has 76 seats each, Adibi has 42 , the rest will come from other groups

Spectra    no im not worried..

larrykn    whos worried ;Thud

chattels   Iraq’s election commission has released final results for the parliamentary election.

Sayirun – 54 seats    Fatih – 47 seats   Victory (Nasr) alliance – 42 seats

State of Law – 26 seats  KDP – 25 seats   Al-Wataniya – 22 seats   Hikma Front – 19 seats

PUK – 18 seats   Gorran – 5 seats  New Generation – 4 seats     Komal – 2 seats

CDJ – 2 seats   KIU – 2 seats

chattels    Parties have three days to file complaints.


chattels    Hakim is Hikma Front.   Allawi is Al-Wataniya.

chattels    ONe scenario has Sadr, Abadi, Allawi, Hakim and Gorran, et al.

chattels    Total of the foregoing without the ” et al ” is 142.

ElmerFudd   Which party is Abadi and Sadir?

chatte    lsSadr is Sayirun and Abadi is Victory / Nasr

ElmerFudd    That’s about 96 seats between the two of them.

chattels    Gorran is more aligned with the smaller Kurdish paries which could add another 10 seats for 152.

ElmerFudd     How long will it take for Abadi to pull a coalition together?

chattels    ElmerFudd Good question.

chattels    Most serious observers opine about 90 days.

ElmerFudd    90 days till what? Start the negotiations to agree when to start the negotiations? ?

chattels    BUt it could be someone other than Abadi.

ElmerFudd    Sadir?

chattels    ElmerFudd Negotiations have already begun.

ElmerFudd    I know. ?     Being sarcastic.

chattels    ElmerFudd Cannot be Sadr because he did not run / was not elected for a seat in Parliament.

ElmerFudd    Ahhh.    I wonder what would happen if they get it done early?

chattels    Iraq’s Top 10 Potential Prime Ministers

Iraq’s Top 10 Potential Prime Ministers

chattels   Ali Dawai, current Maysan governor, will be Sadr’s candidate for prime minister, explaining they are ready to enter talks with other parties on this.

chattels    ” Whatever happens next, Iraq will continue to prove its naysayers wrong and it will continue to surprise us.”

Baxter    Is my Dime in trouble??

chattels    Al-Nour News / Baghdad

KDP member Majid Shankali said that “the total of what happened to the Kurdish component is more than 60 seats can be increased, according to the preliminary results announced by the Electoral Commission, which is greater than what happened to the coalition of Sowron.”*****

The MP said in a statement to “Nur News”, “The Kurdish parties are asked to unite in one political bloc similar to the Kurdistan Alliance in the previous parliamentary session before going to Baghdad to negotiate for the formation of the next government.”

“The Kurdish Democratic Party is expected to get 24 seats, and may rise after the announcement of the final results to 26 seats,” noting that “the party ranks first among Kurdish blocs and parties.”


****** Sayirun

NickNak    Baxter Your Dime is always in trouble

chattels’    Not worth a plugged nickel’?

chattels    What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘Not worth a plugged nickel’? and What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Not worth a plugged nickel’?
NickNak chattels LOL

Baxter   ok… i will take a nickel then

chattels    Baxter Good evening sir.
Baxter    eveing Chattels    quite surprising election eh?

chattels    Baxter Indeed.    Lots of pollsters and commentators with egg on their faces.
Baxter    yep    it may be for the best…
chattels    Baxter True.

Clay    the good thing hes for the people and hates Iran
Baxter     yep     and supposedly Maliki killed his father…. from what I have heard
Clay    wow

Baxter    wasnt Sadr father the Ayatollah?
Clay    then M better run    dont remember
Baxter    probably didnt spell it right

Clay    its all good    lol
Baxter    just get it done

Clay    I wouldnt know    yep
Baxter goin to bed.. see ya

chattels    Muqtada al-Sadr is the fourth son of a famous Iraqi Shi’a cleric, the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr. He is also the son-in-law of Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr.


Tebow    To show how Kaperoni is full of it he puts in a link earlier above, 18 May 18, 07:31 PMKaperoni which he used to form his float theory. If you just look at the first page is says: “This Working Paper should not be reported as representing the views of the IMF.” The paper was written by 3 people who aren’t even associated with the IMF!!!!!!

Spectra    Most people do not take the time to look deep

Zig    FOR SANDYF:…..I was asked to post this question again for you, Sandy…if you come in please answer it….Thanks…………………”JoeSchmoe”: SANDYF….PLEASE ANSWER THIS—– Why do you care so much about convincing all of us about your opinions/views on this thing LOPing or RDing?

Tebow    If fact the 3 links Kap provided were not endorsed by the IMF and written by people not employed by the IMF.

Spectra    Tebow Wow Thank you ! Very interesting

Tebow    Spectra Just like to point out the BS he refers to!

Spectra    Tebow Shows his research to be a shame ?    Tebow Nice job !

Zesty    I browse dinar recaps once in a while that’s the only thing I check nowadays. After, how many years, from 2006 to now. It’ll happen when it happens
Zig    Nice seeing you again, Janet….I am going….drop by often….Recaps copies a lot of this chat…..Bye for now…..

?sandyf@dinard ” JoeSchmoe i dont know what the R would even stand for lol ” – The currency codes are 3 characters, the first 2 being the country identifier, in this case “IQ”. The third is normally the first letter of the monetary unit so when there is a change in currency they have to determine a new third letter.

Previously the letter “N” was used but recently it has been the next most appropriate letter from the monetary unit. The code must also be phonetically acceptable so certain letters may be avoided in some cases. It was purely my opinion that a new Iraqi dinar would be coded “IQR”

This is from the Zambia guidelines.

The International Standardization Organization (ISO) provides international standard codes (ISO 4217) to identify every currency in the international market. The ISO Currency code prescribes a three letter structure.

The current currency code for Zambia is ‘ZMK’, where the letters ‘ZM’ stand for the country code for Zambia and ‘K’ stands for, ‘Kwacha’.

Any modification to a currency requires a permanent change to its ISO code. Therefore, effective 1st January 2013, the new alphabetic ISO Code for the Zambian currency will be ZMW, where the letter ‘W’ represents the rebased Kwacha. The letter ‘W’ being the second character in the Zambian currency name ‘KWACHA’.

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