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xyz: Baghdad hosts an investment conference at the end of this month “Together to promote Iraq”.

“The conference will be held on April 29 and 30 at the Baghdad Hotel, and will present investment opportunities in Iraq and the extent of facilities provided to investors,”

xyz: cbi: The book “Economies of Iraq: ancient past to distant future” –

xyz: cbi – Synopsis: Looking ahead, the book proposes a set of conditions, which will need to be created for Iraq to achieve economic development and functional democracy, in the distant future.

The Economics of Iraq: Ancient past to distant future

Spectra: sandyf: I came into this in 2004 as the result of being scammed into buying dinar by an MLM company, had I known then what I know now things may have gone in another direction. sandyf: I came into this in 2004 as the result of being scammed into buying dinar by an MLM company, had I known then what I know now things may have gone in another direction. —2004 —   What MLM company was selling dinar then…?

Spectra: Please explain this regret ????? ——in 2004 —-there was no GURU’S that ive ever heard of…..only people buying this were those with military contacts,also no one made you buy dinar….or MLM …IF THIS TRUE

xyz: cbi promoted book: searching the book with ‘keywords’ hahaha
surprise –> click next/previous links …. LINK

Spectra: @sandyf I Will personally look it up for validation but nevr provided the name of this company…

Spectra: @sandyf that scammed you….

mikexx: Hi

Spectra: @sandyf since you like to promote your self as a factual individual,you must also include the name of this scamming company you speak about…..This goes two ways….

xyz: Check currency in circulation from 2008 – 2012 on Table 6.1

mikexx: There was a Guru in 2004, but the term Guru had not been used back then and his name was Dr. Cashflow

larrykn: @Spectra I’ve only been in this for 7 yrs but I’ve done my own research, I don’t think this is a scam an if anyone feels that way, sell your currency an leave us alone

mikexx: Larry, i think this my 15th year

Spectra: @larrykn true…they can sell it to any currency exchange and hightailthem selves out..

larrykn: I don’t believe Iraq has done what they have done an being the 5th wealthiest country in the world to have a low currency

Spectra: @mikexx might be for metoo im not sure just know my husband was one of the first group of contactors

Spectra: no such thing as 1800 number

mikexx: The first website that talked about dinars back then was called Truck and Barter, it was a site for US Serviceman and i found it by luck

larrykn: no one knows when this will happen but if you look at the news an what they are up to we get an idea of what will happen, I believe we are close but this still can take months to finish IMO

BREW: The Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate – Truck and Barter

Jun 16, 2004 – You all have made about 1700 comments to this post, which I’ve archived in order to keep bandwidth down. To keep history preserved, all previous comments are downloadable in this HTML file. You can also find useful comments on the other thread More on the Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate, but that thread

Spectra: @mikexx truck and barter –lol

mikexx: That’s the site Brew   mikexx: is it still going?

BREW: @mikexx NOT SURE.

larrykn: I started out with Dan an Tony, boy was that a mistake lol

Spectra: @BREW Thanks…..

Spectra: @BREW This site was for us service mean interesting

larrykn: that must be nice we never had site matter of fact the internet wasn’t around when I served lol

mikexx: i remember researching on that site and then deciding to buy my first dinars

Spectra: @mikexx intresting …as i remeber only people in it that early were Us service men in this country

BREW: @Spectra The site is no longer there.

Spectra: @BREW right

mikexx: Heaven knows how i first found that site, but i did

xyz: Free copy   The Economics of Iraq  Ancient Past to Distant Future

Spectra: people could buy them on the street in IRAQor the base hodgie stores…ect

mikexx: Have not bought any dinars for around 4 years now. I have enough

JoeSchmoe: gm, anything hopeful out there today?

Spectra: @mikexx yes .no reason to be greedy..ive got my share im not buying any more ..

JoeSchmoe: I stopped buying in 2010

mikexx: agree Spectra

mikexx: I use to be in competition with Milnbabe to see if i could buy more than her

JoeSchmoe: God knows how much I would have bought if I had started buying last year….

Spectra: @mikexx lol

mikexx: I knew her from those early days
JoeSchmoe: PTR days too

mikexx: way before: way way before

JoeSchmoe: I started at DV   J: waaaay long ago

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe well some let the greed get the best of them now they have regrets………..not me bought what i could afford too loose

mikexx: Miln and i started on the first Dinar site that had a chatroom

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra I’m just saying, if I woulda started buying my dinar last year or the year before, all the lies and pumping would con me into buying much more

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe thats a if!

JoeSchmoe: well…maybe not, cuz I don’t have the money that I had back in 2010

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe i understand

JoeSchmoe: i would not have sold some stock to buy my dinar…

spankie: stock doing much better than iqd but maybe ?

JoeSchmoe: ACTG, was doing real well back then.  : bought it in 2005
JoeSchmoe: sold in 2010. I think I had made about almost $(9k or $10k
JoeSchmoe: a client turned me on to it, and I took his advice

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe what kind of work did you do?

JoeSchmoe: a different client, at a different place, told me about the dinar and how he made millions off the KWD: @Spectra I work with people : one on one

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe ok

JoeSchmoe: that second client’s suggestion hasn’t proven fruitful yet though….

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe many have heard of people making money on the kuwait thing too.

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra my client invested millions to make millions, as it only got as low as .07 cents I think?

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe my husband people like him self contractors retire from it…no need to work anymore.

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra I look at signs in my life. And I would have NEVER worked with this client for what he had wanted at the time. But when I did, we talked about all this and I took his advice

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe they were at the right place at the right time

JoeSchmoe: as well as my first client who told me about ACTG, where i made $10k

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe well your here now ..yes things are connected

JoeSchmoe: I can only hope  : and life right now seems to be taking a downward spiral, so the necessity or hope for the dinar is much greater

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe im not a hope type just a a watcher …..hope is acknowledgement of desperation….

JoeSchmoe: but nothing I can do about it, so I just sit back and hope

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe true  the lower notes will reveal a lot…one way or another….

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra yea…..whenever we see them

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe and the fills for as well..they mentioned they will have fills…tooo..

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra the article yesterday was talking onlhy about the 250 and 500

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe i personally cannot see how it will work without some kind of adjustment…

JoeSchmoe: I must have missed the article that you are referencing

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe seen it ..i want too see the low…..notes like 5,10,25 and fills…..

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra yes we all do. But haven’t seen indications of those yet

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe maybe its a old article mentioning the fills
Spectra: @JoeSchmoe they have a few…maybe someone can bring it up..

xyz: cbi book: Chapter 6 Monetary and fiscal policies got a lot of information that dinarian might find useful

Spectra: @xyz link   if you dont mind please

JoeSchmoe: going back to signs, and how things happen to/for me…..I was down to my last amount of $$ before I really started feeling stressed. Then that lady backed up into my car in the parking lot. My car is not worth putting any money into, and is still driveable, so I just took the $$ from the inurance and increased my $$ account from it.

JoeSchmoe: Gave me a couple more months of stresslessness

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe i hear you ..believe me

xyz: @Spectra same link above

xyz: Investment conf. in Baghdad

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: An investment conference shall be held on 29-30 April, 2018 to manifest the investment opportunities and the facilities to be granted to investors.

The conference sourced reported that Egypt, the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates will participate in the conference, as well as some businessmen from China and France.

Baghdad Investment Commission will patronize this conference, the sources added.

xyz: Baghdad-Irabil talks halted, Zebari Arbil/ Iraq TradeLink: Kurdish Democratic Party’s MP Abdul Bari Zebari disclosed that the talks between Baghdad and Arbil were halted to a date after the electoral campaign in the country.

LG: Is there open mice this morning

xyz: @Zig is TNT having an open mic?

Zig: @xyz : LOL….How would I know??…I was banned from TNT a long time ago…..

xyz: Great Palindrome choices –

Duke-77: Good morning peeps. Getting up and getting ready for church. I have a great feeling we will see some very unprecedented news out of Iraq between now and their elections. Does anyone know what the market rate is today?

Spectra: @xyz if they had that experience it may have been some time ago..

xyz: @Duke-77 i like your thinking this morning

Duke-77: @xyz With all the progress, even the worst gurus who pump could possibly be right lol

Spectra: ktfa-posting—Abadi: Just as we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of building and prosperity 22nd April, 2018 Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed on Sunday the importance of working for the return of sectarianism and conditions, while the bloodshed on the ground was “the greatest evidence of unity.”

Abadi said during a speech at a large gathering of the Anbar clans, according to a statement issued by his media office and his follower “obelisk”, we stress “the importance of working for the return of the situation back and the return of sectarianism and not to listen to the voices that do not want to Iraq good,” noting that ” Of our forces achieved victory in front of gangs wanted to return Iraq to pre-history. ”

“The greatest proof of our unity is the blood that has come here on the ground,” he said. “When the Iraqis came to defend Iraq, they did not go for political ends but for their homeland.”

“As we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of the second victory in building, prosperity, investment and job creation.” On Sunday, April 22, 2018, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Anbar province to discuss the security and political situation with his officials.

Spectra: “As we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of the second victory in building, prosperity, investment and job creation.” On Sunday, April 22, 2018, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Anbar province to discuss the security and political situation with his officials.

xyz: The Federal State Budget for the Republic of Iraq for the Fiscal Year 2018

Zig: Verne Troyer, famous for his “Mini-Me” role in Austin Powers films, has passed away at the age of 49…

xyz: @Zig sad day … I enjoyed watching him

xyz: The Parliamentary Observatory report shows that women parliamentarians are more committed than men Repeated deputies’ absence caused the House of Representatives to stop two months before its end.

The legal committee in parliament recognizes that the slack of the presidency of the House of Representatives against absentee MPs and the non-lifting of their immunity paralyzed the House of Representatives for a long time. In the meantime, the report pointed out that the presence of female parliamentarians was more than men, and that the repeated absence of members comes because of the failure to take action against members whose absences exceeded the limit.

The internal order of the House of Representatives in its Article (18 / II) requires the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to issue a written warning to the absent member inviting him to abide by the presence. In case of non-compliance, the Presidency shall be subject to the Council.

motown: all irrelevant useless info

Spectra: @motown it really doesnt matter …true all we want too see is not in tha.
Spectra: @motown we want the change in the currency right?
Spectra: @motown you have something relevant to share?

xyz: G7 foreign ministers to discuss Russia, sanctions not on agenda

TORONTO (Reuters) – Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations will discuss how to maintain pressure on Russia when they meet on Sunday but extra sanctions are not on the agenda, officials said.

The ministers, in Toronto for a two-day meeting, will also review recent events in the Korean peninsula, Syria, the Middle East and Venezuela. The talks, due to end on Monday, will help prepare for a G7 leaders’ summit in Canada in early June.

The G7 comprises the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Japan.

Sparky: Just finished listening to Kap’s call, the 90 day, 2% compliance completes just after Ramadan, June 15. Eid al-Fitr begins sundown, June 14. Coincidence…maybe…

Sparky: I recall Shabbibi referring to a long weekend

Sparky: No articles to back up my theory of course


Sparky: Joe Friday, IQD speculation detective

Sparky: Elections on May 12, if Abadi continues as PM, maybe we have a shot at some form of prospering with this endeavor

Zig: “Kaperoni” INSISTS that he is right…I asked him if he even CONSIDERED the POSSIBILITY that he could be wrong….”NO!!”, he said….lol….I keep an open mind and consider all possibilities…

Sparky: @Zig agree

Sparky: @Zig just hopeful for some kind of movement

xyz: @Zig Kaperoni theory is preferable than the alternate pitched by our own guru sandyf of LoP.

Sparky: @xyz no signs of lop, by any stretch

Tebow: Kap just increase the Dinar in circulation to 66 trillion. Keeps changing his facts. ?

?Easyrider99: lets just say kap and stryker got into it and it didnt end well for kap

Zig: I remember that

Easyrider99: i am good friends with someone who knew stryker

Spectra: @Easyrider99 aww poor Kap..

dinard: @Easyrider99 oh wow what was strykers stance?

Spectra: @Easyrider99 I was on Strykers

Easyrider99: and he told all stryker didnt hold back

Zig: Stryker has a mean side…lol

mikexx: Dr.Cashflow, does anyone but me remember him?

Easyrider99: shabbibi was ready i think and then maliki tried to put him in prison and let isis in the back door

dinard: i think ive only held dinars for less than 4 months now
dinard: @Baxter not really i have to pay more capital gains taxes lol

Baxter: pay em.. it s worth it….dont have to wait so long

Duke-77: I seen an article stating the dollar still dropping against the dinar. Looks to be a little over 1190

Baxter: saw that also duke

Duke-77: @Baxter if it’s really 1190, we are about to see it pop this week!

Baxter: Ihope

Easyrider99: lets hope so

Duke-77: @Baxter I hope I read that right!

Baxter: yes.. its down to 1190

Duke-77: @Baxter that’s what the cbi is selling it for! How is it down that low? Are they selling it lower and not telling us??????

Baxter: I dont know duke   Baxter: chattels might

Easyrider99: 1190 is the lowest isnt it?

Baxter: yep

Easyrider99: interesting

Duke-77: @Baxter could we be witnessing a float and Kaperoni’s Dinar Alert hasn’t went off?? Lol

Baxter: lol

Easyrider99: the cbi has sure been chatty lately
Easyrider99: they also are making it a law that te citizens turn in their notes   i believe their 3 zero notes

dinard: id actually laugh if kap was right and it floated super fast lol

Baxter: it just might

Baxter: dont count Kap out

Easyrider99: dinard the sigr report stated they were goin to RV at 1.13

Baxter: as crazy as this is

Spectra: ktfa-post—samson said (Post #58) LINK Abadi arrives in Anbar .. The Council of Ramadi poses a number of issues 2018-04-22 at 10:37 (Baghdad time) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived Sunday in Anbar province, while the head of the local council for Ramadi Yahya Abdul Jalil said that several cases will be brought before him.

“The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived, today, to Anbar province,” the press office of Abadi said in a brief statement received by Mawazine News. For his part, Abdul Jalil told Mawazine News that “although the visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to Anbar province is an election, but we will put a number of issues on it.”

He added that “the Prime Minister is required to resolve many issues suffered by the citizen in Anbar province, the most important of which relate to compensation and the speed of completion and the return of separated from the security services.

” The President of the Local Council, that “there is great suffering beyond the potential of the local government and its budget, including the reconstruction of bridges and strategic projects and accelerate the disbursement of compensatory amounts and grant returnees of one and a half dinars.” ??

Easyrider99: back then

Duke-77: @Easyrider99 WHAT!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!!$$$$$

Easyrider99: yes their was a financial report : it clearly stated 1.13

Easyrider99: i wish i could ddig that up

ig: @Baxter : I consider everything….who knows…..

Baxter: yep

dinard: what is sigr report

Spectra: @Easyrider99 yes it said that

Easyrider99: its a financial report

xyz: @dinard really kiddo?

mikexx: It was the SIGR report

foxmulder: @Easyrider99 yo are CORRECT ! have been looking for that myself had in a file , but !! it stated .83 to 1.13

Easyrider99: yes mike thank you

Easyrider99: yes Fox

Duke-77: @Easyrider99 the sigr Report is old. Are they really forcing the 3 zeros to be deposited???

foxmulder: @Easyrider99 you *

xyz: @dinard special inspector general report

Easyrider99: yes   : duke what i read they want to make it a law

dinard: @xyz ooooooh ok am googling now

Easyrider99: ffor citizens to turn in their 3 zero notes

Duke-77: @Easyrider99 I will be ecstatic when I see this in print in an article. That will be an RV!

dinard: this one?

foxmulder: @Easyrider99 was thinking there was a report from the IMF also

JoeSchmoe: Is that sigr report the same one that bgg always refer ces to?
JoeSchmoe: Been around for awhile

Easyrider99: let me see if i can find it

dinard: @Easyrider99

Easyrider99: joe possibly  : ddinard thats alot of pages   Easyrider99: lol

dinard: @Easyrider99 is it the right sigr report though

mikexx: This might be it

JoeSchmoe: The sigr report has been referenced for quite some time now. I would not put too much stake in it

Easyrider99: well joe it is a financial report  : and states .83 -1.13

JoeSchmoe: @Easyrider99 yes…but it means nothing until it happens. As i said,been referenced for over a year

xyz: @Easyrider99 yeah spill the beans

Easyrider99: mountain goat was an ex army major  that worked in Iraq

xyz: @Easyrider99 really!

Easyrider99: yep  : some found out who he was

xyz: @Easyrider99 do we know him?

Easyrider99: i dont know his name because they wouldnt give it up  thats all they told me
Easyrider99: youd be surprised who told me   some named dave S…..

dinard: major payne?

Easyrider99: Dave S.

Spectra: @Easyrider99 i read that too over at dinar daily
Spectra: @Easyrider99 he was a military guy..must be true

Easyrider99: yea   : he does have connections as well

Spectra: @Easyrider99 probubly does

Easyrider99: that is true but he is not a woman

Easyrider99: lets justn hope this ends soon   imho their wil be no lop
Easyrider99: iraq has ben able to maintain infllation for years
Easyrider99: countries that lop is a last resort and look weak : when they do it

Duke-77: @Spectra personally there’s no banker going to be on a dinar form telling anything.
Duke-77: Sandyf has been on a L.O.P. binge lately

Easyrider99: duke like i said he has always been on one

Baxter: this will not lop… they would have lopped a long time ago…

Spectra: someone who owns a bank does not have the liberty to tell you everything…NDA…WILL APPLY..

JoeSchmoe: frothbucket

Easyrider99: baxter yes

xyz: @Baxter hence my point

Duke-77: @xyz lol they posted an article today stating all notes recognized except the counterfeit

JoeSchmoe: richs brother sipposedly


dinard: @xyz give me your dinars and ill go to iraq to exchange em for you. for a fee of course lol

Easyrider99: and its usually a very last resort for a country with hyper inflation

Duke-77: @Spectra LOL YOU’RE MAKING ME LAUGH!!!

JoeSchmoe: so how are we to account for even a 1-1 with all the dinar out there?

xyz: @dinard you a faster learner … just 2 weeks ago you asking what’s the difference between USD and IQD … today you a pro

JoeSchmoe: or even a .86

Duke-77: @Spectra Surely you don’t believe walkingstick is a banker???? Hahahaahahahaha!!! I got oceanfront property in Arizona I will sell you . Frank has the deed to it and will make you a great offer

dinard: @xyz youre so full of fake news

Spectra: THINK ABOUT IT..If you had meetings with the Cbi would you or could you say everything…No..NDA………..BETTER YET ……YOU BET I BELIEVE HE OWNS BANKS..

mikexx: If he’s a banker, he sure spends a lot of time on Frank’s forum

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra who

Spectra: Im pretty confident in my belief…

Easyrider99: i truly dont believe teir are trillions dinar out there

Spectra: yes walkingstick owns banks

Easyrider99: if iraq has managed to keep infllation down for years they are smart enough to have reducee the money supply signifcantly

Duke-77: @Spectra the CBI will never tell anyone any details of the revaluation. Walkingstick and Frank claim it’s a reinstatement. That’s how much they don’t know. To be a reinstatement, it has to be previously taken out of circulation and then reinstated.

Spectra: I never said the cbi told walking stick all the details

Duke-77: Someone give me a date and rate and I want the truth so don’t ask the gurus! Lol

Easyrider99: i dont believe iraq has to worry about the dinar outside o the country
Easyrider99: only whats inside

Duke-77: @Spectra that’s what it appears you were implying

Easyrider99: and their isnt trillions insie iraq

Easyrider99: floatin around


Easyrider99: na no one has the inside

Spectra: @Easyrider99 Thats right -lol

Easyrider99: that wouldd be insider trading

Spectra: @Easyrider99 :ya-right

JoeSchmoe: an increase will not make them richer. A dinar is worth a dinar in iraq no matter what the value. Everyone keeps forgetting that
Spectra: @Easyrider99 absolutly

Easyrider99: joe they wont get rich

JoeSchmoe: exactly

Easyrider99: they wil get more purcasing power  against the usd

Spectra: @Easyrider99 yes

JoeSchmoe: @Easyrider99 everyone thinks they will with an rv

Easyrider99: any prideful country wants to use their national currency

JoeSchmoe: a dinar is a dinar over there

xyz: is it fair to say that those that been in this for a while (not 4 months) feels a sense of closure in the horizon? Again not for those in less than 4 months

Easyrider99: joe we wil get rich : we are trading our dinar in for usd

JoeSchmoe: maybe…

Easyrider99: theyare trading teir dinar in for lower denoms

JoeSchmoe: @Easyrider99 lets hope so

Easyrider99: sure hope joe

Spectra: @Easyrider99 when these lower notes come out we will know

Easyrider99: exactly spectra

JoeSchmoe: @Spectra whenever that happens

Duke-77: What is the date and rate? Nobody knows! We shall see it when the cbi is ready to release it. That’s a fact! Not one guru will have any knowledge beforehand. Check the cbi site. It’s got more Intel than

xyz: Why Do Chameleons Change Their Colors? Many people believe chameleons change colors to disguise themselves

Rescue guy: @Spectra those new bills won’t fit in the atm machines

Spectra: @Rescue guy why not? too big.

Rescue guy: What are they thinking
Rescue guy: Just a tad

Spectra: @Rescue guy Hmm? good thought.

Rescue guy: :laugh

Spectra: @Rescue guy you funny

Rescue guy: That’s funny, I don’t care who you are
Rescue guy: @Spectra I try, but looks ain’t everything

NickNak: @Spectra Those are not the small denoms

Spectra: @Rescue guy lol
Spectra: @NickNak they are even out yet..

Rescue guy: @Spectra not in a long shot.

dinard: i heard the lower denom notes were a myth. i heard they were going to use an RFID as currency

Spectra: @dinard where did you hear that?

dinard: some conspiracy theory website lol
dinard: @KJWayne i cant get these voices out of my head!
dinard: @KJWayne must be all the flatearth 5g theyre using nowadays

KJWayne: My SOURCES tell me that we will seeMUCH improvement on Monday the 23 .

Spectra: @KJWayne improvment ….who is your resources?
Spectra: @KJWayne i would love some good news please tell me..

?dinard: idk whats more absurd sometimes. conspiracy theories or dinar theories

Spectra: @dinard true..Well at least we don’t hear too much of Chinese elders anymore.

KJWayne: I’m tired of reading all those so called articles from newspapers in Iraq ,owned by crooks, telling us we are waiting for this or that. When the CBI,IMF,GOVT,and my bank call me then I’ll read it. Until then ,I’m just looking at “DATES and RATES” !

xyz: @dinard Government Accidentally Releases Documents On Remote Mind-Control

dinard: @xyz i know all the radio frequencies used in all the 4g for all carriers. they havent upgraded cell towers to 5g yet. already very challenging for them to get a signal to an individual phone let alone control your mind

dinard: @xyz i hve stood in front of a microwave dish for too long and omg that crap hurts.

Jo: 5G has not been tested for safety in the US but rolling it out anyway

dinard: @Jo whats there to test? its just a radio frequency. the 5g technology comes from the hardware. the frequency they use is bought by fcc at an auction between carriers. different carriers use 4g at different frequencies. its the actual hardware that makes it 4g or 5g which is pretty much just faster at sorting out data it sends and receives.

KTFA Monday Night CC