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sandyf: Those that have ever heard of a possible change in the value of the IQD either dismiss it as a financial hoax or are of the opinion that a change will take place.

Opinion in the latter group ranges from blind faith to some reasoned argument. It has been said many times that nobody knows what is going to happen, perfectly true, but that does not mean to say that anything can happen.

There are regulations and concepts in place that would dictate what cannot happen and if you address what cannot happen it puts a different perspective on what can happen

?sandyf: People are just not interested or prepared to try and understand how a large revaluation would be implemented, or consider the subsequent repercussions.

It is in everyone’s best interests that they keep an open mind, total loss must be recognised as a potential outcome and anything else a bonus.

larrykn: @sandyf , in 2010 there was 27 trillion dinar in circulation, that included money stolen from the cbi. we Know they have been reducing the note count for some time now. I know they haven’t increased that amount. so you saying its 45 tillion is way off. Second Iraq in the pass has had good rate to it an I see no reason why they can’t get to that point again.

Baxter: I read Sandys Post on Guru about their being so much Dinar in Kuwait and then a whole bunch more in IRaq.. and thats why Kuwaitts is worth so much more… I say B S… If you took half the USD away in the united states.. Do you think a US Dollar would be worth twice as much?? I dont think so…


4-14-2018 Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf The sanctions were introduced to stop Iraq trading and earning the money they needed. Under normal circumstances the value of a currency is related to the amount in circulation. Kuwait has currently just over 40 billion in circulation and Iraq has around 45 trillion, yet people seem to think they should have a comparable value.

xyz: Ask Us How much U.S. currency is in circulation?
There was approximately $1.63 trillion in circulation as of March 21, 2018, of which $1.59 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes.

xyz: Guru sandyf – what’s the value of USD? ;banana —>
4-14-2018 Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf … Under normal circumstances the value of a currency is related to the amount in circulation.  ;banana

Baxter: I think that is B S… the U S Prints money everyday… Im gone till this afternoon…

xyz: URGENT Abadi: The corrupt are the most anti-corruption advocates and curse

xyz: Arab Ministerial Conference on Enhancing Integrity and Combating Corruption in Baghdad

The conference was held under the patronage and presence of the Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi, and was held under the slogan [Fighting corruption in the service of human and social security].

It is noteworthy that Transparency International, classified Iraq for years as the most corrupt countries in the world.

Tebow: no proof there’s 45 trillion in circulation. Another total fake guru statement.

JoeSchmoe: It seems as though Mr. F has left and evaded any more questions. Convenient, ey

xyz: Tebow: … Another total fake guru statement. is …

?spankie: when it takes millions to buy small things they will have alot out there

JoeSchmoe: oh I see that was 3 hrs ago lol

Zig: @Tebow : You and your )(*&^% “PROOF”….LOL

Zig: Sandyf lives in Thailand…they are about 12 hours ahead…..

xyz: Abadi: Iraq has overcome the economic crisis left by the fall in oil prices

xyz: omg 12 hrs ahead in bs

Tebow: @Zig bet he’ll provide something from 2012
Tebow: @Zig statements that can’t be backed are just guru opinions.

xyz: @Tebow he is in out future by 12hrs …. meaning he is our fortune teller ;banana
xyz: cbi: Instructions and criteria for handling and replacing banknotes and counting mechanisms

To / all banks ( instructions and standards for handling and replacing banknotes and counting mechanisms ) … Click here

here is the pdf –

JoeSchmoe: There is so much to think about and consider with all of this. We all know and remember what we have seen, read, and been told. One or two persons’ opinions and thoughts only serve to heighten our expectations, or increase our frustrations.

Zig: @Tebow : I agree though IMO some opinions are more “educated” than others…but nobody has the answers as to how this will unfold…..

JoeSchmoe: Mr F makes sense with some of his negative conclusions, but then again so do some of the other people with their positive outcomes

Tebow: yes nobody knows

xyz: @Zig i have the answers

JoeSchmoe: the dinar is like a very trying marriage. Sometimes you really want to get out, but you can’t. It could ultimately be a very rewarding thing, with many frustrations endured along the way.

Zig: @JoeSchmoe : People are afraid to quit….LOL….fearing something will happen the next day, week, month….LOL

?JoeSchmoe: yet those that do/did quit, have a sense of piece of mind and calm

xyz: cbi: pdf 1)

T: A: They are two *} 0 – look at him ?! GNU Free Documentation License [J 1 Cradle && 6 | A word of the word * 1 Kg 1! J 80060 46 0:, Inch Mcnalata

Issuance Department and Treasury / Banking Monitoring and Compliance Section Number: </ 4 />? Banking Follow – up Division Date: TADK: R. ? To all banks

Exchange rates, exchange and counting mechanisms

Our letter No. 11/16 dated 11/11 for the purpose of standardizing and modernizing controls Instructions on the standards of trading paper and cash equivalents We send you the link principles, standards and instructions Which will be used in counting, sorting, handing over and handing over banknotes. … with respect

The Central Center for Statistics. Munther Abdul Qader Al Sheikli And. . Hr © ….. Deputy Governor Agency Corsage and ruin / 1 /}. )! -? ( – The center of the Bank: Al-Rashid Street – Baghdad – Iraq ______ ============== © 8990080189 84: 226080 -: © 08/06/2016 – Telephone: 4110191 (central switch with four lines) 6 4 Talal & Awsqat & * Al-Mustaqbal 7 7 8165171:! P. 1} Fax + 16 has a + + – 2, 2% 64 20 0 2


Tebow: @JoeSchmoe yes but those who quit are going to feel awful bad if it does go up in value

xyz: Page 2
Page 2 N – 2 is offline The hills are located at 0 ° F P.27 Spraying Number: © / Hummer / – Hadk “3 28 Central Command Center Other: 80 History © 8 /? | K 1: 0946 Release & General principles 1 – The Central Bank of Ethnicity under its law No. 1 of year E + E +? Is responsible for determining currency categories (Paper and metal), their measurements and forms, printing of paper money and metal coins

The person responsible for the damage, replacement and identification of the defective person, and may refuse to replace those currencies (paper and metal) Confiscate them if the conditions set out in these instructions are met.

1. Iraqi banknotes are homogeneous with different categories and have absolute power of forgiveness and are accepted by the Central Bank Ethnic groups, banks, institutions and the public, and the distinction between their categories through the imposition of a particular category The public or refusal to accept a certain category is unacceptable and is contrary to law.

A. Securities trading standards: | – Cash equivalents available for trading A banknote issued by an ethnic central bank is valid for trading even if it is exposed because of the following: If there is one or more ruptures on the wall, On both sides and did not affect its features.

2 – If it is cut in one of the corners of the border (?) Cm did not affect the features. (Iii) if the effects of trading and use appear to it without causing harm or damage to its shape, color and size. (B) non-negotiable banknotes; First, the cash flows are not valid for trading if one of the descriptions listed below applies to them and compensates the holder

?Spectra: Personally ….Sandyf….can put out whatever he wants his posts are some times left unanswered just as we witnessed last night….Il be waiting too see how he answers chattels 5 questions .

I was watching ….Private groups ….Eh’ …..Can’t wait too see this………..I also thought it was rude how sandyf did not answer chattels……Immediatly after being questioned……….chattels questions were legitimate and very rational……

Zig: Sandyf often has very little time to hang around in chat….he will see chattels’ questions later….I will also copy them and post them later…..Sandy usually is here around 10PM Eastern (his morning)…..

xyz: Page 3:
(*) – If the paper is composed of two parts (different figures) and the area of ??the original bank is the area of ??the original paper. (4) – If the banknote is affixed to one or more transparent tape lengths or widths. (E) – If in the cash sheet is cut in more than one angle or oppressed. (%) –

If it contains seals or writings that do not affect its appearance. (8) – If a foreign currency is attached to a foreign currency and affects its features such as inks, dyes, glue and materials Grilled, cooked, cooked, fat or oil. () – If the paper loses less than + 5% of its area. ). (1) – If the banknote is perforated by one or more holes and random, not mentioned in item (d).

Second – Damaged banknotes shall be submitted as a result of incineration or burial under the ground or for any other reason to the Central Bank of Iraq And its branches shall be limited and if the damaged banknotes can not be defrauded and sorted for any reason, it shall be submitted to the discretionary committee Of the damaged cash balances at the Center or branch to verify their authenticity and value in accordance with the following mechanism: The police station or the Supreme Judicial Council in respect of cash receipts

Spectra: @Zig illl be looking forward too seeing how that statement is addressed…….

Zig: “xyz: I have no urge to shut-up”…………….One can always dream… ;eye roll;

xyz: Page 4:
Wind . Version and solution (1) – The value of the damaged cash can be estimated at (…). ,. (5) JD (five million dinars) within the validity The director general of the branch and furthermore to the central bank (center) without the process of examination of the branch. ? – Confiscation of damaged banknotes

The damaged cash vouchers described below are confiscated and the holder or the entity that provided them is notified (S) by means of a form signed by the Fund Manager and the owner of the transaction,

The monetary refusal and the confiscation of the cash shall result in a request to the Governor or his / her guardian through the Director General of the Issuance The traitor or the general manager of the branch of the bank to reconsider the decision and be the governor or governor of the governor decided definitively:

| – If the design of the banknote is unclear or garbled or enter on its exterior appearance changes including Written, edict, printed or stamped, or on which the article of incorporation has been placed. B) If the paper loses more than +% of its value, and if there is evidence from the Central Bank, the lost parts of the bank (C) If the paper is cut into more than one piece.

(D) If the cash paper is perforated with holes in one banknote “on the banking system And delivered to the Central Bank ethnic with knowledge of its source from the Zayoun 4, and contrary to the Bank is responsible The consequences of this according to our book numbered number and dated in? /? / 7. . * Counterfeit papers Come counterfeit paper according to the following: –

Spectra: Dreams only become reality when action takes the place of the dream… ?

xyz: Page 5:
B- Counterfeit banknotes shall be stamped with the counterfeit stamp bearing the name of the bank and branch after being confiscated from the bank The Central Bank by an official letter containing the information in paragraph (a) above.

The issuing department shall send weekly, monthly and quarterly statistics on the details of the counterfeit papers discovered or received By categories and the recipient thereof to the relevant authorities, which the Governor deems to be so informed. : –

Mechanism of sorting and sorting banknotes in banks – Banks should set up centers for sorting and sorting with an area commensurate with the size of their deposits and to seek the acquisition of modern mechanization In order to ensure that the cash balances received from the employees are sorted and that sufficient staff are recruited and qualified to do so.

B- Banks shall send their financial deposits to the Central Bank of Iraq and its branches after counting, sorting and filling them Currency categories with bags of a good type Each bag contains (+) a piece of paper, and each piece contains (+ + + 1) paper Bound on both sides in a courtly manner distributed on). Packets (and all) Packets (+) contains paper and a card Stamped with the stamp of the bank bearing the triangular name of the fund and the type of class and date.

Spectra: KTFA-POST—Instructions and criteria for handling and replacing banknotes and counting mechanisms Instructions and criteria for handling and replacing banknotes and counting mechanismsApril 15, 2018 To / all banks ( instructions and standards for handling and replacing banknotes and counting mechanisms ) …

Spectra: Waiting for translation……

xyz: @Zig yes i could but … its a pdf that can only be translated 1 page at time. Do you have a recommended translation sight for pdf that one can NOT copy and paste? :Really?

xyz: @Zig aren’t seeing page numbering?

xyz: Page 6:
0346: Date: – / / M smooth release and vinegar H) Banks shall deposit the damaged cash receipts received from their uniforms or from the general public of any quantity whatsoever One banknote was to be well sorted, damaged, efficient and stocked with books showing their condition and taxing accordingly

A delivery schedule to be determined by the Issuing Department and if there is a negotiable banknote in your creations Damaged and in large quantities, this after a bank violation to be calculated by the banks and aims to stimulate banks to receive Damaged cash receipts from citizens

This bank will not pay fees for counting and sorting from these deposits. (X) The names of the trustees shall be determined at the bag level, to be filled on the basis of one Treasurer . Bag D. Your nominee for this bank / issuing and treasury department will be nominated according to the attached nomination form.

The consignment with this bank shall be signed by the Director General of the Government Banks and the Commissioner for the Banks And the regional director for the foreign branch or his representative in the event of his absence, provided that the signature is valid

xyz: @Zig furthermore each page has its own link aka url … unlike gurus that make presser without citations ;angry

xyz: Page 7: note this page having issues translating …
Thirdly, the counterfeit amounts discovered in the bank deposits shall be recorded as a decrease in his current account and the rate of the fine shall be recorded In the manner specified by the bank.

?The penalty rate has been deducted at present. +% Of the value of counterfeit banknotes Discovered with shortfall compensation. Quarterly – Non-ethnic cash receipts disclosed in the Bank’s creations are recorded and reduced to the General Treasury. Without imposing a shortage.

Fifthly, when ethnic cash balances appear to be in violation of the cash equivalents, their number is reduced without imposition (Different category) for the Central Bank of Iraq.

The results of the counting, sorting and copying of the identification documents will be sent to the Fund’s Governors, and you will receive your answers and your books By e-mail to the Banking Follow-up Section and will be damaged

The tariff shall not exceed one week and the bank shall not be entitled to claim it. (D) Amounts shall be paid to bank deposits as a result of the counting and sorting operations carried out by the Bank in the manner specified by it

xyz: @Zig do me a favour and translate hahaha

Zig: NO :TY:

Spectra: he can’t translate …it…..: no one here can unless they speak it

xyz: Page 8:
The Bank follows a certain mechanism in receiving foreign currency (Euro), where it is tested and tested to ensure that Of virginity and originality as follows: First, the sorting and sorting of foreign banknotes deposited by the trustees of the Fund and in the presence of two of the Bank’s authorized officers If a faulty defect is found, it is compensated by the authorized party And make up the shortfall. (Ii)

?Record serial numbers of foreign cash balances and store them in electronic memory in addition to the bank’s book And the deposit form.

Thirdly, it shall be attached to each). (+ Paper) A tape containing the serial numbers of foreign goods and in case of non-conformity The numbers on the electronic memory with the total amount and the tape on the bakit are refunded And refused to deposit. Quarterly – The Bank shall provide an endorsement if the accounting record can not be made and may be received by the Secretariat (C) above.

?(D) The responsibility of the Central Ethnic Bank and any bank, treasurer or any person is at the point at which they are graduated The money must be taken from the possession of the bank The bank may request that the counting operations be carried out by him and by the employees of his department

xyz: @Zig or would you rather an audio?

xyz: Page 8 for Zig

Audio Player

Lilguy65: Someone’s loading up the NSA data banks! (xyz) ssshhhh!

xyz: Page 9 of 10:
Wind growth /% Issuance and production (F) In the event that a bank keeps or includes the identification cards of the Central Bank or another bank His creativity and payment to trade in that way, is a violation that the bank is considering. – Cash transfer mechanism A.

All banks shall use their secured vehicles or competent authorities to transfer funds for the purpose of transportation 1 7 Cash to and from this bank and between the banks and provide us with the types and numbers of the armored cars or the entity Responsible for transportation.

B- To provide the Central Bank with the names of the workers employed by the Bank to transfer the cash deposits into this bank And their addresses and their holdings to bear identification notices for the bank and the bank’s responsibility Oh. “- Compliance with the above instructions Floating circle To issue a referral recommendation

Zig: IQDCalls has this disclaimer: “ does not necessarily agree, disagree or endorse the contents of the calls and videos posted on our site. WARNING! Take it all with a “Grain of Salt” and only purchase what you can afford to LOSE. assumes no responsibility for information on the calls and disclaims all liability in respect of such information. We are only a guide for the Dinar call scheduled and recorded calls.”

Spectra: @Lilguy65 what do you mean/

xyz: @Lilguy65 what’s that suppose to mean? Public content available even to those that lazy and naive is a not allowed?

xyz: Page 10 of 10:
CBI – == “, concentrates the tics picture of his personality % 2 dimension is not adjusted with white background Department of Issuance and Treasury === – ___. , Bug Issuance and antiques Nomination Form Or – Information of the author Ht u lee Name of mother Do you have a close relationship with an employee? In the central bank Spouse’s name if the answer is YES Person close link Unified Date ___

Name of the adapter that writes a reply, Aoun May the Genie _ ___ The function of ________ | Previous residence address _________ | ___________ | Predict ?? ?????? ?????? _ / The number of the first class relative With the name of the link and the left thumbprint A = Be ahead of __ __ II. Information concerning the Bank The Bank shall specify the functions of the authorized party in the following paragraphs:]

Withdrawing and depositing his work in Iraq] [follow up the counting procedures For, Spear Sawyer = for [. Other Titr ? – Specifies the time period for authorization from / 1 /!.? Up to 1 /. “-

?The Bank undertakes to correct the information contained in the form by signing the authorized director or equivalent to the foreign branches. : – The Bank is obliged to submit a candidate within (*) working days from the date of notification of rejection of this candidate. E.

The Bank shall be committed to sending its support to the participation of its authorized officers in the following courses Finding fake papers , Public relations and professional safety “- The Bank is committed to sending copies of the following documents to the authorized person – The bank’s identity is valid for the length of the authorization period?

Lilguy65: A Lot of pages in that pdf ! Good morning all!

Spectra: @semicha There are many Nigerian scams….

xyz: @Zig done/finished/completed/nothing else left/over

xyz: @Lilguy65 xyz: @Lilguy65 what’s that suppose to mean? Public content available even to those that lazy and naive is a not allowed?    xyz: @Zig :shhh

Lilguy65: What statement are you referring to?

xyz: Tehran bans foreign currency deal after currency collapse

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Authorities in Tehran on Saturday banned foreign currency trading after the exchange rate of the Iranian currency collapsed, while a leading religious authority demanded the execution of a number of brokers or cashiers to prevent further currency collapse.

“There are orders to ban trading in all foreign currencies outside the banking system. Banks will be required to buy small amounts of foreign currency, and cashiers have been barred from buying and selling,” Tasnim quoted Ahmed Araghji, a deputy of the Iranian Central Bank for Foreign Exchange Affairs, as saying.

xyz: @Lilguy65 15 Apr 18, 10:00 AM Lilguy65: Someone’s loading up the NSA data banks! (xyz) ssshhhh!

Lilguy65: Oh! Like I was totally serious! Was just a myriad of info!

xyz: @Lilguy65 whew

Tebow: @Lilguy65 NSA data banks aren’t online. Lol

Lilguy65: Of course they are silly rabbbit!

noname: Yes Zig, weird reading. Non-comprehensive

Dave: A lot of chatter from the CBI’s currency lately………not sure what it means?  Dave: I mean about

KJWayne: Well, some body’s GOT to be right . I just want to know WHEN? OK, so what do ya’ll feel about the “DONG” coming out with the DINAR ?

Baxter: It aint gonna happen KJ..

spankie: @Dave maybe they r gonna do something finally

KJWayne: @Baxter , Thank You .I don’t think so either but what do I know.

Baxter: IMO.. there is no basket of currencies… it is just guru B S… the dong hasnt changed in value since I was over there… over 50 years ago… Baxter: China doesnt want it to

KJWayne: @Baxter No they don’t. They get CHEAP labor that way .

Baxter: exactlyh

?KJWayne: @Baxter I was going to buy some more DINARs and called my supplier about it. They said they were OUT of DINAR but had plenty of DONG left. This is a local office of one of the big boys ,is all I will say !

KJWayne: HA HA HA , well, I’m back here in chat. Raining heavy in Georgia so I’ll troll awhile in here.
KJWayne: “DONG” coming out at $.47 sounds like it is WAYYYYY out of line to me. 4 or 5 cents ,maybe !

xyz: Jordan Extradites Fugitive Iraqi Official

ERBIL – Jordanian judiciary has issued to extradite former Iraqi official Ziyad Tarek Cattan to Baghdad, said the Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi’s Office.

Cattan, who is the former Director of Ministry of Defense’s Acquisitions and Logistics Department was convicted of embezzling one billion dollars.

“His arrest won’t be the last one, and we will continue to capture any other Iraqi officials involved in the corruption,” reads a statement released by the office, adding that more people who are accused of similar actions will be arrested”soon”.

The Iraqi official was arrested last year in Queen Alia International Airport while coming from Poland.

Baghdad had previously called on Poland through the INTERPOL to hand over Cattan, but the request was rejected by the country.

KJWayne: With the elections coming up, you would think that 1000 people list of crooks would be published for the Iraqi citizen to see. Of course that would also tell the crooks to get gone ,so to speak !

KJWayne: Half of Parliament needs to be replaced. They don’t show up anyway !

anacanapanastan: Like to respond to sandyf”s comments made recently on this chat board- specifically asking where is the money coming from to “fund” this event that some are speculating on?…. ok set of questions here:

Where does the money come from funding the US economy with less than 10% cash in circulation?(that could be even the world wide figure of available cash in circulation relative to the amount of debt and/or commerce flows).

Where does the money come from to “fund” the mortgage and “pay off” the selling of the property that you may be buying at the time as an example?

Where does the “money” come from your credit card company to fund your online purchase?

Do they run to the vault once a month and move wheel barrels of cash out the back door to settle all of those trades/purchases?

Be advised banks do not make loans. They monetize the instrument- your promise to pay- and cut you a draft check to create the illusion that the funds came from them.

As long as their asset to liabilities can remain within the range specified by the Fed ( the US Fed for example) then they can keep running the scam of getting something for nothing.

Regardless of all the claims we have heard of countries currencies being backed with hard assets( ie actual real money gold silver ect..) we are all still using and relying on a debt based system of currency creation…and with most the world using a debt based, electronic, non cash bases of currency use to settle trade then the question posed by this person should start to answer itself.

Review the article coming out of Iraq and you will see them being setup in the same way most of the rest of the world is -as it relates to banking and electronic money.

And also, once the exchange rate floats up to create enough perceived value by the speculators (not investors).. then the transaction will behave much live a currency swap for that is exactly what it is and will be.

?Digital for digital central bank balance sheet perspective via your local bank branch.

Spectra: @anacanapanastan good reply.

Baxter: Sure is.. thx…. just try and go to any bank and draw out ten grand cash once….. its not there

dinard: @anacanapanastan banks only need 10% of money loaned as backing for loan itself.

Spectra: @anacanapanastan come back this evening and talk with sandyf
Spectra: @anacanapanastan i would love too see that!

anacanapanastan: ok maybe

Spectra: @anacanapanastan thanks ?

[pm]Zig: If Sandyf comes into chat it usually is around 10PM Eastern….morning for him in Thailand….

anacanapanastan: Just trying to convey my perspectives around this matter- people should understand the difference between money and currency imo

blackgold: People saying the Dong won’t revalue don’t really know, I could say the same of the IQD. I’m not incharge of any curreny and I would never tell anyone a currency isn’t going to be worth anything because the bottom line is, We don’t know

anacanapanastan: between “discharge” and “pay”

xyz: My glass is half empty

dinard: CBI supposedly put this out today.
To / all banks ( instructions and standards for handling and replacing banknotes and counting mechanisms

dinard: theres no context just a picture with a headline on my end. dont know if my browser is messing up or what

xyz: @dinard o boy … i almost got knocked by zag regarding that article … be careful

anacanapanastan: brilliant…….


dinard: @xyz its a weird thing cbi would post though right? frustrating how i cant see an actual gosh dang article    dinard: oh wow nvm i found the pdf under arabic version

Zig: Already posted in AM by the inimitable “xyz”…..Please do not post it again….

xyz: @dinard glad u did … zig is still looking for the pdf link since this morning :bub

dinard: @Zig
dinard: @Zig that one?

JoeSchmoe: @anacanapanastan do you use that same philisophical reasoning with the ZIM? :laugh

JoeSchmoe: Please tell me you “can’t” say the ZIM wont revalue….
JoeSchmoe: If he were to say the same thing about the zim,that he just said about the dong….lol

anacanapanastan: I dont feel the zim is a legitimate opp… too much government uncertainty and the last time I checked they have a hyper inflated national currency and have issued bonds back by ultimately the usd- Iraq has a totally different set of players and actors.

Vietnam is China’s b  tch… they like the cheap labor market and exports they can take advantage of so it will be curious to see if they can break free of that and float their massively over issued currency….

Baxter: @anacanapanastan You about hit the nail on the head on those two currencies.. maybe Recaps will print it.