Chat Room – News, Excerpts & Highlights

Baxter: So … who in here yesterday said that they were going to leave Parliament “open” so they could pass it????

Baxter: it was WhiteLions….. wasnt it that said that??

JoeSchmoe: So I was just wandering through a different facebook dinar group, and saw a post by someone named Mohammed Jasim. Supposedly an Iraqi who travels back and forth from Baghdad and US. He had nothing positive to say about this thing. In fact, what he said made alot of sense unfortunately.

Doug_W: only time will say 4 sure Joe

JoeSchmoe: Ya…that thing called ‘time’. It just keeps going

Doug_W: until it stops for each of us

JoeSchmoe: until death takes us :sick

Doug_W: I have seen death be a blessing

JoeSchmoe: could be here too
JoeSchmoe: when is DP’s next call

Doug_W: usually Mondays

JoeSchmoe: they are definitely encouraging…but then again, so has everyone else in the past

Clay: @JoeSchmoe tired of this dinar

JoeSchmoe: @Clay do you know what happened to facebooks dinar updates?

Clay: @JoeSchmoe no isnt it up

JoeSchmoe: @Clay zo fpm   @Clay i dont see it

Clay: @JoeSchmoe will check

JoeSchmoe: @Clay and it doesn’t come up in a search either

JoeSchmoe: UNLESS>……he is just updating the group/page/forum? You never know. I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt…but that is wearing thin too

Xbruster69: Jubouri, Speaker of the House that the Government sent a revised version of the financial budget for the year 2018 last Thursday and has been referred to the parliamentary Finance Committee ” next session of Parliament Tuesday 13th

JoeSchmoe: Ya NOW that is accurate. But ‘he’ actually said that exact same thing when he ran his site lol

JoeSchmoe: he updated his observer for the day, so we know he isn’t gone lol
JoeSchmoe: is anyone here a member at dinar investors?

Clay: @JoeSchmoe didnt see it

JoeSchmoe: @Clay didn’t see what

Clay: @JoeSchmoe DU on facebook

JoeSchmoe: @Clay oh gotcha
JoeSchmoe: @Clay but you are not a member there anymore either. So I”m wondering if it is only for members’ eyes to see it

Clay: @JoeSchmoe I was
Clay: @JoeSchmoe asked my buddy bucks   he usually posts there

JoeSchmoe: @Clay what did he say

Clay: @JoeSchmoe he didnt get back to me yet  will let ya know

Xbruster69: C-Span unvailing Obamas portraits ..

JoeSchmoe: @Clay do you still believe in this thing?

Clay: @JoeSchmoe beginning to doubt   almost 8 years    prayin for it though

JoeSchmoe: @Clay 9 for me

Clay: @JoeSchmoe long time

JoeSchmoe: not as long as those in it from the beginning.

Clay: @JoeSchmoe nope   my friend is in 15 years

JoeSchmoe: wish I could copy/paste that post from the Jasim guy in Dinar INvestors. Very disheartening, but makes all the sense in the world.     site wont let me copy

Clay: @JoeSchmoe what did he say   corruption?

JoeSchmoe: cant copy, but he’s from there and travels back and forth. not corruption

JoeSchmoe: just common sense really
JoeSchmoe: but then…you never know who is telling the truth about themselves in this thing

Clay: @JoeSchmoe bucks just told me the site is open

JoeSchmoe: oh well

BobS: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi injured in airstrike last May, sources say

Clay: @BobS hes got 9 lives

BobS: 12 February 2018 12:41 PM Direct : pledged to international organizations and bodies, charities and non – governmental relief, on Monday, during the reconstruction of Iraq in the capital of Kuwait conference, providing grants with a total value of $ 330.13 million, to support the humanitarian situation in Iraq. The Kuwaiti charities announced participation, giving Iraq 122.5 million dollars for reconstruction and development projects again, according to (Kuwait News Agency).

Among them are the International Islamic Charitable Organization, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Zakat House and the General Secretariat of Awqaf, the Al Salam Charity Society, the Kuwait Relief Society and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society. International non-governmental organizations and international relief societies also pledged similar grants and grants to the Iraqi people at a conference on the sidelines of the NGO Conference in Support of Reconstruction.

Where the International Committee of the Red Cross announced the implementation of programs in Iraq worth 130 million dollars, while the Islamic societies pledged French and British, providing $ 8 million for similar work.

This is in addition to the Qatari and Turkish associations and associations, and affiliated with the International Islamic Relief Organization of the Islamic World League and the Iraqi Medical Association.

Several donor countries will participate in the conference, which will run until Wednesday, along with 70 humanitarian organizations, including 30 regional and international organizations, 25 Iraqi organizations and 15 Kuwaiti organizations, to collect contributions and assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq following the defeat of a pro-Syrian organization .

BobS: 12 February 2018 11:17 p Mubasher : The International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank has called on international companies to overcome the funding concerns of reconstruction projects in Iraq and take advantage of investment opportunities offered by Baghdad with high returns.

The head of the International Finance Corporation’s mission in Iraq, the institution has investments of about 1.2 billion dollars (1.43 trillion dinars) in various projects in Iraq, according to “Reuters.”

“These projects include banks, cement factories and telecommunications companies, and are preparing to announce an investment of about $ 250 million in a telecommunications project,” Ziad Bader said in his speech at Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The International Conference on Iraq Reconstruction kicked off Monday morning to urge donors to support the Iraqi economy, after years of war on a sympathetic organization.

BobS: 12 February 2018 12:07 PM Direct : The Director General of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning estimated the cost of reconstructing Iraq after the war years by 88.2 billion dollars (104.61 trillion dinars).

In his address to the Iraq reconstruction conference held today in Kuwait , Qusay Abdul Fattah pointed to his country’s need for $ 22 billion in the short term and $ 65 billion over the medium term to restore the Iraqi economy again, according to Reuters.

Last December, Iraq’s acting Minister of Planning and Trade estimated that his country needed $ 100 billion for reconstruction over a 10-year period beginning in 2018. Qusai pointed out that the Iraqi housing sector leads the list of sectors most in need of funding for reconstruction.

The National Investment Commission in Iraq allocated 3 investment opportunities in the housing sector within the investment map prepared for the conference to build 25 thousand housing units in each province for the middle and low-income, and start the project of the new city of Karbala, as well as the project of the city of Karbala.

The number of opportunities to invest in the Iraq Reconstruction Conference, 157 investment opportunities in various economic sectors, including 41 investment projects within the category and large investments .

BobS: ……..OUT

Clay: @BobS thanks

Omar: rv? ready ?

Clay: @Omar over being ready

Omar: @clay so you think? we’re ready?

JoeSchmoe: ready to KNOW what awaits us….whether it be $$ or 0000

Clay: @Omar I sure hope so

JoeSchmoe: ready to know if this has all been a complete waste of time or not

Clay: @JoeSchmoe exactly

JoeSchmoe: need to move on with life, one way or the other.  and you can say, “just move on”
JoeSchmoe: that dont fly, and you know it “just put your dinar in a drawer and live your life”…..DOESN’T HAPPEN

Omar: let’s hope ? @joeSchmoe and of course we have to move on!!

JoeSchmoe: “make like you don’t have dinar…..” YEA RIGHT!

Clay: @JoeSchmoe lol

JoeSchmoe: ONLY way to move on for most, is to either completely get rid of your dinar, or this thing to come to an end one way or the other

Xbruster69: make a 24×24 Gold Framed picture, with those IQD Notes.. as your Fortune.. and conversation piece..

JoeSchmoe: would be an embarrasing convo

Omar: so why are you guys waiting for then?

JoeSchmoe: or they say that

Xbruster69: definitely woke up many Sheep

JoeSchmoe: yep

Clay: @Omar I believe it will happen just how much longer

JoeSchmoe: @Clay and IF we will make out   we don’t know for sure
JoeSchmoe: @Clay only thing we have is years upon years of thinking that way

Clay: @JoeSchmoe yep

Omar: I keep my hopes at 100% this is the year> or the week

clay: @Omar big week with the kuwait conference

JoeSchmoe: I have prayed long and hard about this, not by saying “God please let the dinar rv so I can get out of my situation(s)”, but by saying,”Please guide me and let me know what to do with this. Give me a sign.” With no signs forthcoming over the long time, I can only deduce that my frustration and all the current doubt could be a sign

Clay: @JoeSchmoe I know

JoeSchmoe: People will say “Patience”…..BUT, patience is good IF you know…not words from gurus
JoeSchmoe: you can’t have true patience with speculation   if you are in a bad spot

Omar: I know is the frustration that have you desperate but hold a little bit more, I have dinars since 2008 and this the first time since then I have been taking this with emotions and heart feeling

JoeSchmoe: @Omar 1 year longer than me
JoeSchmoe: @Omar and maybe the situations aren’t the same, but the rhetoric always is

Omar: @JoeSchmoe yes! but keep hoping and praying God times is different than ours. ?

JoeSchmoe: every day….but I’m no church goer,so it wears thin on me

Dave: Morning all…seems like a lot of grant money is rolling in already…

Baxter: I dont know if thats good or bad… seems they get lazier every loan they get

Dave: grants are not loans…????

Baxter: thats give me money… correct

Dave: that’s my take….100 billion in free cash

Baxter: yep… thats worse  bunch of con artists… stealing more money
Baxter: However… if just half of it stays in country.. it may help economic reforms

Dave: with concessions….?    lot of transparency with this though

Baxter: I will pray for the best…as I have about had it after 12 years

Dave: if they cheat it must be repaid …grants come with rules
Dave: that would get the people back to work rebuilding

Baxter: yes… and it will take 10-2900 years to get Iraq rebuilt…. :yes:

LastChance: On the low side Iraq has been pumpih about 4 million barrels of oil a day. The last half of 2017 they’ve been pumping 5 million.

4 million multiplied by $40 a barrel a day — on the low side 160,000,000,000.
160,000,000,000 multiplied by 7 days a week = 1,120,000,000,000.

1,120,000,000,000 multiplied by 4 weeks amonth (taking a low number) = 4,480,000,000,000.

4,480,000,000,000 multiplied by 12 (taking a low number) = 53,760,000,000,000.

LastChance: grants are free, loans must be paid back

Dave: Plus the extra 100,000,000,000.usd from the donors

Dave: @LastChance chump change hehe
Dave: @LastChance brent crude 64.00 ish now   not 40.00
Dave: @LastChance that’s like an additional 20,000,000,000 yr

Doug_W: just give me a few MILLION I’ll go away

Dave: @Doug_W me too
Dave: @Doug_W and these guys are arguing about their budget

?[pm]Doug_W: G R E E D
Dave: @Doug_W no corruption

[pm]Doug_W: both or better yet ALL

Dave: @Doug_W all this cash surplus and no budget…….most counties run budget deficits
Dave: @Doug_W wish we could get our infrastructure rebuilt for FREE

meatball: I would settled for fixed highways

Dave: @meatball you should see our TransCanada Highway…… would call that a dirt road in comparison

Dave: @meatball portions of it are still single lane  Interstates almost like the Autobahn in Europe
Dave: @meatball no speed limits for most of it

Dave: Ever drive through Montana…….yrs ago they never enforced speed limits……just put crosses on the highway

BobS: Bitcoin energy use in Iceland set to overtake homes, says local firm

LeLe: I know many are doubting with the long wait. I too wonder sometimes. We have to continue to live our life and it will happen 1 day soon. Keep the faith