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chattels: Aide to PM Barzani: KRG has plan B if Baghdad refuses to hold talks By Rudaw

chattels: A ceasefire announced in late October following deadly clashes between the Iraqi and Kurdish forces in the disputed or Kurdistani areas such as the oil-rich Kirkuk province remains in place.

chattels: Time for Baghdad, Erbil to turn a new page, says Maliki By Rudaw

chattels: Under Maliki’s tenure as prime minister, he deployed armed forces against the Kurdistan Region at least twice and he was the first person to hint at using the army against Kurdistan in response to the referendum.

chattels: Maliki did not rule out a future alliance between his State of Law Coalition and Kurdish factions after Iraqi elections, scheduled for May 12.

chattels: He thanked the Coalition for their support.

chattels: Regarding the fate of Iranian-backed Hashd forces in Iraq post-ISIS, he said they are here to stay and are ready to be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed in Iraq.

chattels: “There is a law for the Hashd. The Hashd cannot be cancelled unless by the power of law. The parliament itself does not allow cancelling the Hashd,” Maliki asserted. Even the prime minister does not have the power to abolish the Shiite force, though they officially come under his command, Maliki said. He also argued that the Hashd can take part in the May elections “under a civilian title.”

chattels: Maliki said his Dawa Party, of which Abadi is a member, may have two different lists in the upcoming elections, but under the same supervision. He did not give details, but there is speculation Maliki and Abadi may run separate election campaigns.

Spectra: Iraq cannot continue to sustain its self with the currency auctions ! I have been saying this for the last few years and tonite Mountain Goat of all people brings this up.Well in this regard I agree ! the reserves are being depleated this must —–END ——ASAP ——-! ——THATS ALL FOLKS !

chattels: Makiki is attempting to mend fences with the Kurds and America and still cater to the Hash’d in support of his bid to again be the Prime Minister of Iraq, IMO.

chattels: In November, Iraq’s Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi praised the leadership of Abadi, but advised him to form an independent political party if he wants to establish a working partnership with the country’s Sunni and Kurdish populations.

chattels: Top cleric Sistani calls on Shiite militia to continue, come under Iraqi state By Rudaw

chattels: We finally hear from Sistani.

Spectra: YOu should be reading more in the COMMING days on these auctions !

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region –Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s top Shiite cleric, has called on the Shiite forces who took up arms against ISIS in 2014 based on his religious decree to come under the command of the official Iraqi military, adding that the state must have exclusive authority over all armed forces.

Spectra: This is a serious subject manner !

chattels: Sistani, however, stopped short of calling for the Shiite forces to be dismantled …

chattels: The Hashd have 140,000 registered fighters which is about half of the Iraqi army, and a quarter of the security forces under the Iraqi Interior Ministry, Khazali claimed.

chattels: @Spectra I am well, thank you, and hope the same for you.

chattels: Iraqi VP Nujaifi: Baghdad and Erbil to hold talks soon By Dildar Herkî

chattels: ‘I believe Baghdad and Erbil will start to hold talks in the coming days. I am optimistic a preliminary agreement will be made soon on how to resolve these problems,’ he said.

chattels: Interesting interview. Very much worth the read.

LeLe: Thanks chattels

xyz: Al-Rafidain announces the amendment of interest rates for savings accounts granted to citizens
“Short-term credit interest for a year is 9 percent and the bank’s overall savings account interest is 4 percent,”

xyz: 15 years imprisonment for the director of a government bank


xyz: :Really?

spankie: i thought it was 2 term and why is maliki gonna try for a third– he has caused problems w abadi and made going forward impossible. lately i think maliki has stuffed abadis wallet full of cash

Spectra: it quite obvious …LIKE FRANK SINATRA says ..they do it there way…-lol

Spectra: please remember they all line their pockets….including the kurds ..look at BAZANI..

Spectra: AND who does not in our own goverment …..look at thre filthy clinton gang…

Spectra: thats just one example…..

Spectra: We cant evehn gewt justice here in AMERICA …who are we to think we can help IRAQ or even hope too see it in IRAQ…



Spectra: @BREW ONLY in a perfect world ….and mankind has a long way to go…

BREW: @Spectra AMEN
Spectra: @BREW lol

spankie: maliki gets back in as pm we will not ever see our money, he wants them all to be real poor and needy, iran style

Spectra: @spankie he wont
Spectra: @spankie just jibberish
Spectra: @spankie and distraction from the real agenda

xyz: 9 Constitutional proceedings before the Federal Court tomorrow

“the court will consider in its meeting tomorrow two appeals to challenge the unconstitutionality of Article 2 of the law exempting foreign companies and secondary contractors foreign contractors in the rounds of licenses of fees No. 46 of 2017.”

xyz: The seven-year prison sentence for an employee wasted 430 million public money

Tebow: California has turn into a nightmare
Spectra: @xyz Seeing is believing

Spectra: @Tebow turned into i spent a good portion of my life there and it was always a nightmare …
Spectra: @Tebow dont like the place never will go back…

Spectra: @Tebow went to school there

xyz: @Spectra CA saddens me
seeing RV? r u doubting Thomas?

Spectra: @Tebow there is only a few places i wont go back too.i can name 3

Spectra: @xyz never doughting always in the Gnosis…

Spectra: @xyz I AM too strong to dought the RV…OR ANYTHING i believe in ….

Spectra: @xyz i shield myself from all that tries to infiltrate my phyce…to the best of my ability…
Spectra: @xyz i am more realistic than most know…

Spectra: but manifestation is a key to how you speak …
Spectra: or the other what around whatever you must be cautious what words you choose…

Tebow: lived there in the mid-60s growing. Before socialism.

Spectra: Words are to me like BOOMARANGS…
Spectra: They will come back to haunt you…

Spectra: @Tebow lol i moved there in the later 70’s
Spectra: @Tebow what county?

Tebow: Vanderburgh AFB near Lompoc/Santa Marie

Spectra: @Tebow never heard of it

Tebow: dad was in AF

Spectra: @Tebow heard of Vanderburgh

Spectra: @Tebow but not the city you mention
Spectra: @Tebow orange county for me

Spectra: @Tebow mostly but also lived in a few other counties

Tebow: vanderburg air force base

Spectra: @Tebow heard of it
Spectra: @Tebow lived in the desert and the beach cities ..
Spectra: @Tebow also hollywood -lol

Tebow: Vandenberg stupid spell checker likes to change words, on the coast north of San Barbara

Spectra: @Tebow hated hollywood glad my time was short there..
Spectra: @Tebow santa barbara ok i know that

xyz: Central Bank of «Economy News»: the establishment of a joint fund with a capital of 500 billion dinars

Said the adviser to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, said the Central Bank established the joint lending fund with a capital of 500 billion dinars to finance projects that develop infrastructure.

Iraq has about 70 banks licensed by the Central Bank with a capital of more than 11.7 trillion dinars.

Walid Eidi said in an interview with “Economy News” that “the Banking Law allows the bank to grant a loan of 10% of the capital as a result of the challenges facing the economy because of the security situation and weak guarantees provided.”

He pointed out that the Central Bank decided to establish a mutual fund with a capital of 500 billion dinars can be increased and with the mandatory participation of all commercial banks, explaining that each bank will contribute to the capital of the Fund by 4 billion dinars.

The banks operating in Iraq, government and private loans more than 37 trillion dinars, according to data issued by the Association of Iraqi private banks.

The adviser to the Governor of the Central Bank that the loans to be granted by the Lending Fund is related to the development of infrastructure such as the establishment of hotels and hospitals and financing projects lagging government and the construction of schools and others.

He stressed that the interest to be taken by the Lending Fund is very little compared to the market interest because the risk ratio is not large because there is more than one loan track.


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