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subby: @Clay awwee are you working a lot?
Clay: @subby too much LOL

subby: @Clay LOL I hear that!!! LOL
subby: @Clay me too.. lol

Clay: @subby we should have been retired by now
subby: @Clay yep.. but we will soon!! keep your eyes on the news…

subby: @Clay I am liking where we are….
Clay: @subby me too

subby: @Clay keep praying for this to be done as I know you are…
subby: @Clay me too…

Clay: @subby absolutely

subby: @Clay I really think the country is pretty much liberated… just waiting on abadi…
subby: @Clay IN my opinion of course LOL

Clay: @subby I’m waiting for the WTO

subby: @Clay are ya?
subby: @Clay hmm…
subby: @Clay where are they in that WTO?

Clay: @subby well hopefully b4 they aqisition

Clay: @subby they are close

subby: @Clay oh I see… yep I imagine they are… just waiting a bit more! IMO
subby: @Clay LOL
subby: @Clay bbiab

Clay: @subby k me too

Baxter: Kaperoni says the WTO
Baxter: is years away
Baxter: so… who knows
Baxter: he also said… they dont need the WTO to increase the value

Baxter: pretty sure BGG said the same thing…

Clay: @Baxter I dont buy it

Tebow: Kaperoni says more laws.
Tebow: Kaperoni says no overnight RV even though the CBI has changed their rate before. :laugh

tman23: Ignorance …..the WTO ….ACTS as a mediator for disputes in trading…….Iraq, highly noted for not paying their bills……..


chattels: @tman23 Where you been ?

chattels: Sadr: Support Abadi for a second / extended term : BAGHDAD / The Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) confirmed the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, it supports the survival of Prime Minister Haider Abadi for a new term.

chattels: Sadr announces support for Abbadi for second term : [Ayna-Baghdad] The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, his support for the candidacy of Prime Minister Haider Abadi for a second term.

“Abadi should give four more years to complete what he started,” Sadr said in a televised interview. “He supports Abadi’s candidacy for a second term, not a third.” Sadr said that “Abadi soon declare his independence [from partisan work],” noting that “the difference between the previous and current governments as the difference between the earth and the sky.”

On the other hand, Sadr said that he is not referring to the “shameless militias”, saying that “the militias are all similar to the acts of terrorism, even if they are peace bearers.” Sadr called for “containing the popular crowd in the security services,” stressing that “his sacrifices [popular crowd] should not go astray.”

chattels: Abadi declares war on the corrupt and threatens them with “surprises”

tman23: @chattels ….. business over seas…….real bad sh*T…….. Laugh at the posts putting up bleachers for a big announcement…….about as accurate as those describing Kurdistans referendum and Barzani’s blunder

chattels: The prime minister stressed “Iraq’s need for comprehensive economic reform and there is social security for all workers in the public or private sector,”

chattels: @tman23 Welcome back home.

chattels: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 Cost Of Rebuilding Iraq

chattels: Now that the conventional war against the Islamic State is coming to an end the government has to deal with reconstruction. Estimates for rebuilding Anbar, Ninewa and Diyala stand at $60 billion. Half of that is just for Mosul with 70% of the west side destroyed.

In Anbar, the deputy governor told Al Mada that 100,000 houses were damaged in the province along with 80% of the hospitals in Ramadi, Fallujah and Qaim and 90% of the bridges were knocked out.

Back in the summer, the Planning Ministry thought total reconstruction in the country could stand at $100 billion. The authorities are facing two dilemmas: one where is the money going to come from, and how are they going to use it.

Hennessy: @tman23 welcome back, everyone been asking about you

chattels: The Iraqi government has been in a financial crisis since oil prices collapsed in 2014, so it is looking to the international community for help. Baghdad plans on holding three meetings to try to raise funds for rebuilding via grants, loans, etc. Right after the Battle of Mosul was over several countries made the first donations, but that only totaled about $1 billion.

That’s a small fraction of what the country needs. The Planning Ministry is thinking about a ten-year reconstruction period, so the government doesn’t need to raise all the money at once.

At the same time, there appears to be minimal interest by the international community to contribute that much to Iraq. That starts with the United States where Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said it was not doing reconstruction in Iraq with other officials saying that Washington would only provide limited aid.

chattels: Even if Baghdad were to get the money it needs it has no idea on what to do with it. During the summer the authorities were supposed to form a joint committee with Kurdistan and the U.S. led Coalition to create proposals for rebuilding Mosul, but it never happened. The government has worked with the United Nations to provide services and return displaced to liberated areas, but no long-term plans have been made.

The head of the Ninewa council for example, complained in October that there was no strategy for Mosul reconstruction. The government has been singled out before for only focusing upon the war and not the aftermath. Now that the major fighting is over perhaps things will change.

chattels: At the same time, Baghdad is infamous for spending months coming up with detailed plans and not following through with them or letting corruption siphon away most of the funding.

spanki: tman hey–u back –anything going on?

tman23: @chattels …….. Thanks…… not going to follow this thing daily……..relax next few weeks……

chattels: With the central government mostly absent, that has left the people, local officials, and the United Nations to do almost all the work in putting the country back together. For instance, the Fallujah mayor pointed out that Baghdad was not allocating sufficient funds to rebuild infrastructure and houses.

The head of the Garma reconstruction agency in Anbar was quoted in the New York Times that the government was providing little and that international donations were being held up by auditing to try to prevent fraud and embezzlement.

Instead, it has been left to the people, municipalities, provincial governments, and the United Nations to bare the brunt of the burden of rebuilding. They have cleaned the streets, restored water and electricity, gotten schools back up and running, etc.

spanki: wto does not help iraq- they export oil

chattels: That leaves most of the heavy lifting yet to be done, and the question of how much and when it will actually be accomplished.


chattels: UPDATED: Deadly car bomb rocks Tuz Khurmatu By Rudaw

chattels: Kurds seek international help to lift sanctions imposed by Baghdad

chattels: Rayren98 says we will see our liquidity event before Thanksgiving. Mark that on your calendar.

Hennessy: so that leaves tomorrow
Hennessy: final day before thanksgiving

tman23: @chattels ……..GOOD……..remember to sign up for the DUCE……to get information on where to get your best rate……ans remember , don’t send your currency to anyone……. unless it’s in a remote area in Tennessee……LMAO!!

Tebow: when has Rayren ever been right…….. There’s your sign!

MichelleL: hey tman23 long time no see!
MichelleL: as usual I’m a day late and a dollar short – ok then, goodnight friends

LOPSTER: No reconstruction, no change in monetary policy. Get ready to wait a few more years!

LeLe: tman welcome back! So did you exchange while you was MIA ;$$ ;$$ ;$$. Glad to you are back.

meatball: does bruce ever have anything else?

?Whitelions: Haider Al-Abadi 2 hrs ·. The corrupt have to hand over money or lose money and spend the rest of their lives in jail. · Rate this translation fb page……..Haider Al-Abadi 1 hr · ?. We’ll surprise the corrupt, and we’ll get out of it. · Rate this translation

chattels: United Nations: Iraq to resume payment of Kuwaiti compensation in 2018

chattels: [Oan- follow – up] The United Nations announced on Tuesday that it had accepted a proposal from Iraq to allocate 0.5 percent of its oil revenues next year in order to pay $ 4.6 billion compensation to Kuwait for the destruction of oil facilities during the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait in 1990 and 1991.

The UN Compensation Commission said in a statement that “the payments, which have been suspended since October 2014, due to security challenges and budgetary problems faced by Iraq, will increase annually until the end of 2021,” adding that “Kuwait accepted the proposal.”

“Based on oil prices and export expectations, this will result in the payment of the remaining compensation,” she said, referring to KPC’s claim, the largest amount approved by the Geneva-based Compensation Commission.

chattels: The cabinet votes on the bill of social welfare and transmits it to the House of Representatives


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