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chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The US-led Global Coalition that supports the Iraqi security forces in their war against ISIS has stated that their Iraqi partners are shifting their forces “en masse” from Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, to the Anbar province, in western Iraq, just a day after Erbil accused Baghdad of preparing to attack Peshmerga-controlled areas in Kirkuk and Mosul, in light of the controversial Kurdish vote on independence.

chattels: If true, the foregoing should ” de-escalate ” tensions.

Whitelions: @holly I don’t know where your getting your news and I don’t doubt you believe it but Abadi is not attacking the kurds he dose not have to the rest of the world is putting so much pusser on BZ that his people are going hungry go here read through the news and I hope you will see

Whitelions: Abadi: We will not fight a war against the Kurds and it is our duty to preserve the unity of the country 10/12/2017 0 Comments Picture 0 Comments Supreme court to issue arrest warrant for the president and members of the Commission supervising the referendum of Kurdistan…….

Al-Rusafa Court of Inquiry issued arrest warrants against the president and members of the Kurdistan Regional Commission, which oversees the holding of the referendum in violation of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court.

“The Al-Rusafa investigation court issued an arrest warrant for the president and members of the commission supervising the referendum in the Kurdistan region,” Judge Abdul Sattar Birqdar, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council, said in a statement.

“The order was issued on the basis of a complaint submitted by the National Security Council against the background of holding the referendum contrary to the decision of the Federal Supreme Court.” “The court issued an arrest warrant against the accused in accordance with Article 329 of the Penal Code,” Birkdar said. SOURC

chattels: There were a couple of brief ” firefights ” in the last few days between the Hash’d and Peshmerga near Kirkuk according to Rudaw as I recall, but no word of how thay started or ended. Likely the result of close proximity which should be alleviated by the Hash’d going to western Anbar.

Whitelions: Iraq is preparing for tenders in the industrial and mining sectors. The Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shiaa Sudanese, the importance of «the private sector has an important role at this stage to draw a strategy to promote the industrial reality and support the national economy».

Pointing to the existence of a plan to invest the most important local minerals, including sulfur and phosphate, especially as Iraq is now ranked first in the world in terms of the volume of reserves, and the second in terms of phosphate reserves.

Al-Sudani said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper that his ministry “made progress in rehabilitating its factories and developing its production, using the amounts allocated to the ministry in the annual investment budget between 2008 and 2014, in which it managed to rehabilitate some of its production lines while 152 factories Of the 283, the card is not complete for many reasons, including the lack of electricity and lack of demand for products because of dumping non-conforming products and unfair competition ».

He announced that the Ministry of Industry «seeks to restructure some of its companies for the benefit of the private sector through the activation of Resolution 492 for the contracts of participation and resolution 162 for the manufacture of others, and we are currently preparing files for investment opportunities in the sector of petrochemicals and fertilizers after obtaining approvals from the Economic Affairs Committee of the Council of Ministers».

He explained that this «allows the Arab and international companies to invest in this important sector, to be a catalyst for many industries in the public and private sectors».

He explained that the ministry “has been keen to achieve a national industry competition regionally and globally to achieve a diversified economy, which contributes to the creation of additional jobs and the use of resources effectively, and that the private sector has a key role to ,


chattels: Unlikely that either force would attack the other, but bad things happen in close proximity of armed ” fanatics “.

chattels: Attack the others on orders of Baghdad or Erbil is my meaning.

chattels: Talabani’s son offers to dissolve Kirkuk Council, replace governor to mend ties with Baghdad By Rudaw

chattels: The son is not Qubad, who is the deputy Prime Minister, but another son, heretofore unknown to me.

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – In preparation for November 1 elections, the Kurdistan election body assigned, via lottery, numbers to the registered political entities. The Kurdistan Region will hold both parliamentary and presidential elections on the same day.

The Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission (IHERC) warned that campaigning cannot begin until the candidate lists are approved by its office.

chattels: It will be a short campaign period.

chattels: Iraq Oil Report? @iraqoilreport 9h9 hours ago Tension in territories near disputed oil fields, such as Kirkuk. Pesh & Hashid had 2 small skirmishes over weekend.

chattels: It was not Rudaw, but iraqi Oil Report, which I find historically to be very reliable.

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted Iraq Oil Report? @iraqoilreport 19h19 hours ago Hashid-Peshmerga battles near Kirkuk raise specter of war

Spectra: That sounds bad

chattels: The link will not give you a full report becuase one has to subscribe to Iraqi Oil Report and it ain’t cheap.

Spectra: Oh jeez not good

JoeSchmoe: Hey, did anyone make money off the bitcoin thing? Or was that just another hype?

chattels: @Spectra Likely de-escalated as I reported above.

Spectra: De escalated that’s better

chattels: @JoeSchmoe My wife says that bitcoin is up. We bought a quarter.

JoeSchmoe: @chattels what does that mean

JoeSchmoe: @chattels how much is a quarter

chattels: @JoeSchmoe At the time it was 1/4 of $4,400

JoeSchmoe: what is it now

chattels: @JoeSchmoe As best I recall.

chattels: @JoeSchmoe Have not checked for an exact amount.

JoeSchmoe: so you spent $4400 for your amount?

chattels: @JoeSchmoe !/2 of that.
chattels: @JoeSchmoe 1/4

Spectra: He said 1/4 of that amount

JoeSchmoe: oh nice, so you made 3 or 4 times what you paid.

Spectra: I heard it is hard to convert to cash

chattels: @JoeSchmoe No, my profit would be 1/4 of whatever it is valued over $4,400

Spectra: You should research well

chattels: @JoeSchmoe Domestic tranquility is something than one cannnot put a price on at times.

JoeSchmoe: nah, just curious. I don’t have the $$ to buy anything. Just sitting on my dinar…hopefully

chattels: @Spectra My wife wanted to do it. Not me.

Spectra: Lol you cannot argue with that

chattels: @JoeSchmoe We are mostly in the same boat.
chattels: @Spectra Happy wife, happy life.

Spectra: I think w have a better chance for a big depression over anything

chattels: @Spectra I read such.

Spectra: Then if you have some cash you might be able to buy some relate cheap

Spectra: I’m beginning to believe it myth be true

chattels: @Spectra Some liquidity is important at all times.

Spectra: Sorry my cell phone is hard to use lol?
Spectra: True n your house no bank

chattels: November 18, 2017 The Day Bitcoin Explodes in Value Just One Coin Could Make You a Millionaire. “Higher than 50% chance that a bitcoin is worth more than a million dollars.” – PayPal Board Member

Spectra: During the Great Depression people got very wealthy if you know how

chattels: @Spectra True, cash on hand.

Spectra: My son is a better wiser investor than me he has it all and he is only 27

chattels: @Spectra I am sure that you are very proud. As you should be.

Spectra: @Tebow I agree and I think there’s a good chance they will take it over
Spectra: @chattels I am ?

chattels: @Tebow I am not plugging bitcoin, just sharing.

Spectra: Diversification is key

Tebow: You thing think the US government is not going to control money policy in the U S. I’m saying beware of made-up internet money.

Tebow: ponzi scheme if ever there was one

chattels: bitcoin price today –

chattels: $5,295.48 ………….. 9.62%

Spectra: Looks like you made a 1000 around there ?? I still have trouble trusting what I cannot hold in my hands

chattels: So, I am up about $ 225 on my $ 1,100 investment

Tebow: New Tebowcoin coming out, get in while price is low.
Spectra: Ok not bad you didn’t too far out you did it sensibly

Tebow: Only 19.99 now with extra coin for only cost of shipping

[pm]Doug_W: ty U as well

chattels: Bitcoin Will Hit $1 Million in 5-10 Years, Says PayPal Director Samburaj Das on 23/05/2017

xyz: @ least zim has a lot more 0000s

chattels: Leaflets send final warning to Daish in Qaim and Rawa

chattels: Economist warns of the escape of investment companies in Iraq as a result of internal political crises 11/10/2017 9:42

chattels: The Iraqi National News Agency / nina / The expert on economic affairs Salam Samisem, that the crisis of the referendum of Kurdistan will be reflected negatively on the investment sector in Iraq, warning of the escape of most investment companies and most important Turkish companies.

chattels: “The increase in internal tension, which undoubtedly affects the direction and magnitude of investment expectations and therefore the investment and prospects for the search for large projects will decline in the current period in the Iraqi provinces as a whole, calling for the removal of political crises and internal hurdles from the economy.”


chattels: The foregoing investment news article is one of the few that makes common sense to me. So many others strike me as wishful thinking and sales / development propaganda.

chattels: Who wants to invest in a country with political instability, internal armed conflict and dysfunctional government ?

chattels: Iraq needs stability, security and the reliable rule of law.

chattels: Must the foregoing be ” absolute ” in their existence / operation, probably not, relatively ” good ” might work, but relatively ” bad ” is not workable, IMO.

chattels: Iraq wants investment capital, needs investment capital, but wanting and needing does not make it a reality for good business minded investors.

chattels: The gurus who say that Iraq is open for business are correct. More accurately, Iraqi is begging for business investment, but that does not make it happen.

chattels: The economist is ” …………… calling for the removal of political crises and internal hurdles from the economy.”

chattels: Kurdish referendum inspires statehood for Iraq’s Sunnis too READ IN: ??????? Adnan Abu Zeed October 12, 2017

Read more:

chattels: BAGHDAD — Sunni forces in Iraq are working on advancing their project to establish an autonomous Sunni region. Sunnis see the Kurdish referendum as an opportunity to achieve self-autonomy in their provinces as well. …………………. He added, “Kurdistan is on the verge of creating its own state, and we will create a Sunni region as well.”

Read more:

chattels: The Iraqi Constitution stipulates the right to establish regions based in accordance with its provisions and with the approval of the federal government.

However, the Kurdish moves toward independence on a nationalist basis and the Sunni leaders’ call for a western region on a sectarian basis will encourage Shiites in the center and south to call for the establishment of the Basra region on a sectarian basis also.

Such calls would also push Christians to demand a Christian region in the Ninevah Plains on a religious basis. These moves would destroy the identity of the Iraqi state in place since 1921 and raise the concerns of neighboring countries that fear the division trend would reach their territories.

Read more:

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