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Blackgold: Just a little info about the Dinar. All that back screen crap about dinar being at $15 – $30 comes from what we call an Actuary. In the Market its name Futures and another sly name–Derivatives. When you google and learn what these mean, you will understand where those amounts come from. Nothing we might see

Blackgold: nothing but a big slot machine with your money

DinarResearcher: Hello everyone, I’ve been wondering if we were ever gonna see this and look at what we have here.

DinarResearcher: 12/10/2017 Newspaper: Iran raised its hand on Jubouri to act without her knowledge and sent a letter to al-Maliki Baghdad today

DinarResearcher: The newspaper said in a report published today (Baghdad Today) that “by extracting information leaked from the mass of al-Maliki, Iran raised its hand from Salim al-Jubouri because of his insistence on giving the Sunni forces a role in the Iraqi political budgets without her knowledge, and instructed the owner to dismantle the partnership with him, Thus, the electoral alliance that was expected between the mass Jubouri works on the formation of civilian Sunni figures and Maliki’s coalition is over. ”

DinarResearcher: The newspaper quoted a member of the National Alliance and the leader of the wisdom stream Maala, saying that “the Shiite coalition forces agreed to reject any initiative provided by a Sunni party to resolve the crisis with the Kurdistan region”

DinarResearcher: “Jubouri told the Americans about his mission to mediate between Barzani and Abadi before his visit to the Arbil and that the Americans told him that they are not enthusiastic about this role because they began to grab some threads to find a suitable solution to the crisis,

DinarResearcher: However, al-Jubouri did not take the American position seriously, prompting the deputy speaker of the Iraqi parliament, leader of the Islamic Council Hammam Hamoudi to announce the acquittal of the parliament of the role of Jubouri and not knowing the visit of the last to Erbil, but Jabouri replied that he contacted all local parties And international and regional before traveling to Erbil and meet Massoud Barzani

DinarResearcher: The newspaper said that “the Speaker of the Parliament to Salim al-Jubouri coordinated with some Iraqi and Arab parties to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil in order to give the Sunnis a role in resolving the Iraqi crises, but the Shiite forces backed by Iran rejected any role of al-Jabouri or any Sunni figure in this framework and coordination between the Shiite alliance The US Embassy has also been involved in this regard. ”

DinarResearcher: The newspaper says that “leaders in the National Alliance believe that the Sunni forces indirectly support the referendum of the Kurdish region, in preparation for demanding a similar territory in the Sunni areas and the convergence of the communal sectarian began to appear between the Kurds and Sunnis.”

DinarResearcher: The Bahraini newspaper Khaleej newspaper reported on Thursday that Iran had done its hands on the speaker of parliament to hand over al-Jubouri and instructed the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, to break the partnership over al-Jubouri.

DinarResearcher: LINK

Blackgold: I hope somethng good comes from all that

Blackgold: Look the Kurds aren’t stupid, they are making money with the Russians and the pipeline, they could care less about any of those other clowns

Blackgold: just that simple—-its business
Blackgold: Just in case you missed it

Blackgold: Just a little info about the Dinar. All that back screen crap about dinar being at $15 – $30 comes from what we call an Actuary. In the Market its name Futures and another sly name–Derivatives. When you google and learn what these mean, you will understand where those amounts come from. Nothing we might see

Blackgold: peace

Spectra: Living on this planet earth we all have had some kind of cross to bear…..My life would make a novel if you only knew! ……………….One thing i have learned feeling sorry for ourselves gets us no where…..No one ever said life would be a bed of roses……
Spectra: And in the end only the strong survive….

BobS: October 12, 2017 19:22 Directly: Director of the International Monetary Fund confirmed that the global economic recovery is not complete, explaining that policy makers must better use of the good performance of the global economy to push forward reforms that would remove political tensions and achieve sustainable growth.

She said, “Christine Lagarde,” in remarks in Washington on Thursday, said that there was a “degree of harmony” in the global growth but warned the result of restricting the economic aspirations of the lack of economic reforms amid growing disruption of the impact of technology and other challenges.

BobS: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its forecast for the growth of the global economy during the current and next two years, with the recovery performance in the euro zone, Japan and the emerging markets in Asia.

She added: Our goal is to transform this harmony to the work of the season, pointing out that the recovery is not complete. She explained that there are risks to the global economy include the vagaries of the stock markets, tighter fiscal policies, as well as drop-new technology.

She stressed, “Lagarde” on the need to promote trade that we see good growth recovery, pointing out that the attempt to reduce the trade will not be beneficial to the roof, which we want to fix it, in reference to the necessary to make a sustainable global economic recovery reforms.

According to the IMF, the recovery includes about 75% of global production, as the Fund expects that the growth of the world economy by 3.6% this year and 3.7% in 2018, an increase of 0.1% from the previous estimate.

[pm]Doug_W: hiya “S”

BobS: Hey doug, just one more and it is about Kurdistan.

BobS: October 12, 2017 16:53 Directly : it renewed the Kurdistan Regional Government in a statement today, its call for dialogue with regard to ports, internal trade , insurance services to citizens, banks and airports , under restrictions after the secession of the province referendum, and confirmed its readiness for any kind of negotiation under the Iraqi constitution.

Issued Rusafa Iraqi court on Wednesday, an arrest warrant for the head of the election commission and the referendum in two of his aides of the Kurdistan region on charges of “violation of a court decision in force considered the vote on independence is void of.”

The central government in Baghdad has stepped up its steps towards the region after the referendum , September 25, warning of any attempts to secede, and were invited to all the parties and regional and external not support calls for secession, and the inventory of dealing in oil and gas files with the official government. Iraq fear secession of the territory rich in oil , especially after the “Declaration of Kirkuk ” to participate in the referendum.

Two days ago, he recommended the Iraqi oil minister, to develop an emergency plan for the repair and rehabilitation of the oil pipeline from the Kirkuk oilfields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan , passing through the provinces of Salahuddin and Nineveh, in order to avoid the control of the territory on the line.

BobS: out.

MsDiva: hello everyone hope all is well my god the rumors i read are out this world

Blackgold: @MsDiva give me a rumor

MsDiva: lol the dong is 47 cents the dinar $3.50

holly: Yousif Altimimi 19 hrs · … The security of Kurdistan announced that the Iraqi army intends to attack Kurdistan .. The security of Kurdistan confirms that the attack will occur in the disputed areas (Kirkuk and northern Mosul). In fact, this fraud and procrastination Kurdish pure ..
So far the disputed areas called (disputed areas) and fall under the federal government ‘s authority .. and the Iraqi army to freedom of movement and roaming and positioning them whenever he wants and wherever it wills .. This is the law ..

holly: The truth The second, which the Kurds are trying to proactively circumvent, is when the Iraqi army enters these areas , The Peshmerga will prevent the army and engagement with him. In this case, the Peshmerga forces are the ones who started the attack on the army.

If the army retaliates and defend itself, the Kurds will claim that the army is the one who started the attack until the military charge sticks. So, according to this order, the Peshmerga should not engage with the Iraqi army when it enters those disputed areas because the Iraqi army will undoubtedly respond with all its force.

holly: Yousif Altimimi @ yousif.i.altimimi

Blackgold: If i remember correctly the Kurds are a force that is no joke, good luck to the Iraqi army

MsDiva: Blackgold a force to be reckon with

Blackgold: @MsDiva thank you, couldn’t remember how to spell that


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