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DinarResearcher: International Monetary Fund: Global growth continues but calls for reforms

DinarResearcher: 10/11/2017

DinarResearcher: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been more optimistic about global economic growth by raising its expectations, but urged countries to focus on reforms to permanently consolidate recovery against multiple risks.

DinarResearcher: The IMF slightly raised its forecast for global growth in its semi-annual report on the global economic outlook. ”

DinarResearcher: After rising by 3.2% in 2016, GDP is expected to accelerate to 3.6% this year and to 3.7% next year, a slight improvement of 0.1 percentage points compared with previous forecasts in July

DinarResearcher: “The global recovery is continuing at a faster pace,” IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld summed up. “The picture of the global economy is very different from last year when it was faced with faltering growth and volatility in financial markets.”

DinarResearcher: The Euro Zone, China, Japan, Canada and the United States contributed particularly to the IMF’s optimistic outlook, which raised its economic growth forecast for 2017 by 2.1%, 6.8%, 1.5%, 3% and 2.2% Respectively.

DinarResearcher: “The current acceleration of growth, for the first time since the beginning of this decade, includes more countries,” added Obstfeld.


DinarResearcher: The Central Bank calls on ministries to lift the seizure of the funds of the Bank of Economics. 10/11/2017

DinarResearcher: Called the Central Bank of Iraq, ministries and government departments to lift the custody of the funds of the Bank of Economics for investment and finance after the lifting of guardianship.

DinarResearcher: The central bank said in his letter to the ministries and non-affiliated bodies, and got it “Economy News”, “We take note of the lifting of guardianship of the Bank of Economics and Investment and Finance and your ministries and your circles to make adjustments with the new administration of the bank in order to obtain your financial rights with the need to lift the custody of funds The bank is transferred and immovable, enabling the bank to carry out its banking activities so as to be able to settle all financial obligations left by the previous administration.


DinarResearcher: Al-Rafidain announces the issuance of the international MasterCard card for employees and citizens. 10/11/2017

DinarResearcher: Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday that it has issued an international payment mechanism for employees, retirees, citizens and other segments of society.

DinarResearcher: “The bank has for the first time directed its branches to issue electronic payment tools (MasterCard) to employees, retirees, citizens and other segments of society,” the bank’s information office said in a statement received by Al-Iktissad News.

DinarResearcher: “These tools are used inside and outside Iraq and are acceptable in all ATMs connected to the MasterCard network, as well as points of sale,” the office added.

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that “advances and loans granted to employees are through these cards and settle their salaries electronically.”


DinarResearcher: Parliamentary Finance denies canceling deductions from salaries of employees. 10/11/2017

DinarResearcher: The parliamentary finance committee denied on Wednesday the cancellation of deductions from salaries of employees, stressing that it will work to cancel the budget next year.

DinarResearcher: “There is a misinterpretation of the recent statement by the Federal Court on the deductions from the employees’ salaries amounting to 3.8 percent,” said member of the committee MP Hossam al-Aqabi during a statement obtained by “Economy News”, a copy of which he understood the court’s opinion to cancel deductions as unconstitutional.

DinarResearcher: He added that “the Federal Court explained that the statement has interpreted the subject wrongly after the overlap between the articles of the federal budget,” pointing out that the Finance Committee will work to cancel deductions in the budget of 2018.

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that “the price of oil began to improve over the past three months where the price of a barrel of oil $ 50, and when the price remains at this level will be able to budget to cover the salaries of employees and retirees and victims of terrorism, as well as to meet the expenses of ministries and licensing tours.”

DinarResearcher: The Federal Court issued a statement earlier in which it stressed the need to cancel deductions from salaries of employees because they are unconstitutional.


clay: @DinarResearcher thanks

Spectra: just watching here nothing significant to speak of…..lots of small talk …That is really unfortunate!

Spectra: KTFA-POST—-Al-Rafidain announces the issuance of the international MasterCard card for employees and citizens 11th October, 2017 Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Wednesday that it has issued an international payment mechanism for employees, retirees, citizens and other segments of society.

“The bank has for the first time directed its branches to issue electronic payment tools (MasterCard) to employees, retirees, citizens and other segments of society,” the bank’s information office said in a statement received by Al-Iktissad News.

“These tools are used inside and outside Iraq and are acceptable in all ATMs connected to the MasterCard network, as well as points of sale,” the office added. He pointed out that “advances and loans granted to employees are through these cards and settle their salaries electronically

Spectra: OK so are they working out side yet?
Spectra: ive seen enough of these MASTERCARD ARTICLES FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS!

Spectra: And if they are working ,it seems to me that of course there is no currency revaluation going on …!
Spectra: personally i never thought the whole mastercard thing would change our dinar!

Blackgold: @Spectra If they have Mastercards they must be close to revaluation, it makes no sense to be international and not be able to buy anything. I know electronically they can hide the revaluation on us for a long time, giving it in country but not allowing us to see it. Thabk you IMF, UN, Federal Reserve and anyone else connected to them

Spectra: @Blackgold well the proof will be when we actually hear that someone has used them then and only then will we know.!………….ask someone from Iraq ?????

Spectra: @Blackgold This is what i am saying

Blackgold: @Spectra I Hear ya

Spectra: @Blackgold ok thanks

Blackgold: @Spectra good post
Blackgold: @Spectra hoping this is it

Spectra: but why do you think they cannot use them at the current exchange rate why do you think it has too change?

Spectra: In this modern era of electronic banking why can they not convert the rate ?…in short order they dont the iraq dinar to use it international ….False rumors ….false intel what ever you want to call it…in my opinion….

Blackgold: @Spectra Because there currency is only worth a tenth of a penny, they can use them but I don’t feel they would get much

Spectra: I know what it is worth but vietnam dong is being used internationally already with master card ect ….

Blackgold: @Spectra you are correct

Spectra: and it is worth less than the iraq dinar

Spectra: my point is this mastercard crap is …BS …. DONT COUNT ON IT CHANGING THE VALUE !

Blackgold: @Spectra thats what scares me, they can keep it at that rate for a while

Spectra: YES they can ….and they just might
Blackgold: @Spectra You might be right, lets hope we are wrong

Spectra: i dont hope ..period …. just watch and see …most likly it wont do nothing

spanki: they just added 4 bil to the cbi so i think they dont need rate change

Blackgold: @Spectra many countries are investing in vietnam and there is a good chance they might revalue at a .10 or so

Spectra: ok thats nice …how bout this …nobody knows or cares anymore –lol

Spectra: :yes: ;Spectra:
Spectra: theres a good chance it might rain meatballs tonight as well

Blackgold: @spanki currency is expensive and they have us paying for it and we are dumb enough to buy more. we keep funding them and they will never RV. Stop buying currency

Blackgold: @Spectra lol
Blackgold: @Spectra at this point i’ll take meatballs, i’m hungry

Spectra: lol

Tebow: the dinar is at a program rate set by the Imf. It is not a true value of what the dinar is worth on the world market, thus why it is not currently trades. They must give it its true value to trade.

Blackgold: @Tebow I agree, and I know everytime they get ready the US starts another war

Spectra: They will do whatever they want …period…..maybe they want the way it is…

Spectra: wake up smell the coffee!

Tebow: Investors will not invest when they do not know the true value of a currency.

Blackgold: @Spectra of course you think they want the people to have any power

Spectra: when you finally see the picture you will free your self from the this cat and game …..That has been going on for the 14 years…..

Spectra: Maybe they want you to stay poor …..and never have this dream realized

Blackgold: @Tebow you are correct but even that is a lie, they have been investing in Iraq for years, just type in google, Iraqi trade fairs, they have been going on for years, its just that we aren’t allowed to go there

Spectra: maybe they hate you ?????? Think about it ???

Blackgold: @Tebow Now is the time to invest while everything is a tenth of a penny

Spectra: Is Imf your friend or foe????

Tebow: Agree they are playing a game with their dinar. The world and the IMF needs to quit giving them loans and money.

Spectra: They wont do that like countires too them …World bank loves it …Imf Loves it…

Blackgold: @Tebow True, just understand the IMF, UN and Federal reserve are not your friends

BobS: Correct Tebow, that is why it is way off for any value to all the investors that have bought the Exotic IQD.

Spectra: @Blackgold your right

BobS: Countries continue to give loans to Iraq.

Tebow: they won’t invest because they don’t want to be repaid in worthless dinar if they get repaid

BobS: They see something we do not see. They have the patience.


Blackgold: @Tebow Eventually they will have to RI or their people will stay poor for ever

Blackgold: @Tebow like they really care

Spectra: @Blackgold I personally dont think they give a dam

BobS: Kuwait just said that they won’t extend the 4.6B loan another year, like they have in the past. They now will take it in oil.

Blackgold: @Spectra true

Spectra: @Blackgold yes

Blackgold: @BobS yes ain’t that something

BobS: Yup, and who knows how long that will take before that loan is paid off.

Spectra: @Blackgold IRAQ is no more than a puppet country under the control of the bank

Blackgold: @Spectra I hear ya, it took me a while before i believed it

Spectra: @Blackgold That is why they eliminated Sadam so they destroy the iraq dinar……

Tebow: yes while other counties flourish they won’t, people will wait only so long, take the Kurds

Spectra: @Blackgold The chances are looking slimmer slimmer every week
Spectra: just go live your check in once in a blue moon
Spectra: They are manipulate my mind much longer ……

Blackgold: @Spectra True saddam like Gaddafi was going to make a gold dinar and only trade oil for gold, well you see what they both got

Spectra: That is all is what they jollies from after all these people are evil you all know it
Spectra: we know how they killed him very evil….They are..

BobS: There are many in Iraq that miss Saddam. Once you are caught up in a mind set all your life, it is very hard to remove and learn something that will benefit them greater. That is what happens when you are a member of a cult.

Blackgold: @Spectra They are called the ” Black Nobility” and the ” Blue bloods ” from europe

Tebow: the world will not continue to fund Iraq. When the money stops and they have no way go pay the people they will change

Spectra: They probubly think its funny watching dream about becoming wealthy….Laughing at all of us all the while..

Spectra: @Blackgold yes
Spectra: @Blackgold I am sick and tired at being laughed at by these sociopaths

Blackgold: @Spectra you got it, but eventually the crap will hit the fan when other countries refuse US treasury bonds at the docks and demand to be payed with another currency. I believe its already began

Spectra: @Blackgold I am going to take control back over my thoughts and beliefs….Then if one day it shall happen .Nice …ill check up every so often …..but not …..set my self up for ……A ….big mind …scrambble ..

Spectra: @Blackgold have some cash put aside in your home and precious metals too

Tebow: if you think they would waste a minute of their time on us….. Crazy

Blackgold: @Spectra I hear ya
Blackgold: @Tebow before they didn’t but they are worried now

Spectra: @Blackgold because if the economy hits the fan you can buy homes for as little as 20,000 for a home costing 100,000 dollars great oppotunites could come from that.

Blackgold: @Tebow They are about to be unmasked

Tebow: what other currency are they going to demand. LOL

Spectra: @Blackgold my eyes are wide open …-lol

Blackgold: @Spectra you might be right but we will be a 4th world country

Spectra: @Tebow for a little while only ..During the transistion ..

Blackgold: @Spectra i hope

Spectra: This is a good possibility …

Tebow: doom and gloom I see here young Skywalker

Spectra: Trump is the exspert on bankrupsy that is why they put him there he knows how to handle it
Spectra: That is his job they picked for this day…

Tebow: what transistion

Spectra: USA bankruptcy ….and the trasition into the new…
Spectra: A Financial collapse !

Tebow: seems to me the American people put Trump in

Spectra: look around you how many stores do you see closing /
Spectra: i see them all over where i live

Spectra: Empty space every where vacant retail shops all over

pectra: stores with less and less inventory

Spectra: shopping malls closing you name it it is coming

Tebow: Amazon, online shopping

Tebow: malls are of the past

Spectra: No money to spend …period ….appple bees shutting down all over when resturaunt businees close that is the biggest sign..

Blackgold: @Tebow you want to see doom and gloom, google detroit, I from Bridgeport connecticut, We lost GE , Avco Lycoming it was so big they had to change the time prople let out just to control Traffic. we lost the Brass Co. Capenter Steel, and hundreds of unnamed businesses

Spectra: @Blackgold sad but true

Blackgold: @Tebow Google it
Blackgold: @Tebow Thats doom and gloom

Spectra: The resuraunt business are closing that alone is the most grievous sign and the biggest indicator of a healthy economy

Tebow: right go to a reset rant and see the wait to be seated

Blackgold: @Tebow

Spectra: Confidence in what you do is crucial, but that does not mean being delusional. You must always face the truth and then combat the obstacles as they appear.

Spectra: survival of the fittest this will never change ,prepare for the worst as always.

Tebow: restaurant business here doing great

Spectra: We live in A RAT RACE .as my father always said..
Spectra: @Tebow ok

Blackgold: @Tebow

Tebow: Bridgeport liberal over taxed area, I’d leave too!

Blackgold: @Tebow

Blackgold: @Tebow True but Why isn’t this “Land of the Free,home of the Brave”

Blackgold: @Tebow we crap on ourown people

Tebow: companies leaving is always about profit. They go where they can to make the most for the shareholder. Good business sense.

Blackgold: @Tebow So don’t cry when they go to Vietnam and china

Tebow: no is who you elect who craps on you

Blackgold: @Tebow our grand kids will be slaves
Blackgold: @Tebow i thought we were all americans

Tebow: they will be slave if they let themselfs
Blackgold: @Tebow glad to see another person admit we aren’t
Blackgold: @Tebow They won’t have a choice because we set them up

Tebow: no some illegal criminals mixed in

Blackgold: @Tebow They are already slaves to a government student loan

Blackgold: by the time you jump through all the hoops to start a business ,you are already in debt

Tebow: When one takes out any loan they know the terms of that loan and sign agreeing to those terms. Don’t come crying back if you do not want to pay up. If you can’t afford to go to school don’t go!

Blackgold: True stay poor and let the rich keep doing what they are doing

Tebow: Don’t blame the rich for making money. That’s the lazy way out!
Tebow: envy!

Blackgold: stay dumb. They are dumb anyway because they aren’t learning anything in school. I talked to some of them and it is scarey how stupid they are.

Tebow: handouts?

spanki: used to be the american companies tried to make things better and last longer , now they see how to make more cheaply and to break just outside the warranty

Tebow: ma ma’s basement soldiers

spanki: cheap junk outa china and greed

Blackgold: I’m blaming the rich for not giving anyone else a chance, what you are saying worked 50 years ago but not today

Blackgold: @spanki true and also what Co. do we have any?

Tebow: The only chance you have is one that you make for yourself. Don’t depend on someone else.

Blackgold: @Tebow so what are you saying, we put together a small army

Tebow: so what are you saying rob from someone who has more than you?

Blackgold: @Tebow Isn’t that how the US got started

Tebow: I’m saying you want something go work for it. Millions are making it happen in their lives.

Blackgold: @Tebow I just want a chance to have a business without being taxed to death by state and fed

Tebow: No America started by breaking away a nation taking away from us.

spanki: and without all the red tape for hiring employees

Tebow: Elect the right people who you agree with

Blackgold: @Tebow and took from someone else
Tebow: took what?

Blackgold: @Tebow That means nothing, the people who we elect will always be controled by the Black Nobility

Tebow: England was taking from the colonies, they got tried of it and revolted. Going after the rich now is not the same. It’s their money they worked for not yours. Someone will always have more than you. Doesn’t mean you got crapped on!

Blackgold: @Tebow We are Whimps here. we cry about someone taking a knee but allow people to over tax us and steal from out Grandkids and their grand kids

Tebow: you (America) elected them. Change it!

Blackgold: @Tebow Its too late and you know it

Tebow: so you have given up, then why complain?

Blackgold: You must have a little money and I’m guessing your kids are doing ok, lets see what happens to your grand kids

Tebow: Have alittle and a gov pension that I earned. Kids doing OK could do better but I will take care of them when needed. No grands kids mine don’t want any but that’s OK

Blackgold: I’d love to some peoples faces when the finally go to Walmart and see nothing on the shelves

Blackgold: Figures
Blackgold: You mean we payed

?Blackgold: I know many older people who managed to retire and slip past all the craziness and can relax now. Wait until they do Bailins and your pension disappears, i bet i’ll hear you cry then

Blackgold: Bank accounts disappear 40%
Blackgold: You better keep an eye on these people
Blackgold: it can happen fast
Blackgold: welfare checks stop—look out
Blackgold: we i’ve said enough

Baxter: I take it we arent rich yet either….
Doug_W: not yet

Tebow: @Blackgold not worried about my pension, backed by the government and if it fails we all fail then it everyman for himself and I have plenty of ammo.

Baxter: Im gettin depressed over this…. as if its ever gonna happen..12 years is a long time
Tebow: that’s why it’s called long term investing LOL
Baxter: yeh.. aint that the truth

abangjadul: ;hello
abangjadul: is anyone know about reinvesting in Iraq from vip member in other dinar site? what is it mean
abangjadul: said that our iqd will reinvested in iraq to gain huge investment?

Doug_W: @abangjadul Sorry I can not help you

abangjadul: @Doug_W ok np
abangjadul: @Doug_W thank you

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