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chattels: Consultant Abadi: The central bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars 07/15/2017 15:41 Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / financial advisor to the prime minister announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi currency is completely covered in foreign currency,

indicating that the central bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars over the past two years. Saleh said in a speech at the Institute for the progress of the policy development session today , “the central bank played an important role in the war on the organization Daesh terrorist and triumph after the occupation of some provinces , ” noting that ” the central bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars over the past two years.”

“The Iraqi currency is completely covered by the foreign currency is not the fear of the Iraqi dinar , because the central bank defended the exchange rate over the past period , ” he said, adding that ” the currency of the dinar against the dollar is not an easy solution in light of the current situation in Iraq

chattels: ” the currency of the dinar against the dollar is not an easy solution in light of the current situation in Iraq ”

chattels: Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / Parliamentary Legal Committee announced that the final amendments to the draft provincial and district council elections law will be resolved during the joint meeting with the leaders of blocs and parliament mid – week.

The committee member said Amin Bakr told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / ” The Legal Committee has not yet reached a final agreement on the final wording of the final amendments .obaltala the draft law is still the custody of the Commission is currently in the process of completing discussions with the leaders of the blocks before the inclusion of the vote.”

“The dispute over Kirkuk provincial elections still exists not resolved, while the other points relating to the electoral system and the quota of minorities and the number of members can be addressed during the final vote , ” noting that ” the Legal Committee proposed the adoption of 1,7 electoral system with the government proposed in the draft of the project 1, 4 both proposals will be presented to a vote. ”

Announced the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for the inclusion of a draft provincial and district councils election law within the meetings this week after confirmation on the leaders and the heads of political blocs and specifically about the province of Kirkuk , the importance of the completion of the dialogue and to submit a final version of the Kirkuk provincial council elections to be attached to the provincial elections law.

BlackGold: i just read that post out loud. I don’t even know what i’m talking about

Dave: I think it is about vetting the politicians running for office

BlackGold: I was watching something interesting, Kightscope security. Its just suppose to talk, alert,deter and photograph. Well we all know once they get them on the street they will break out the weapons. mark my words. I feel its a nice Idea though



BlackGold: hi i was watching something



xyz: Central confirms the “strength” of the Iraqi reserve according to international indicators “reassuring”
xyz: Love it

txbrand: found this in recaps…must be part of an article ——> “Iraq is going through extraordinary circumstances because of the drop in oil prices significantly, which makes the central bank’s policy to two options either to respond to the dollar to eliminate the margins and this will be at the expense of reducing the reserves of foreign currency or sell the sale and accept the margin of exchange rate rise, “The bank seeks to balance the two goals.”

txbrand: LINK

Elilali: I like how that’s worded txtbrand
txbrand: @Elilali me 2
Elilali: It sounds like a really urgent matter for them. Go on Iraq, go ahead and raise the value. We dare you!

TWW: Interesting news today from China-in-country. My friend from Taipei: China has told N. Korea that they will start refusing their currency for payments, KPW. NK needs to get off the pot or s**t. Requested to use Gold or SGD or KRW or, HKD or IRR. Provided any of these countries want to do bizness with NK….IMO mayb China has decided to get very tuff with Fat Boy Un(?) There is no link b/c only in Chinese & Charles emailed me this info today.

Truseeker:keeping my fingers crossed for exchange tomorrow
Elilali: oh wouldn’t that be just lovely Trueseeker?

txbrand: @TWW cool
Elilali: fingers crossed

chattels: Neither is good. The value of the IQD will decline unless reserves are expended to ” close ” the margin.
Elilali: Right.

TWW: @txbrand Mayb there is a bigger reason now with China??
Elilali: Goodness gracious let’s hope… with all our soul and might

txbrand: hope

BlackGold: The Saudis and opec are worried
BlackGold: Company and industry sources told Reuters that the CEOs had expressed interest in helping Qatar with its ambition to produce 100 million tons of LNG annually


BlackGold: Qatar is on the hit list

xyz: A young woman cancels her wedding and turns it into a feast for the poor

chattels: IS leader Baghdadi still alive in Syria: Iraqi interior ministry official

IS leader Baghdadi still alive in Syria: Iraqi interior ministry official

chattels: Baghdad ( Islamic State’s supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive in Syria, a senior official at the Iraqi Interior Ministry said, refuting widely shared reports about the group’s founder’s death. Abu ali al-Basri, head of the ministry’s intelligence and counterterrorism, said Baghdadi was still alive in Syria, but remains outside the city of Raqqa, Islamic State’s base there.

Spectra: @chattels There is no way i am going to believe they couldnt have got him by now-anything else is sinister to me why they let him free!
Spectra: @chattels HE not a magician after all he is a human i guess ?

chattels: David M. Witty? @DavidMWitty1 7h7 hours ago Heavy fighting in Shahwan & Qalii’at areas of Old Mosul.

chattels: Sunday, July 16, 2017 Post Mosul Liberation Day 5 Jul 15 2017

chattels: Heavy fighting continued in the Old City district of west Mosul five days after the city was declared liberated. The Iraqi forces (ISF) have banned reporters in the area, and not released much about what is going on so the Iraqi press has been largely silent on the continuation of combat.

Reinforcements were sent in with three units from the Rapid Reaction forces joining the Golden Division to clear out the last Islamic State elements who were said to be hiding in tunnels in the district. Nabih Bulos from the Los Angeles Times went to the eastern side of the Tigris River across from the Old City and filmed an Abrams tank and helicopters firing into the district.

Constant gunfire could be heard as well. The ISF claims they are just mopping up the last remnants of the insurgents, but the amount of firepower deployed would point to things being more serious.

Five times the ISF told Prime Minister Haidar Abadi that the city was freed when it wasn’t. Abadi showed up in the city to give his victory speech when he was informed that the city was not cleared yet. He waited a day, and then gave his address, but things were not settled yet. Fighting will likely continue for several more days with most of the country none to the wise.

Sergio: @Spectra I feel everyone is smart in some way naturally. But I believe anyone can schooled into being smart in any field

chattels: For the tenth day, the Iraqi forces were attempting to re-capture Imam al-Gharbi in the Qayara district southeast of Mosul. Three days ago, the ISF launched an operation to re-take the town, but it has been slow going. July 15 was the first time that Coalition air strikes were reported.

Originally, the Iraqis claimed that only around 150 militants seized the town in a broad attack across five villages. The amount of time that they have held out against the ISF probably means a lot more fighters were involved. This is turning into a major battle, but the Iraqis are trying to play it down as they would rather talk about the liberation of Mosul instead.


chattels: This Is What It’s Like Inside Liberated Mosul Iraqis contemplate their losses over three years of ISIS rule and war in what was once a relatively prosperous city.

Spectra: @chattels Ive seen the ruins its a shamble!

chattels: David M. Witty? @DavidMWitty1 6h6 hours ago Force from Iraqi CTService redirected to liberate Imam Gharbi village S of Qayyara, S of Mosul.

chattels: Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. ‘Handed the Country Over’ By TIM ARANGO JULY 15, 2017


chattels: Florian Neuhof? @FlorianNeuhof 2h2 hours ago Fantastic piece on #Iran’s influence over #Iraq. US lost 4,500 lives & spent $1 trillion+ to hand country to Tehran

chattels: Twilight News / announced the Central Bank of Iraq, about the bank ‘s gold reserves of 90 tons , which occupies a global rank high, while Vice Kordih confirmed that the bank does not give the Kurdistan Region share of the reserve.

A spokesman for the Central Bank of Iraq Acer Jabbar said the total gold reserves in the Bank of 90 tonnes , and thus occupies the thirty – seventh globally and seventh Arab rank.

For its part , he confirmed a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives of the Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance Najiba Najib said the central bank has reserves including gold reserves, pointing out that the Kurdistan Region ‘s share of the reserve is 17%.

Najib, however the central bank deprives the region of reserves and seizes its share, indicating that about 4 tons of gold at least is the share of the province and Baghdad is not granted to him. It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi Central Bank reserves of gold in 1012 was only 30 tons, he arrived three times now.
chattels: Courtesy of DinarAlert

Elilali: Interesting

chattels: ” …… the bank ‘s gold reserves of 90 tons ,………” and ” It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi Central Bank reserves of gold in 1012 was only 30 tons, .”

Spectra: @chattels good for them!

Elilali: So Chattels, they should have a valuable currency to back it up!

Sparky07: Where did they get all that money to buy Gold?

chattels: four tons of gold is worth about 154 million dollars.

chattels: 60 tons is worth 15 x’s 154 million

Sparky07: WOW

chattels: About 2.3 Billion dollars

?Spectra: Turkey 427.84 Mar/17 377 529 116 Tonnes Quarterly
Spectra: gold for turkey iraq is close to turkey!
Spectra: 116 Tonnes

Spectra: Libya 116.64 Mar/17 117 144 117 Tonnes
Spectra: wrong i read it wrong sorry

Spectra: you look yourselves!

Sparky07: To put in perspective, how much does the US have?

Spectra: lol noo one knows!
Spectra: no one can see it? My belief is we dont know!

chattels: @Sparky07 8,133.5 tons

chattels: @Sparky07
Sparky07: Thanks

chattels: Iraq is 37th in the world.

chattels: More than Australia, Kuwait and Indonesia.

Sparky07: Not to bad for a devastated country

Sparky07: Does this include any monies that Saddam stole

Spectra: Indonesia 78.07 gold and they have very little value, on their currency!

chattels: @Sparky07 Saddam’s money is paper i believe, not gold.

Spectra: I did not see vietnam on the chart does anyone know how much Gold vietnam has?

Sparky07: Maybe it was all in his palaces

chattels: @Spectra Not in the top 40 according to Wikipedia

Spectra: ok but im still wondering! never the less!

Spectra: This web site has a lot of countries! even some with -0—-gold ,but no sign of Vietnam!

Spectra: I think that is strange!
Spectra: Costa Rica 0.00,Canada 0.00, Oman 0.02 no Vietnam!

chattels: @Spectra Combined gold and exchange currencies total about 37 million in Viet Nam

Spectra: OK whats the link ?

chattels: @Spectra–37-billion–10-tons-of-gold.html

Spectra: thank you

Romello: @chattels News looking good. Especaily the article about the Master Card services activated.
Spectra: @chattels i never exspected that from you -lol you caught me off gaurd!

chattels: @Romello He posted that Iraq is making money off of the spread at the CBI currency auction.
Spectra: @chattels you are always so well mannered!

Romello: @chattels Hmm. Well that doesn’t make sense.
chattels: @Romello We all know that the difference between the market rate and the artificial rate costs the CBI money every auction.

Romello: @chattels True

chattels: 7-16-2017 G-Lin Article: “Central Bank Governor: We seek to achieve a balance between the sale of the dollar and keep it” Quote: ” making the central bank ‘s policy in front of two choices : either to respond to the dollar in order to cancel the margins and this would be at the expense of the reduction of foreign currency reserves or Nguenn sale process and accept a margin of appreciation of the exchange rate”

If I’m reading this correctly, it sounds as though Ali is going to appreciate the exchange rate in order to control the huge profits being made on the spread. The auctions are being controlled by the corrupt and I don’t see an option other than raising the value of the dinar.

Romello: @chattels Oh I see…
Romello: @chattels Yah that one is way far fetched

Romello: Activation of Master Card service is started in our branches in and outside Iraq. The Bank’s media office said in a statement that the Bank has issued trail Master Cards to its customers, where the card holder may withdraw its money from its account in any country or city without the need to carry cash, indicating that this step is similar to the developed countries which relies on it basically to promote their daily business.

chattels: @Romello 7-16-2017 G-Lin Article: “Master card International” Quote: “card from any ATM of any foreign bank” I don’t know how they could go international with an artificially programed rate.

chattels: @Romello G-Lin agrees with you.

Romello: Just posting articles. Hard for me to put picture together without all the logical pieces.

chattels: @Spectra My apologies I gave you offense by my derogatory remarks.

Sparky07: I want to introduce myself. I have owned dinar since 2011. Greed – I was told that within two weeks the value would be $5.00+. Well, we all know that that was just a sales pitch. But anyways, the hook was set, and I continued to buy more and more. Today, after a divorce, I don’t own so much. It is good to be able to talk to people that are in the same boat. Thank you for your patience.

chattels: @Sparky07 Welcome to the asylum
Romello: @Sparky07 No problem. Plenty of room on our boat. Hop aboard.

Meatball: @chattels question for you…
chattels: @Meatball I may have an answer. Does it have to be correct ?

Meatball: @chattels lol…. only way to move to the bonus round

Spectra: @chattels no im not offended! your fine!

Meatball: @chattels why is the Master card issue such a big deal when they have been active over there for years?

Meatball: not understanding it

chattels: @Meatball It is not a ” big deal ” as far as I am concerned. Romello is encouraged by it.

Romello: @chattels lol. Nope

chattels: @Meatball G-Lin thinks that it is significant.

Meatball: @chattels been seeing a lot of postings about it in various places… am I missing something here?

Romello: Only article that was in my inbox. lol

chattels: @Meatball Whoever G-Lin might be.

Spectra: There are a number of international banks operating in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with 24hour cash withdrawal facilities. Most ATMs enables you to get cash from VISA, MASTER CARD, Cirrus, Maestro, Plus and JCB network. Under Vietnamese law, ATM may only dispense cash in Vietnamese Dong.

Current amounts that can be withdrawn at any one time is usually very low, 2,000,000 Dong with an additional usage charge variable from 30.000d up. On March 2014 the situation is getting worse particularly for debit card using MasterCard circuit (Cirrus, Maestro), while Visa debit is accepted by more ATMs.


Banks are increasing fee against foreign debit cards, both Techcombank and Vietinbank charge 55.000d (the last even without showing the amount, just a generic message “There will be fees”, or even without a message). Avoid both, use SCB. Vietcom bank usually charges 20,000 dong.

Spectra: Vietnam has MASTERCARD TOO?
Spectra: My point being is their currency is still not worth anything after 50 years!

Meatball: @Spectra seems like they don’t have a problem with it

Romello: I personally thought that the cards were issued to them years ago buy were not activated yet.
Romello: *but

Spectra: right so they may not need a new rate?
Spectra: compare vietnam to iraq in the mastercard scenario!

Meatball: @Romello Master card has been active , folks just don’t trust the banks and such

Spectra: That is what im researching right now!
Meatball: or just use cash for purchases
Meatball: they also have prepaid cards

Romello: @Meatball For some reason I thought that the card were just issued with activation or fund upon them. I stand corrected if not the case.

Romello: @Meatball Without activation is what I meant.

Meatball: @Romello no problem,,, just wondering why folks are getting all worked up over it

Romello: @Meatball Hmm…
Romello: @Meatball Wishing thinking with dinar glasses ?
Romello: @Meatball lol

chattels: If there is any point to the master card hype it is the notion that if the IQD is ” convertible ” / usable through an international bank card that the currency is / will be international and at a higher value.

Meatball: I know the Kurdistan Int Bank issues the MasterCard to, just one of them
Meatball: @chattels got ya… ty

Romello: @chattels Far fetched? Or small possibility in your opinion?
chattels: @Romello Far fetched to me.
Romello: @chattels Gotcha.
Romello: @chattels Thanks

chattels: @Romello There is no public event or series of events that will reliably or predictably alert us to an increase in the value of the IQD, IMO.

Spectra: no proof thereof that these cards will do it!
Spectra: TRUE! until they are swiped!

chattels: Anytime someone posts that our liquidity event must happen because if x, y or z ……………………….. I do not believe it.

?Spectra: PS has anyone one actually used one yet/ does anyone know a iraq citizen who has one?

Romello: @chattels Years has taught me that as well.
Romello: @chattels Been there, done that. Even brought a T-shirt back…

Spectra: Because if we could ask a iraq citizen ! That would sttle that!
Romello: @chattels Guess we’re in negative numbers now. lolol

xyz: April 12, 2012: Iraq halts plans to cut zeros off dinar currency-cabinet * Iraq has over 30 trillion Iraqi dinars in circulation

Iraq has decided to hold off on a plan to knock three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes of its currency because it does not believe the economic climate is suitable, the cabinet secretary said on Thursday.

xyz: page 94:

Meatball: @xyz what is the significance of page 94?

Spectra: @xyz what is the significance of page 94

Meatball: @Spectra glad I am not the only one curious about page 94
Meatball: @Spectra you reading page 94

TheOptimist: Did the the question of page 94 get answered???

ElmerFudd: Page 94?

Meatball: @TheOptimist nope
TheOptimist: @ElmerFudd Read prior posts by Meatball

Meatball: its a document from 2012…. not seeing a correlation to anything
TheOptimist: So no answer to page 94. Hmm. Seems suspect.


TheOptimist: Latest news states the IMF is making their headquarters in Baghdad. Interesting.

Baxter: Anyone see this today… Iraq and Iraq signed an agreement today to build 10 industrial cities together.. Iraq and Iran, signed on Sunday an agreement on cooperation between the ministries of the two countries industry to build 10 industrial cities “in Iraq.”

According to the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Iranian Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh. The Iranian minister ‘s remarks came from Tehran, during the signing of the agreement for cooperation between the two ministries ceremony, and attended by Iraqi Minister of Industry Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese today.

Spectra: @Meatball i read pg 94 !
TheOptimist: @Spectra And…..
Spectra: @Meatball does not prove anything!
Spectra: @Meatball but it sure looks good!

TheOptimist: I believe it was Basnews that reported Iran was lopping their currency…
Meatball: @Spectra don’t forget the 130 million in poultry
Spectra: @Meatball lol

Spectra: @Meatball One thing i learned many years ago before it was popular ,Do not believe all you read the newspapers or watch on the news!
Meatball: @Spectra true

TheOptimist: Especially nowadays

Spectra: yes, this is anyone’s guess always was!

Spectra: but ill try to make sure i use my own deductions! Sure i read all the news sorta just skimming it! but they lie over there like everywhere!

TheOptimist: The skeptics are holding the true wisdom; we question without believing immediately. We remember what was previously said as well. We look for correlations.

Spectra: In the End i just use my Instinct! same when i play roulette!
Spectra: and i am very good at it-lol

TheOptimist: My instincts say don’t play roulette
TheOptimist: The dinar is all the gambling I care to do, lol.

Spectra: Well you count the odds but that, only works for soo long!
Spectra: This is a gamble !

TheOptimist: If you start beating the house, the pit boss escorts you away from the table. Might give you a voucher for a free drink.

Spectra: Ive been thrown out on several ocasions for winning too much, yes the system is rigged!

TheOptimist: I knew a guy that was a black jack dealer. If someone was winning too may rounds he had a secret signal for the pit boss to come escort the player away.


Spectra: @TheOptimist That is horrible!
Spectra: @TheOptimist but i believe it ive lived it!

TheOptimist: They probably would ban you if you went back too many days.

Spectra: RIGHT
Spectra: just thinking about it makes me angry-lol
Spectra: that is cheating in actuality on the part of the casino!

Meatball: @Spectra its all a roll of the dice
Spectra: @Meatball yes

jackflash101st: My wife used to be a blackjack dealer at one of the smaller casinos in Vegas, and this guy lost his entire life savings at her table..(so he claims) after he spit on her he informed her not to leave the casino alone for he would be waiting for her outside with a gun needless to say that was her last night dealing blackjack as she never went back

Sergio: According to the Iraq Business News, there are a number of oil companies in Iraq, including BP, CNOOC, CNPC, Dragon Oil, Egyptian General Petroleum, Eni, ExxonMobil, Gazprom, Inpex, Shell, Total, and Turkiye Petrolleri. Iraqi Kurdistan has about five companies listed outside Iraq.

These include DNO ASA (Oslo: DNO) and Genel Energy Plc (LSE: GENL). A smaller company, Kuwait Energy, is seeking a London IPO in an attempt to raise $150 million. The company produces 27,000 barrels a day from its holdings in Southern Iraq. Iraq has a stock market based on the NYSE that has over 80 companies.

Iraq is the fastest-growing country in the Middle East. Its GDP grew 11% last year. Its debt is rated stable at “B”. Inflation is low at 2.2% but expected to go up this year. The dinar is steady and pegged to other currencies. The private banking sector is underdeveloped in Iraq and could see substantial growth.

Spectra: @jackflash101st scarey dude?

Sergio: It’s the biggest bubble in history — a $9 trillion Ponzi scheme. It’s multiple bubbles wrapped in a big bubble, and it all has to do with a little-known financial creation called WMPs.

You probably have never heard of WMPs — I hadn’t either until I starting digging into China’s historical lending problem. And it’s bad… Data compiled by the China Securities Regulatory Commission show that assets in WMPs amounted to about 80% of China’s gross domestic product.

But first let me give you a little background… WMPs = CDOs If you are over 20, then you probably remember the market crash of 2008–2009. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell from 14,000 to 6,500. The Bloodbath

TheOptimist: I knew an elderly man that when I saw him I asked how it was going. He always said, ” well, I woke up today.” That was good enough for him. lol.

Sergio: As I write this, the biggest housing bubble in the history of the world is simultaneously happening in Canada and Australia. The average price for detached houses sold in Greater Vancouver reached a record of $1,830,956 in May, up 5% from the same month in 2016. Condos were up 15%.

This despite a 15% foreign homebuyer tax installed last year. Toronto is similar. In Sydney, beach house prices jumped 37% over the last year. This all has to do with hot money leaving China. China is ramping up the bubble just as we saw on Wall Street 10 years ago. Only instead of calling them CDOs, they call them WMPs.

Sergio: This is how it is concocted. The average Chinese citizen walks into a bank with a deposit. The bank gives them two options: Number one, they can put it in savings and get 1.4% or something small. Number two, they can put it in a WMP, which pays a 7% dividend. They do the latter.

These WMPs are then loaned to high-flying real estate developers and unprofitable state-owned enterprises (SOEs) — many of these are the same people, as well as members of the ruling party.

The problem comes when they can no longer pay their debts. When the citizen can’t afford a house and then decides to sell the WMP, all hell will break loose. At this juncture, the market is relying on the constant increase in real estate prices to fund its obligations as well as government backing in the form of easy credit and a possible bailout.

Sergio: The End is Nigh Last week, Moody’s downgraded China — from A1 to Aa3. This is the first downgrade since 1989. You may remember that year from the guy who stood in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square. Furthermore, manufacturing contracted this quarter, GDP is down to 6.5%, and Chinese debt is 250% of GDP and rising uncontrollably.

Corporate debt is now 166% of GDP. Investors are lemmings. The small Chinese WMP investor is no different. When the tipping point is reached and there is no more bad money to chase worse money, the market will crash, bringing the rest of the world with it.

subby: @jackflash101st I had church tonight and this morning had a funeral yesterday… but been reading… what about you?

TheOptimist: @Sergio China is expected to raise their currency value.

Sergio: @TheOptimist this just came out from front marketing

TheOptimist: @Sergio Right. And China is expected to raise their value. Especially if Trump implements the tariffs he said he was going to.
Sergio: @TheOptimist I guess it’s a wait and see like with everything else

TheOptimist: @Sergio I agree…it’s always a waiting game. Thanks for the information. Very interesting indeed.
TheOptimist: @Sergio Keep us posted bro.
Sergio: @TheOptimist I will thanks
Sergio: @TheOptimist I search every few days and see what I can find. Sometimes I go on the deep dark web and search there

Sergio: The wife’s hates when I go in there from all the stories that’s been said about it. But if you know what to look for you can’t get caught up in the other stuff that goes on in it
Sergio: Still I limited my time on it

Sergio: The following post is courtesy of fractalerts, a division of fractal SA, Switzerland, a trading alert service based on unique algorithms that intuitively predict patterns in the market. Each market forecast is systematic, unemotional and data-driven – resulting in specific entry and exit points and historically astounding gains across 34 different markets.

Sergio: GET OUR DAILY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE Iraq’s Current Economic Outlook And How it Can Affect Dinar Value MARCH 29, 2017 —BY MIKE FOX Share

After years of economic neglect, poverty for the common man and turmoil in the region, Iraq has finally reached a state of constant economic growth under democratic leadership in the aftermath of the US invasion in 2003 and the deposing of Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical regime.

The following post is courtesy of fractalerts, a division of fractal SA, Switzerland, a trading alert service based on unique algorithms that intuitively predict patterns in the market. Each market forecast is systematic, unemotional and data-driven – resulting in specific entry and exit points and historically astounding gains across 34 different markets.

Iraq’s Economy is Rising The main driving force behind Iraq’s economic growth is the wealth of natural resources reflected in a large number of oil and gas fields which are now open to international trade.
Companies from around the world are investing into the development of these resources, which is reflected in the country’s ever-increasing oil exports. It seems that Iraq has completely recovered from the damage and downfall it suffered under the rule of Saddam Hussein. An even greater exploration of Iraq’s oil reserves by international companies will lead to an even bigger tally of the country’s oil wealth, along with its already-known, vast reserves.

In addition to all that wealth, Iraq seems to be blessed with geological formations that are perfectly accessible for drilling as opposed to most countries, which significantly brings down the costs of oil extraction. The most obvious example of Iraq’s production advantages can be seen in the most recent Saudi Arabian oil production war which was designed to bankrupt the US shale-oil producers.

And while oil producers in the US have been severely impacted by the overproduction “attack” from Saudi Arabia, Iraq still continues to produce and sell oil pr

Sergio: Additionally, current political events play a key role in predicting the future of any given currency, and the controversial “Muslim ban” instituted by Donald Trump could have had major consequences for the Iraqi economy, had it not been lifted on March 6th this year.

This new order to exempt Iraq from the list of banned countries has proven to be very beneficial for the country’s currency with foreign currency investors being able to exchange Iraqi dinar at favorable rates, keeping the country a valuable asset in the foreign exchange market.

All in all, it seems that the Iraqi dinar is looking at a bright future. In the end, it is important to note that Iraq presents a wealth of investment opportunities in many industries, with the economic rise being driven by oil and gas reserves. These opportunities will become even more apparent in the following years, as the newly-established government continues to offer new possibilities to international investors.

Spectra: nice article!
Spectra: thanks sergio!
Sergio: @Spectra thanks I like the ending

Spectra: mee too,exchange Iraqi dinar at favorable rates
Spectra: keeping the country a valuable asset in the foreign exchange

Sergio: @Spectra see stuff is out there and it’s just not us looking
Sergio: @Spectra But knowing that should keep us looking
Spectra: yes people will appreciate it thanks a million!

Meatball: @Spectra was in the middle of reading that lol
Spectra: no i skim when i read i look for key words!
Spectra: if it looks worth reading, then i read every word !

Sergio: @Spectra sometimes when I search I don’t always do iraq. I use words like markets investments things like that pop up

Spectra: @Sergio smart!

Sergio: @Spectra remember there are companies already invested over there and they are not on the front page of a newspaper

Elilali: It is just an opinion article, but that still sounds great Sergio
Sergio: @Elilali true. But those who are investing opinions are shaped by what they know in their field
Elilali: Absolutely

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell? @UticaRisk Jul 15 Key point is that the Hashd is a pan-Shia project which supercedes Iraqi sovereignty. Muhandis is clear Iraqi govt cannot dissolve it.

chattels: Replying to @UticaRisk More concerning for PM Abadi is he will not be able to stop them continuing on to Syria. How to demob without destabilizing his position?

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell? @UticaRisk Jul 15 He can’t. And the Iran-backed militias don’t need to overthrow him, they can just ignore him.

chattels: Interior Minister: the battle with Daesh still long :: 2017/7/16 14:11 • [Oan- Baghdad] Interior Minister, Qasim al – Araji, said the victories Daesh terrorist gangs going on, but it is still a long battle. ” Araji said in his graduation ceremony of the 64th session of the Police College on Sunday , ” the battle is still long , but we achieve victories and must reassure everyone that this country is for all and dealing the equality of all his children.”

?He called on Interior Minister students graduating from the Police College as an officer to “abide by the law and human rights , and make every effort in order that the citizen can live in safety and security and build on the law with all acts and conduct security.”

chattels: the victories Daesh terrorist gangs going on, but it is still a long battle. ?

chattels: “abide by the law and human rights , and make every effort in order that the citizen can live in safety and security and build on the law with all acts and conduct security.”

chattels: Iraq must defeat and oust DAESH, but not continue to alienate the Sunni population. Iraq must win the war and the peace.

chattels: Winning the peace is at the heart of national reconciliation.

chattels: Which is why national reconciliation is a process and not an event.

chattels: Saleh: Central One of the reasons Alantsaraly {Daesh} 7/17/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb Shokran Fatlawi

chattels: Courtesy of DinarAlert

chattels: ” addressed the central role in economic life and how it sacrificed its independence in order to work to save the country under grim financial hardship suffered by Iraq due to the decline of crude oil prices in world markets coincided with the terrorist aggression Enter the large country in the war requires the size of a big spending? Where the central mechanisms worked to prevent the collapse of the country economically.”

chattels: ” ………… sacrificed its independence in order to work to save the country ………. ”

chattels: ” ……………. grim financial hardship suffered by Iraq due to the decline of crude oil prices in world markets coincided with the terrorist aggression …….”


abangjadul: @chattels never stop in middle  east
abangjadul: @chattels thanks for news and article

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny)

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