The economic expert, Baqir Kazim, Saturday, presented an effective way to maintain the strength of the local process.

“It is NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN THE BALANCE OF THE MONETARY MASS IN CIRCULATION BY WITHDRAWING THE IRAQI DINAR SURPLUS FROM THE NEED OF THE DOMESTIC MARKET and the stability of the exchange rate,” Kazim told Mawazine News. “The importance of providing foreign currency liquidity needed for traders and businessmen to meet the needs Iraqi market “.

He added that “the Central Bank of Iraq represents A PART OF THE SYSTEM OF ECONOMIC SOLUTION TO THE VALUE OF THE IRAQI DINAR and not the whole solution, especially as he was the only contender in the economic arena has achieved monetary achievements in the context of the duty of monetary and his quest to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in the market Local “.

“The stability of the value of the currency can not be studied in isolation from the facts of economic reality and its basic components,” he said.

He stressed that “THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS OF THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY BASED ON FOUR PILLARS of the basic and is like a square building, which is based on four pillars or pillars of leverage, represented by:

1.monetary policies; policies;
3.development policy, in addition
4.political skills,
ie political stability, social and security and administrative capabilities in the management of the country and the employment policies and wealth material and human “.

“In economics, they are called policies, which must be integrated and harmonized as a single package in their growth and development so that these POLICIES CONTRIBUTE TO THE PACE OF THEIR COHERENCE IN RAISING AND ENHANCING THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY PURCHASING POWER.