Between the government and the parliament .. federal budget bill awaiting release

From the windows of the dispute to the gates of the agreement over the federal budget for the current year thelaw as the law takes effect after raising blocks their hands to vote on the project , which , weakened amendment that nearly included in the list of broken laws, but he enrolled finally up with the laws completed, a few weeks did not pass even declared Prime Haider al – Abadi Minister for providing stabbed budget objecting to some of the existing items within the law.
Where he accused Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the House of Representatives to transfer fifty billion dinars from sensitive assignments in the country for salaries and allocations ofmembers of the House of Representatives.
Ebadi said, ” The appeal budget was by the Ministry of Finance presented the list ofparagraphs and it cost us from a legal point of a legal team to examine materials modified and there are materials related to the interests of the people have not been touched Others relate to political interests , ” pointing out that “he was fifty billion dinars transfer of sensitive assignments in the country for salaries and allocations of members of the House ofRepresentatives saying, we will not be silent about it, therefore , appeal to those paragraphs because we know what ‘s going on and tell them these things is appropriate , “noting thatthey” worked to hide those amounts budget is invisible under the slogan for the poor and one of them for members of the House of Representatives, but a lot of MPs do not know that even if they knew it , they will not vote on the law, adding, that ” the amounts were concealed in order to preserve the interests of the other and the functions they want toincrease it excuse the government ‘s keenness to absorb contracts and a daily wage, but they truly want to set people specific conditions certain. ”
For his part , expressed the Integrity Commission , member of the parliamentary Taha defensive surprised at the accusation leveled by the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to parliament , which refers to the last redeploy amount of fifty billion dinars and added to thebudget for the salaries and allowances of its members, pointing out that the budget of theCouncil for this year is the lowest ratio previous budgets. Stressing, ” The Parliament discussed during its meeting accusations Prime Minister as well as the appeal in a number of articles that the House of Representatives modified, including reducing the rate of 4% imposed by the government on employees ‘ salaries to support the popular crowd and displaced 3.8% and transfers the amount of 50 billion dinars defense budget to counter -terrorism. ”
While the face of House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , a formal letter to the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi called him where to attend the parliament session, Stressing that “al – Abadi ‘s statements are inaccurate and” vague “and called for an open and direct to hold a hearing in the presence of al – Abadi to the Parliament building for dialogue on budget disbursement doors ” on
the other hand , revealed the National Alliance MP Abbas al – Bayati, why he did not attend the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to the scheduled parliamentary session, referring to thepostponement of the presence of al – Abadi to another session did not specify the time.
He said al – Bayati, said that “al – Abadi did not attend the parliament session due to the late arrival of the invitation letter from the House of Representatives until the morning, he said ,adding, that” al – Abadi had the commitments which forced him to postpone his presence to another session did not specify the time , “stressing that” Abadi keen to attend He did not escape. ”
It is noteworthy, “Prime Minister Haidar al – Abbadi accused the former House ofRepresentatives to transfer 50 billion dinars time, stressing, they worked to” hide “those amounts in the budget is invisible under the slogan of the poor.”


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