The Geopolitics of Energy, and Impacts on Iraq’s Petroleum Sector

This is a summary of a PowerPoint presentation prepared for and to be delivered before the international “8th Turkey Energy Summit Congress”, held at Antalya, Turkey, 10-11 October 2017.

The presentation was formulated on two interrelated premises;

Iraq is the only Arab country that is resource richand “semi-landlocked”; has only narrow corridor to international waters with two close chokepoints: one at northern Arabian Gulf (with Kuwait and Iran) and the other is Strait of Hurmuz.
Hence, geology, geography and oil-dependency make Iraq inevitably highly vulnerable to geopolitical risks; kleptocracy exacerbates such vulnerability.
It covers the following topics:

Geology: resource richness and potential resource conflicts;
Geography Governs: Semi Landlocked; Locational Rent (Economic & Political) & Expensive Strategy of Multiple Export Outlets;
Oil Dependency, Vulnerability and Volatility;
The Big-Push Strategy of a Game-Changer;
Kleptocracy, Resource Curse & Major Policy Failures; and finally,
Prospects: Iraq’ Geopolitical Vulnerability Continues.

Please click here to download the full report.

Source: Iraq-Business News

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