Article: “The World Bank is asking the Iraqi government to provide jobs to restore confidence with citizens“
Last week from IMF was very emphatic with their instructions.

Increase your value and eliminate MCP.

I think they are waiting for the security issue they have talked about for 2 years now.

And they are very close to accomplishing their fight against ISIS. That may be it.

If the Parl. manages to vote that 2nd amendment for CBI through, it could be a timing issue after that.

They don’t tell us everything.

If the debt to Jordan and to Kuwait has been addressed, that would lift them entire from Chap. 7 I believe.

The banks have been and continue to be brought up to International standards.

Money laundering and corruption are being addressed.

Some new currency would go a long way in that corruption fight.

Let Abadi take the credit for winning the war and if he gives the peeps some purchasing power, his spot for P.M. next year would seem solid IMO.

We are getting there…

One thing is for sure, with all of Iraq’s wealth, this increase in value will happen…JMO.


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