Freed from ISIS, 1,000 women suffer from psychiatric issues in Dohuk


More than 2094 persons, including 1134 women, have frequented psychological centers in Dohuk governorate to receive treatment after experiencing the atrocities and scourge of ISIS terrorists, Hamza Razeky, the head of media office at Directorate of Health, said on Saturday.

He added that the directorate provided psychological assistance to 399 persons while it conducted medical examinations to 520 psychiatric patients.

He continued that up to 120 autistic patients have been received at Azadi hospital in Dohuk.

Razeky asserted that the hospital’s psychiatrists treat these women who have been freed from ISIS terrorists.

Last month, Abadi announced the full liberation of Iraqi lands, declaring the end of the war against ISIS terrorists.

Source: The Baghdad Post

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