IMO: Encouraged Sadr and Abadi to sit their new government and Abadi as new PM to expedite many things as soon as possible. The RI being one of them.  IHO with Malaki controlling things they could not have pulled off the RI.  Nor IHO would Iraq and the fantastic four have allowed Malaki and his people to profit from the RI.  Citizens of Iraq protesting against Malaki and the corruption he represents; against Iran and the lack of jobs.  It’s the coming together where they look at their government as friends not as their political enemies.
Iran knows they are being picked on so Iran takes advantage of no government seated right now. Paid jerks to go to Basra and pretend they‘re protesting against Abadi. They are not and you know that don’t you.   Malaki’s media is not going to work this time.  Malaki and Iran taking advantage of the not seated government right now, adding fire and lies to it… I believe we are soon to see a seated government. Once it’s seated officially they can do a lot of things. Those are the things we don’t want to talk about.
Iraq still has a seated government and Abadi still the PM. IMO the smooth transition from the same government to the new government will have the same affect…the same results.  A newly seated government, less Malaki, Iran and Iran’s General’s corruption with be a “suitable environment” to RI their currency…as Abadi and the CBI requested. And so did Dr. Shabibi.
The Iranian influence is disappearing.  With the government.  With the citizens.  The Iranian Generals are losing their ability to protect Malaki.  Malaki as no longer a VP is no longer protected with immunity.  Arrest warrants await him.  Malaki will fight along with his fake media to the very end.  If given a Parliamentary seat it’s only to keep the peace.  IMO, Malaki’s power is gone.  No longer influential or able to use fear tactics to support his sugar daddy Iran.
In the next two weeks, somewhere IMO, around the 18-19 to around the 25th we should have a seated government.  No matter what I say right now about our investment, it would be hard to believe…the game has changed and I believe that leaks are causing us to be quiet…Our noses are pressed up against the wall of the RI, IMO and there is no room to the right or to the left.