For all you who …want a date and a rate – no reinstatement as of yet and the dinar is not yet international. 

The CBI is still planning for the month of January.
Also when the dinar does finally reinstate it will most likely be in the range of $1 on exchange with the US dollar.
This is not going to be slow rise from the program rate 1190 since it will no longer be solely pegged to the US dollar.
The Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al Halbusi and a number of deputies of the Committee on Foreign Relations met yesterday with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his accompanying delegation, indicating that the meeting discussed the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington.
This said to “activation of economic cooperation and investment between the two countries”.
They are about to get this ball rolling from this 2018-2022 reconstruction plan.
This plan, as we know, hinges on reinstating their currency.
They will need “free flow” of capital in and out of Iraq and they cannot do this having to go to currency auctions and keep converting dinar to dollars.
They will need automated, international systems to transfer money and these systems use the global currency exchanges to convert the currency to the proper exchange rates.
The Customs and Tariffs collection is in the same situation.
How can countries pay these high tariffs that are listed on international “indexed rate tables” with the Iraqi dinar being so low?
They also need the exchange rates from the global currency exchanges to convert from the country of origin to the Iraq dinar.