Iraq has this currency that is worthless…they printed a new series that is worthless, but they have these incredible security features on this currency. They say that the CBI just wants control of the money supply and that’s why they are putting these security features on them.
Iraq’s currency used to be at a rate of $3.22 then suddenly overnight it was completely worthless. It didn’t have a gradual devaluation, there wasn’t inflation that was going out of control…it was $3.22 one night and literally worthless the next. It was planned, orchestrated.

So, eventually the currency is going to go back up. Why would they print this currency series and have all of these security features if they were just going to scrap it…it doesn’t make any sense.  If no one is going to counterfeit this currency on a a big scale, why would you have it the most secure currency on planet earth.

That’s what I keep going back to, nobody can refute this. I do believe this is going to happen. I do not hold any other currency…I do believe the dinar is going to be the big winner. Every bank in the country will be dealing with this. Studley told me this and I trusted him because I know who he was and I know who he worked for and I knew his connections.

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-22-18