For the first time .. Daesh threatens Iran in “Persian”

The face of the organization “Daesh” for the first time a threat to attack Iran through a video in Persian, announcing the formation of expensive institutions targeting Iranian military force.

According to the means of Iranian media, broadcast a video clip organization up to the duration of 36 minutes titled “Persia between the past and the present”, in conjunction with threats to attack Iran, accusing its hounding and persecution of Sunni Muslims.

As show “Daesh” scenes of members of the military force that spoke about the formation and called it “Salman the Persian Brigades” during their training on the shooting, in Diyala province east of Iraq.

The organization announced that the war on Iran has begun and it will depend primarily on suicide operations.

The tape width feet 4 elements claimed that they and members of the Iranian “Daesh”, on the slaughter of four Iraqis, and considered it a threatening letter to Tehran.

He spoke three Iranians from the group elements are “Abu Farouq Persian, Abu Mujahid Baloch, Abu Saad Ahwazi,” After reviewing the history of Persia, the Iranian organization called in Tehran, Isfahan, Qom, others to “attack the seminaries”, as stated in the video.

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