Erbil reveals the approval of Baghdad to send 5 million liters of “gasoline” to Kurdistan daily

The head of the provincial council of Erbil Ali Rashid on Monday the approval of the Federal Oil Ministry to send 5 million liters of “gasoline” to the Kurdistan Region daily.
“The Iraqi government had previously decided to send 10 million liters of gasoline to the Kurdistan region every month,” Rasheed said at a press conference held in the council building in Arbil. “We informed the ministry that this quantity is insufficient to meet the need In the region “.
“It was proposed to the ministry to send two million liters to Erbil, as well as to Sulaymaniyah, and one to the province of Dohuk every day,” he said, adding that the ministry approved the request with an official letter had arrived.
Rashid said that the current price per liter of “gasoline” in the Kurdistan region 600 dinars currently, but said that the amount priced by the federal government is 450 dinars per liter.
He stressed that the government of Kurdistan can not support the price of gasoline, noting that the Ministry of Oil will send the quantities agreed to the region at the subsidized price.
Source: Twilight News