Herewego: Dr. Clarke, are we still looking to February for good things to happen?
DR. CLARKE (2-12-18): We told you (WHAT & WHEN) was NOT going to happen, even though EVERY major Intel Provider (EVERYONE else – printed articles, conference calls, blogs, websites) was, printing and speaking about it this past week or 2, and in fact we’ve been showing and leading you up to this, since our first post in January 2018…….actually since last July 2017……despite so many injecting their own, personal meaning into everything….without Us EVER saying RV RV RV!
We ARE telling you WHAT & WHEN – IS about to Happen…..
AND, we fully expect that NOBODY GETS OUT OF FEBRUARY, 2018, Without the Prize!……if they choose.
AGAIN, as said in last week’s Post – we’re fully engaged, focused, and pinpointing the activities between, FEB. 15 – 19th, 2018, as MAJOR……..and the “Process” will spread throughout the END of February……….and into March, with increasing benefit. Read carefully.
We’re very Optimistic & Expectant……& Direct.
DID WE GIVE YOU AN RV DATE?……that’s for you to decide, and it always has been. (RV is a questionable definition, and not ours)
The Steps must happen in order……EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE, FROM WHAT’S IT’S BEEN FOR SOOOOO LONG!………in February.
Are you watching the U.S – What is Said & Done……already?

Pay Attention!
Dr. Clarke
P.S. All the negative nellies, who trash Dr. Clarke & so many others – JUST SO YOU KNOW – Every post you make about us & it sneaks through Dinar Recaps, we just LAUGH & LOVE IT, because every one that you make, just invokes us & our focus even STRONGER & more POWERFUL……and Educates the public well, about how NOT to Be in Life with NO BENEFIT, and in fact, STRENGTHENS EVERYONE’S RESOLVE EVEN MORE!
So, all you Negative Sweethearts – KEEP POSTING.
Thank You for your contribution to Our Success!

Mnt Goat