Good Evening, More comments and speculations surfaced toward the end of last week with regard to the beginning of the currency exchanges. I was told to “pick which story you want to believe” We all know about HR 5404 now. I was told it was signed and gold values have been placed on the U.S. Dollar.

President Trump has signed off on the Paris Climate Treaty, A Tariff understanding has been reached between China and the U.S., HSBC top officials have been arrested and charged with obstruction and embezzlement (It seems the money moved there last October has been played with and mishandled} Wells Fargo has been getting charged 1 B per/day in fines for not being compliant.
There is more but why go into it? These are the sound bites for this week that disrupted the release of funds for the exchanges.
Those exchanges, by the way, started last Weds, Thur, and continuing through this week end . I also have been told of payouts in Reno from some certain overseas interest have occurred. (But cannot verify}
Some if not all of what is being circulated has the ring of truth to it in some fashion. It is these “rings of truth ‘that keep us all hopeful through the never-ending Monday -Tuesday scenario.
Folks this is a marathon, not a sprint!!! Those of you who have come to terms with that can release some of the pent up anxiety it has caused and get on with life a little bit. Things will happen when they happen and knowing or not knowing when changes very little in the individual’s life.
When these events kick off, all will find out pretty much at the same time. How distributions will be handled at the public levels and when as well as what can and cannot be done with the funds, will be spelled out in a very clear and simple manor. The point is, this is Not the time to worry about it!
I have been given a precise protocol on how the funds will be distributed through the project accounts, the civilian accounts and the release of the new technologies. I hope to be speaking of those protocols in the near future when given permission to do so.
To keep this simple and to the point all things are in place and at the ready for the release of funds. Collateral Accounts allocated to gold wrap the new currencies as needed (Decades in the making) banking systems are being implemented to handle the new financial networks.
Security protocols are in place to monitor and control the funds’ movement. Political agendas and arguments are solved or at least agreed upon. Let us all not get too hung up on the when and how’s and be content it is moving forward.
The funds still keep getting dammed up as they pass through the bank’s plumbing but bit by bit the leaks and clogged pipes are clearing and things are about to flow.
What follows is a compilation of events and strategic planning sequences, both old and new, paramount to the release of funds generated by the currency exchanges and Historic Asset redemptions
To start with all should understand the players and the acronyms associated to those players. In no particular order of importance
F.A.T.C.A. law implemented (Foreign Account Tax Compensation Act)
Overhaul and Updating of the SWIFT payment system (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Tele-communications) and its integration with the C.I.P.S. (Chinese International Payment System) and recently the R.P.S. (Russian Payment System)

The implementation Of the Hercules I.T. /A.I. banking software.
The creation of the B.R.I.C.S Banking system (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)
Development of the A.I.I.B (Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank)
An allocation format and percentages agreed to on what portion of the Global Collateral Accounts each participating nation will receive to gold cover their particular currency circulations.
Almost all global and sovereign financial institutions adherence to The Basel III accords with the main focus on capital reserve compliance.
An understanding and compromise has been resolved between the Chinese and the Vatican with regards to the release funds and what portion they will receive. (This has been an unknown road block for several months now)
Funds have been allocated and positioned for distribution to destination accounts.
A centralized, global intelligence network has been implemented for oversight and the streamline financial activity monitoring with respect to all current global financial compliance laws. (Terrorist Act, Money Laundering Act ETC.) That is also effectuating the arrest and case building for future indictments of the corrupt behavior within the system .
Agreements in place for the restitution of damages accrued from the illegal activity of the Global Banking and Financial Systems including The Prosperity Programs, restitution to the Global Debt Facility for improper hedging of the collateral accounts, Sovereign Debt Relief and so on..
The removal of U.S. Military bases from strategic location throughout the globe that have caused an unrest or unwarranted defensive posture from surrounding States , changing the perception of the U.S. on the global scale from an offensive irritator to an defensive peace keeper.
These actions and developments above are just a few of the known mechanisms and strategic planning deployed, upgraded, or in the process of development, for the release of funds that are positioned to repair our global financial dilemma.
There are many more events behind the scenes taking place in order for these funds to flow unrestricted to destination accounts to be utilized for purposes intended.
It is crucial to understand that all these financial institutions and agencies are strictly fiduciary components for the delivery, monitoring of funds, banking laws and compliance protocols. They DO NOT own the funds!
Others, that are the architects of the plan are the signatories for the funds, and carry the recognition of authority to enlist the agencies and institutions listed above to engage. They all must integrate their efforts to achieve the end goals. It is the public that will realize the end results of those efforts.
The reason I engage in this type of dialog is to hopefully give a broader perspective of what is actually going on.
This is such a massive effort, that to try and pinpoint or speculate an exact time of engagement is a futile effort. When all things that need to be in place are in place is when it will be done.
The eventualities of the possible outcomes these events may cause are without end. One wrong move can fester into a global problem. It only takes one nut case with a match to burn down the forest. DJ