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wmawhite The IMF, GOI, CBI stated that the government was going to do certain things and in the mid time/by the end of February 2016 two items would be accomplished.

This Technical LoI/MoU was written in November 2015 and published in December…well by the time we saw it…those two items to be accomplished by the end of February HAD already be completed. They were the Investment Law and the AML Law.

The point is that the CBI and GOI are ahead of what the IMF has agreed with them to accomplish.

Q: […so with all of the very positive news and accomplishments in Iraq, What are we waiting on? Bottom line?]

wmawhite: I am waiting on Iraq to enter the markets during the 1st half of 2016.

I believe the IMF and the WB know more about Iraq than the Iraqis…and never before has the IMF stated very clearly what their expectations are for Iraq…and they did it …and then they followed up with two documents outlining step by step as to what is being accomplished…and you may ask, why?

Why provide the world with this information. It is supposed to be a big secret.

Wrong. Iraq is wanting the world to know. They want the world to come to Iraq. There is no secret. The challenge is understanding want you are given.

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