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subgirl says():Doug did you see the title of the last article? I love it!! Iraq is preparing for official and popular celebrations to liberate Mosul

Doug_W says():git er dun Iraq

subgirl says():they are preparing for celebrations for Mosul!! WOW!
subgirl says():those citizens know it is so close!!!

Doug_W says():git er dun Iraq
subgirl says():just how close it must be cuz they are preparing!

Doug_W says():ooops I said that already
Doug_W says():git er dun Iraq
Doug_W says():I know they gotta B super happy

subgirl says():lol
subgirl says():yes they do!!
subgirl says():there is a picture of them in the forum…

subgirl says():

subgirl says():Iraq began the order to declare victory over al-Daesh and the end of the liberation of Mosul operations, which witnessed the depth of the right coast pitched battles for control of the other areas that are holed up terrorists,

amid anticipation for the participation of private break into the old neighborhoods of US troops after the arrival of reinforcements to the vicinity Ghazlani Airport, while the announced United Nations displacement levels reached an unprecedented and relief organizations are struggling to provide the required assistance.

reynoldse2 says():subgirl that article blurb you posted is interesting

subgirl says to Doug_W():this is just for you doug lol s40

subgirl says to Doug_W():Abadi adviser responds to the demands of the Iraqi government’s reduction of the dinar

Shafaq News / Description of the appearance of the financial adviser to the Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, on Friday to reduce the value of the zero Iraqi dinar against the US dollar that it has destructive consequences deepen the financial crisis experienced by the country because of the decline in the price of oil in world markets.

“Unfortunately, there are parties and figures working to promote the idea of ??the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and the deterioration of the standard of living and the stabilization of the stability in order to impose an urgent monetary tax affecting all segments of the people,

” Saleh said in a statement to the twilight news. Which is inflation and the deliberate deterioration of the standard of living in order to fill the state some of its deficit without thinking to generate revenues from outside oil revenues. ”

He pointed out that “devaluation of the Iraqi currency by reducing the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, for example, will add in its destructive consequences a negative impact on deepening the effects of the financial crisis,

a new crisis of inflation in the general level of prices and generates an inflationary recession, aggravating the general economic situation and discontent It is a time when we are fighting the war on terror and we are in dire need of the elements of economic stability. ”

He added that the devaluation of the dinar “will enter the country in three crises: a financial crisis does not solve the rapid monetary policy methods such as reducing the Iraqi dinar exchange rate as the dollar campaign and the dollar and dollar tycoons of the rich, who fight against the power of the people and the misery of the poor and low income

and the second: a crisis of price inflation and deterioration of stability The economic crisis caused by the deterioration of the exchange rate against foreign currency and the reduction in the purchasing power of pensions and incomes of citizens because of inflationary expectations and the spread of uncertainty and distrust of the Iraqi dinar

?and the third: a security crisis because of terrorism and war on the oppressor. T is the people and the winner of the devaluation of the dinar are the rich dollar and terrorism. ”

He concluded by saying that “we do not forget that inflation in the areas advocated and the high rates of price inflation there to 3 decimal places and the deterioration of the standard of living has accelerated the victory over the stability of the standard of living in the rest of Iraq, a smart economic war exercised by the economic leadership in the victory of the urgency.”

subgirl says():there sure is alot of articles in the forum about Mosul… here is another one too
subgirl says():from Okie Dinar…

subgirl says():Iraqi troops recapture half of biggest western Mosul district

Iraqi troops have gained control on part of the biggest west Mosul district and killed a number of Islamic State militants in an airstrike.

In statements on Friday, the War Media Cell quoted the Nineveh Operations Commander, Lt.Gen. Abdul Amir Yarallah, as saying that the 9th armored division retaken the northern part of 17 Tamuz (July 17) in the western side of Mosul.

In other statements, WMC said dozens of IS fighters were killed in airstrikes in western Mosul.

Iraqi fighter jets launched several airstrikes that destroyed booby-trapping workshop and vehicles and killed dozens of militants on Rifaie district.

“An IS headquarter and booby-trapping workshop were destroyed, while dozens of militants were killed on al-Zanjili district,” the statement added.

Iraqi forces have been sweeping through northwestern neighborhoods over the past two weeks in a way to invade the strategic Old City.

More than 16,000 IS members were killed since beginning of operations in Mosul, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, the military spokesperson, said in a press conference on Tuesday declaring that 89.5 percent of western Mosul was liberated with only a few districts remaining under the militants’ control.

Eastern Mosul was liberated in January after three months of battles. Another major offensive was launched in February to retake the western side.

Beeson says():I am sure ya’ll know this…but i just heard it on Fox that Trump has armed the KURDS !!!!!!!! YEAH…. for new people —> they are mostly Christians… and best fighters in Iraq !!!!

Beeson says():just watched Trump leave for Saudi… have we heard if Abadi will be in Saudi ?

subgirl says to Beeson():the kurds are very strong fighters… so thankful they are gettting armed…

subgirl says to Beeson():The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers discusses the facilitation of industrial and agricultural loans in the Central Bank

Economy   Since 2017-05-19 at 17:43 (Baghdad time)  Baghdad – Mawazine News

General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers held a special workshop to discuss facilitating the lending mechanism within the central bank’s industrial and agricultural loans initiative.

The administrative director of the Iraqi Economic Council Bassel al-Khafaji said in a statement that “the workshop was held at the guesthouse of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, attended by the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alaq, ,

The economic adviser to Prime Minister Kazem al-Hassani, as well as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing and Housing, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee on Lending, Astbork Thistle, the Director General of the Operations Department of the Central Bank of Iraq Mahmoud Dagher, the financial adviser to the Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in addition to representatives of the Industrial and Agricultural Bank, Industrial Numeih and unions, businessmen and investors from the agricultural sector and industrial. ”

“The Iraqi Economic Council participated actively in the work of this workshop with a delegation that included the President of the Iraqi Economic Council Ibrahim al-Baghdadi Al-Masoudi, member of the board of directors of the Iraqi Economic Council, the financial secretary and Karim al-Yasiri, Sheikh Hussein Al-Khawam, Sheikh Zia Al-Khawam, Ali Mohsen Farhoud, Khafaji.

“The objective, according to the statement, that” the purpose of this meeting is to look at the data presented to the Council of Ministers, including the amounts that have been lent from the inception of the initiative and until now through specialized banks, as follows:

80% of the funds allocated to the Housing Fund.

32% real estate bank

3.5% Agricultural Bank

0% Industrial Bank

“This is indicative of the great reluctance of investors in the industrial and agricultural fields, which means that there are real problems in the lending process. Perhaps the most important issue is the required guarantees, as well as the requirement that the loan be 100% through the documentary credits. the proportion of the loan Kciolh cash to build and prepare and create a place for the production lines. ”

subgirl says to Beeson():He added: “The provision of raw materials and the purchase of machinery and simple supplies from the local market ..

As everyone knows that the revitalization of the industrial sector and agricultural large, medium and small has a significant role and important in activating the national economy and reduce the unemployment rate and maximize imports of the state.

“The Committee was formed to follow up the subject of loans carefully in the development of instructions and made sure to be effective since the process began lending on 1/6/2016, but the bureaucracy in the work of banks and the subject of guarantees required to obtain these loans did not encourage the private sector to lend and that the cause of low provisioning on loans with the ratio of the industrial Bank needs to review and study the mechanisms to facilitate lending and the need to develop a mechanism commensurate with the size of the subject. ”

Al-Baghdadi pointed out that “there are real and direct reasons for the reluctance on these loans and perhaps the most important guarantees, but there are real reasons, but also important but indirect, and most important, as a serious businessman thinks whether there is economic feasibility to obtain the loan or not.”

He explained that “the most important indirect reasons lie in that in all countries of the world there is a permanent conflict between industry and agriculture on the one hand and with trade on the other hand, and in all the world governments support industry and agriculture on trade, but in Iraq!

Although the government and legislative bodies to support industry and agriculture But in fact it is still trade that has the upper hand through the lack of control of the border ports and the entry of imported goods in very large quantities without taking into account the amount of available industry and agriculture of Iraq of each article,

and therefore, this represents the dumping of goods, which was legislated law A right (anti-dumping law) but did not do until now, unfortunately. ”

He pointed out that “most types of imported materials are poor and sometimes very poor, and they do not fit with the Iraqi specifications required, and this is also a violation of another law was legislated, which is (consumer protection law) where the government is supposed to prevent the import of such materials,

Which is not able to compete with imported materials because of the cost of one megawatts in Iran cost 1.5 cents and in Saudi Arabia 2 cents for energy processed for industrial projects, while the cost of one megawat in Iraq up to 12 cents industrial buys 90% of the material of kerosene at commercial prices.

He explained that “the lack of many services and infrastructure of industrial cities and factories forced the industrial or agricultural to pay for the provision of services, including security of the security.”

He stressed that “the high rate of salaries in Iraq, the salary of the worker in Iran $ 200, Asian in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries and Turkey $ 275 while the salary of the worker in Iraq is not less than $ 400.”

The participants also discussed a number of other obstacles to lending and discussed a number of necessary proposals, as they reached the formulation of recommendations and solutions to the subject of this workshop.

He promised the relations, according to the statement, “raised and presented for discussion at the meeting of the Cabinet to take the necessary decisions to facilitate the mechanism of lending.”

reynoldse2 says():so… if their salaries are high… our salaries should be high
reynoldse2 says():no?

reynoldse2 says():so… if their salaries are high… our salaries should be high
reynoldse2 says():no?

Dr dave says():I would much prefer a RV to a raise………..

subgirl says to Dr dave():sounds good to me too. lol come on CBI!!!

Dr dave says():come on private investment laws….. come on GOVt of Iraq

subgirl says to Dr dave():exactly!!! come on laws!!

jazzergirl says():Hello. Curious where the rumor got started that Trump was going to Iraq?? I keep hearing that but his itinerary doesn’t show it.

subgirl says to Dr dave():there is the deposit ins. laws… commercial laws…
subgirl says to jazzergirl():guess we shall just see…

Dr dave says():the is the other half of the story….hehe
Dr dave says(that is the other half of the story
subgirl says to Dr dave):brb

jazzergirl says():I hope he does but it doesn’t look like he will. Do you guys allow links? I found one on Youtube that Fox News posted about his Itinerary.

jazzergirl says):He is going to Italy twice! LOL! I can’t wait to go to Italy the end of July! My son and his family are over there. He works for Lockheed Martin over there.

puffdragon says to subgirl():If you recall the article that Bgg spoke about a couple of news times was that straight out of the CBI it was stated the money RV first then the laws will be adjusted as necessary!

Dr dave says():With the stipulation from the Imf that ISIS need be eliminated???

Dinar Dave says():If ya all believed the articles and everything else that has been brought in here you would of RV’d about 28 times over the years…lol
Dr dave says):No Doubt!!!

?puffdragon says to subgirl():Also I would bet that Trump will be stopping in Iraq and that was left off the itinerary on purpose, just a hunch of mine!

Dr dave says():To visit the troops………?
puffdragon says to Dr dave(): That report was the CBI not some gurus hopium idea.

Dinar Dave says():Trump keeps doing what he’s doing the boy will be looking for a another job…lol
Dinar Dave says to puffdragon():CBI hassn’t been very truthful over the years either

jazzergirl says():Well I am just praying things happen real soon for all of us…..but especially for the people of Iraq. God’s speed!

Dinar Dave says to jazzergirl():(y)(y)

puffdragon says to Dr dave():No CBI is not going to tell us what exatly they are going to do and when it is going to happen !

puffdragon says to Dr dave():Thats all left to our speculation.

Dinar Dave says to Dr dave():Yea Dr. Dave
Dr dave says():Their situation is complicated no??????….lol

puffdragon says to Dr dave():Just read Trump had the mexican cartel and the ms13 gang in LA i believe raided got them by suprise, so Trump needs to keep doin what he is doin.

puffdragon says to Dr dave():You take your enemies down by supprise not telling them when and where , just do it !

Dr dave says():HEHE………
puffdragon says to Dr dave():HAHA !

Dr dave says():I think once IS is “officially” eliminated …What ever that means, we will rapidly see what direction this is heading esp with electons coming up

puffdragon says to Dr dave():I agree with that.


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