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larrykn says():Jubouri reveals details of a secret meeting with al-Abadi

04/19/2017 21:56  Chairman of the House of Representatives revealed Saleem al – Jubouri , Wednesday, details of the meeting of an unspoken contract recently with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , noting that the meeting included a discussion of six files, while the view that the relationship between the legislative and executive branches went through “clear ataxia.”

Jubouri said, in response to a question about the meeting details of an unspoken contract recently with al-Abadi, said that “the debate came after a state of tension between the parliament and the government and stages ago,”

noting that “we discussed the cases of questioning vacant ministries and to challenge the financial budget, as well as the statements issued by the committees and the government about some things. ”

Jubouri said that “it was also discussed the settlement file, and legislation such as the amendment of the amnesty law,” stressing at the same time that “the relationship with the executive body of the very good day and within fixed limits, but they went through ataxia clear.”

The Jubouri said earlier, there is no “conflict” between the legislative and executive branches, and expressed his rejection of the democratic process, a process that is intended to “political or personal targeting.”

subgirl says to SRW():Satellite dishes reconnect post-Daesh Mosul to world

AFP | Published — Thursday 20 April 2017   MOSUL: Satellite dishes have been sprouting on the rooftops of east Mosul since it was retaken from the Daesh group, who punished anyone caught with a dish with the lash.

“Now we know what is happening in the world,” Mohammad Turki says as he installs one in the Al-Qahira district.

Since Iraqi forces ousted Daesh from the half of Mosul that lies east of the Tigris river, residents have rushed to buy dishes that the jihadists banned as they sought to isolate their self-declared “caliphate” from the outside world.

“Today there’s huge demand,” says Turki, who installs up to five dishes a day. “People in Mosul were cut off from the world. We didn’t know what was happening around us.”

Today, the dishes have mushroomed on rooftops across the city’s east and residents have access to news from beyond Mosul once again.

Sarmad Raad, 26, of the eastern Shaqaq Al-Khadra district, says residents took significant risks to stay in touch with the outside world, installing dishes on balconies and hiding them behind canvas screens.

“If they caught you, you’d get lashes,” he said.

Main roads in Mosul are still lined with piles of rusting dishes confiscated by the jihadists.

Alaa, a dish salesman, says the jihadists forced antenna shops to close the same way they banned anyone from carrying a mobile phone.

“They would search them to make sure they weren’t selling satellite dishes. They’d monitor people and whip or imprison them,” he says.

Daesh fighters also raided and set fire to the headquarters of local television station Al-Mawsleya.

Residents say they are keen to watch the news and to track developments in west Mosul, where Iraqi forces are still battling to oust Daesh from its last major urban stronghold in Iraq.

Daesh seized Mosul in a lightening 2014 advance across swathes of Iraq and Syria, but today the group is on the retreat.

A relative of Raad says television news lets him track “which neighborhoods have been liberated so we can be reassured that our relatives there are safe.”

Others say they are after light relief, such as soap operas or this Sunday’s El Clasico derby between Spanish football giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

subgirl says to SRW():great article…. about electricity obviously… hmm….

aarons says():Whats with the $$$$$$$$
aarons says():I cant wait!!!

subgirl says to aarons():just means I have copied…
subgirl says to aarons():I dont write the words copied chat on it… just love the $$ signs lol

aarons says():Awesome Im a new guy to this but have been follwoing for a year or so now
subgirl says to aarons():cool
aarons says():LOL

subgirl says to aarons():glad you could come in. and chat…
subgirl says to aarons():news is loooking awesome!!

subgirl says to aarons():this weekend will be a great weekend of news…
subgirl says to aarons():and into next week too

aarons says():Yes I’m so excited.
subgirl says to aarons():me too
aarons says():Thanks for all you guys do to keep us informed

subgirl says to aarons():it will show us alot of where Iraq is and is going…
subgirl says to aarons():yw

subgirl says to aarons():we do what we can… we do not know when it is going to happen just know it is going to happen…

subgirl says to SRW():Kurdistan Region: There is “strong” coordination between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army
The security scene Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 16:51 pm (881 views)

Baghdad / Sky Press:  Kurdistan Region President Nechervan Barzani said on Thursday that there is a “strong” coordination between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army, noting that the other areas between the center and the region have not witnessed serious dialogue, pointing out that the referendum is a natural right for the people of Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Regional Government Presidency said in a statement received by “Sky Press”, a copy of it, “The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, met today, with German Foreign Minister Ziegmar Gabriel,”

indicating that “Gabriel price of the people of the Kurdistan region and Peshmerga forces to resist and defend the principles Humanitarian and protection of various components of terrorist attacks. ”

According to the statement, Gabrielle stressed “the continuation of German military and humanitarian support to the Kurdistan region and the development of bilateral relations between the two sides in various fields,” adding that “dialogue is the best way to resolve outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil.”

For his part, Barzani said that “there is strong coordination between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army, but the other areas did not see a serious dialogue,” stressing the “importance of the participation of the international community in this area.”

Barzani added that “the referendum is a natural right for the people of Kurdistan to determine their fate.” He added that “the people and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the political parties do not believe in guaranteeing their rights in the future through the use of violence, but requires that through serious dialogue and the international community can help in this regard.”

The German Foreign Minister Zgkmar Gabrielle last night to Erbil and held a meeting with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani.

subgirl says to SRW()::uhm hmmm…..
larrykn says():http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/190420173

subgirl says to larrykn():thank you

subgirl says to SRW():ok next article…
subgirl says to SRW():Electricity for “Economy News”: kilo watt 180 dinars and handily sell to citizens with 10 dinars

The Ministry of Electricity, said Thursday that the electricity is supported by 94% of the citizens as we are selling at 10 dinars, while costing us 180 dinars, adding that she is exposed to significant attack by those affected by the citizen to get 24 hours of power supply.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher for “Economy News”, “The privatization of the electricity distribution sector, a project aimed at eliminating the excesses that led to the loss of 65% of the energy produced in addition to the payment of citizens are discharged from the money that reached $ 2.7 billion, which is enough to pay off Ministry staff salaries for two years. ”

He added that ” the privatization of the electricity distribution sector , the project has achieved great success and led to the rationalization of consumption by 30% with the termination Aldhaiat 100% , ” noting that “the Ministry of Electricity supports the current equipped citizens by 94%.”

He explained that “the cost per kilowatt ministry 180 dinars and Njhzh citizen at a price of 10 dinars,” stressing that “the ministry is exposed to significant attack by those affected by the citizen to get 24 hours of power.”

The World Bank announced that the Iraqi government doubled the prices of electricity consumption four times, indicating that the non-oil economy in 2017 is expected to recover this year after three years of contraction, thanks to the improved security situation and increased investment spending of non-oil.

subgirl says to SRW():and as you can see this is about electricity again!!!!!!!!! lol notice how many there are about it???

subgirl says to SRW():the electricity is supported by 94% of the citizens as we are selling at 10 dinars, while costing us 180 dinars, adding that she is exposed to significant attack by those affected by the citizen to get 24 hours of power supply.
subgirl says to SRW():lol

subgirl says to SRW():Shares of banks and industry climb the Iraqi stock market at the close
2017/04/20 16:42   The general index of the Iraqi Stock Exchange ended Thursday, up 0.24%, at 657.41, gaining 1.59 points, compared to Wednesday’s levels.

The performance of the index was affected by the rise of several shares, led by the United Bank by 2.94%, and increased the hotels of Karbala, and the Gulf Commercial Bank 2.94% and 2.17% respectively, and chemical and plastic rose 1.89%.

On the other hand, the manufacturing and marketing of dates stocks fell today by 5.84%, and fell Almamora real estate, Baghdad Hotel 2.95% and 1.15% respectively, and fell Asia Telecom for 1.09%.

The shares of Sumer Commercial Bank trading volume today value of about 177.73 million dinars, through the circulation of 197.48 million shares.

Liquidity rose today to 415.53 million dinars compared to 335.32 million dinars yesterday, and increased to 542.48 million shares compared to 447.87 million shares on Wednesday.

subgirl says to SRW():now this is about the stock market in Iraq… hmmm…

subgirl says to SRW():Barzani also admits: The referendum is to tell the world what the Kurdish people want

For Thursday, 20 April   Follow-up 11: After the visit of the German Foreign Minister to the Kurdistan Region and his meeting with Massoud Barzani, the two held a press conference in which Barzani spoke of what has been the conversation between the parties.

According to Barzani, he spoke with the German Foreign Minister about the referendum and was told that the referendum is to tell the world what the Kurdish people want and that they will deal with the issue of the referendum peacefully and is in the interest of the Kurds and the Arabs and the peoples of the region.

Barzani said those who criticized the referendum said they had not met the referendum well. Non-Kurdish forces have expressed their fears that the referendum for independence is not that the leaders of the Barzani party and the delegation that visited Baghdad assured everyone that the referendum is not for independence but to know the opinion of the Kurdish people and to communicate this opinion to the world.

The German Foreign Minister for his part spoke about what happened between him and Barzani from an interview and said that he discussed with the issue of freezing the regional parliament and relations between the Kurdish political forces, which Barzani did not talk about. While Barzani spoke about his request from Germany to include military support for them.

subgirl says to SRW():similar to the other article…  ?

Elilali50 says():The Ministry of Electricity, said Thursday that the electricity is supported by 94% of the citizens as we are selling at 10 dinars, while costing us 180 dinars, adding that she is exposed to significant attack by those affected by the citizen to get 24 hours of power supply.

Elilali50 says():10, and 180 dinar?
Elilali50 says():er….
Elilali50 says():I don’t get it. How could that not be with a new rate?

subgirl says to Elilali50():yep we saw that one…

Elilali50 says():they’re selling electricity for one cent?
Elilali50 says():no way
Elilali50 says():$30 though… makes sense

sunshine1 says to Elilali50():Is that price per KW, or however they sell it?

Elilali50 says():Not sure
Elilali50 says():well, currently as we understand, there are no denoms that low… so….
Elilali50 says():come on iraq

SRW says to subgirl():Kindof.. Barzani is really in undertone saying we want Kirkuk and the other areas that were taken from us.. But, that is up to the people of that region to decide.. Which will be a big undertaking.. Some don’t even live there anymore.. They were kicked out of their homes during the Saddam Regime.. It is going to take a while to figure all this out..

Elilali50 says():I agree SRW… there are a lot of messes to sort through. But the other day, an article was speaking on how the money would come first, and then they would work on everything

Elilali50 says():I’m just hanging on to some of the things Tman was hearing. From his circles he was hearing the 21st will be a significant date

Mudder says to Elilali50():I wouldn’t do that…

Elilali50 says():oh?
Elilali50 says():it’s just something to feel optimistic about, that’s all
larrykn says():US approves potential $295.6m weapons sale to Peshmerga

A Kurdish Peshmerga soldier trains with Combined Joint Task Force counterparts as part of Operation Inherent Resolve in October 2015 near Erbil. Photo: US Army

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The US State Department has approved a possible sale of military equipment to the Peshmerga to an estimated cost of $295.6 million.

The sale would include equipment to fully outfit two Peshmerga light infantry brigades and two support artillery battalions, a statement from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency detailed on Wednesday.

A wide range of equipment was requested for purchase, including machine guns, armoured vehicles, body armour, small arms, chemical weapon detection and protection equipment, medical equipment, MRAPs, and ambulances.

The sale would assist in the defeat of ISIS, the statement said, adding it would not “alter the basic military balance in the region.”

The sale has not been concluded as of yet.

Prs says():At 10 dinar per kwhr would be about the damr as knocking off 1 zero
Prs says():Same as

subgirl says to SRW():here is another article…

subgirl says to SRW():Operation to retake ISIS-held Hawija imminent
KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region — Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has given the green light for the anticipated attack on ISIS militants in the Sunni heartland of Hawija, senior Shiite commanders told Rudaw Wednesday.

“At the order of the Commander of the Armed Forces we have prepared the assault in coordination with the Peshmerga troops. We have all the preparations needed for this operation,” said Colonel Zaki Muhammad, the local commander of Shiite militia Hashd al-Shaabi.

According to Muhammad there will be 5 Shiite brigades joining the operation supported by government airstrikes and Peshmerga ground troops.

With just over 400,000 inhabitants, predominantly Sunni Arabs, Hawija and its surrounding localities have been at the center of multiple insurgencies since 2004.

The attack to retake the city, captured by ISIS in June 2014, has been repeatedly postponed to avoid triggering sectarian tensions in Sunni lands.

When the Iraqi army withdrew from the area in 2014, tribal fighters affiliated with ISIS took charge of the city.

Kurdish police forces are wary that the insurgency will likely continue in Hawija due to the long-going ethnic tensions in the area with a distrustful Sunni population which has in the past accused Iraq’s Shiite-led government of arbitrary detentions and discrimination.

“ISIS has been there for more than two years and even before that al-Qaeda was operating in this area, so we don’t think the insurgency is something that will end immediately after liberating the city,” said Kirkuk Police Chief Sarhad Qadir.

Iraqi forces have pushed back the militants in several areas near Hawija, which is regarded a strategic city at the crossroads between Kirkuk and Nineveh province.

Hawija’s northern borders and its four city gates have been sieged by Peshmerga forces since August last year.

Kurdish security officials have said the liberation of Hawija is crucial for the security of Kirkuk city which suffered from several deadly bombings over the past year claimed by ISIS militants.

Kurdish sources say that Peshmerga forces are able to drive out the militants from the city in collaboration with the Iraqi army and coalition air support.

“Our troops will manage to enter the city from the northern gates and are basically waiting for orders from the Kurdistan Region,” said Peshmerga Major General Hama Regir.

clay says to Doug_W():HomeAmericaZapping ISIS: US Army tests drone-killing laser weaponPublished time: 20 Apr, 2017 15:49Edited time: 20 Apr, 2017 16:04

subgirl says to SRW():you see it says Imminent…??
subgirl says to clay():(y)Zapping ISIS… love that…

clay says to Doug_W():Zapping ISIS: US Army tests drone-k
subgirl says to clay():NICE!!
aarons says():\(y)

clay says to Doug_W():


?clay says to Doug_W():check that out wow
subgirl says to clay():very huge!!!!!!!!! Lol

Doug_W says to SRW():another shooting in Paris looks like 1 police officer and 2 gunman dead
Doug_W says to SRW():another officer wounded

clay says to Doug_W():not good getting worse

Doug_W says to SRW():they let in all those Muslims and this is the result
Doug_W says to SRW():sad we have to judge a religion this way
Doug_W says():but at this point it appears to be the only way

clay says to Doug_W():well it must be done

Doug_W says():all these “participation trophy” ppl think its not right racist they say

clay says to Doug_W():on FOX last night they reported 500,000children under 5 girls all muslim practice sexual mutilation here in America very barbaric and painful but these young girls here r forced into it

clay says to Doug_W():  this is the USA WXX
Dr dave says():…………..WXX

subgirl says():we need to be careful with our words… remember this is a Christian site…
subgirl says():ok we need to chat about dinar…

subgirl says():Kurdish President of the Iraqi Parliament

The first phase of the country will witness major changes that may not touch the essence of the political process, but will press hard.

To the decisions and positions of shock after years of transformation and suffering, and the lack of seriousness in the fulfillment of promises to citizens complaining of poor performance, lack of services, and the absence of a solution to the ongoing crises, especially as everyone seemed to be unable to perform the responsibility placed on them properly.

The possibility of turning the equation in favor of changes in the distribution of positions of sovereignty that resulted from sectarian and ethnic quotas has become great,

and it is not excluded that the presidency of the Republic to the Sunnis instead of the presidency of parliament, which may go to a Kurdish woman where the Kurds do not keep a similar desire to their Arab counterparts who prefer men to take up positions Supreme,

which may lead to the appointment of one of the current parliament deputies from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by former President Jalal Talabani (Ala Talabani) as President of the next parliament,

which is one of the most Kurdish politicians open to the Arabs and active forces in Baghdad, pal G of intransigence on issues concerning the rights of the Kurds, which also enjoys a remarkable support from Shiite forces in the National Alliance.

The efforts of the Kurdish powers to head the parliament result from dissatisfaction with the post of President of the Republic, which is symbolic but not influential in the political process, and they need to pass many laws that serve their cause, which prompts them more to demand the presidency of Parliament to be able to control the ways of legislation of laws.

Over the past years, and despite the Kurds control of their affairs in the Kurdistan region but they were having difficulty in dealing with Baghdad, especially on controversial issues, and perhaps it would be like the presidency of parliament to achieve them added sovereignty in the capital, while recognizing the difficulty that they are demanding secession from Baghdad.

Elilali50 says():excellent
Elilali50 says():Come ON Iraq
Elilali50 says():10 dinars… 160 dinars… COME ON

Elilali50 says():10 dinars is equivalent to one cent
Elilali50 says():SO, there’s something incredibly fishy about that, in a good way

subgirl says():look at this: Kurdish President of the Iraqi Parliament

The first phase of the country will witness major changes that may not touch the essence of the political process, but will press hard. To the decisions and positions of shock after years of transformation and suffering, and the lack of seriousness in the fulfillment of promises to citizens complaining of poor performance, lack of services, and the absence of a solution to the ongoing crises, especially as everyone seemed to be unable to perform the responsibility placed on them properly.

Elilali50 says():exactly what I was saying… it’s still going to be messy, but serious changed should be immediate

Elilali50 says():just revalue your currency Iraq, and we’ll all get off your case
clay says to Elilali50():lol
clay says to Elilali50():s@@n

Elilali50 says():please don’t use the s word lol
clay says to Elilali50():had too lol

Elilali50 says():oh and by the way, how can you charge someone 10 freakin dinars when their smallest note is what… 5k?

clay says to Elilali50():that old old dirty word
clay says to Elilali50():wish I knew

Elilali50 says():very dirty, naughty word, that has riddled Dinarians with angst
clay says to Elilali50():for years and years
Elilali50 says():and years

Elilali50 says():but hopefullly not much longer
clay says to Elilali50():exactly
Elilali50 says():#hopefully
clay says to Elilali50():prayin

Elilali50 says():wishin
Elilali50 says():I keep shaking my 8 ball
clay says to Elilali50():crossing everything

Elilali50 says():”it is decidedly so”
clay says to Elilali50():that too lol

Elilali50 says():everything crossed, even my in laws
clay says to Elilali50():lmao

Elilali50 says():The Ministry of Electricity, said Thursday that the electricity is supported by 94% of the citizens as we are selling at 10 dinars, while costing us 180 dinars, adding that she is exposed to significant attack by those affected by the citizen to get 24 hours of power supply.

Elilali50 says():I just can’t wrap my head around that
Elilali50 says():How can you charge an Iraqi citizen 10 dinars? “Uh… do you have change? All I have is a 5k.” – Iraqi Citizen

clay says():the gov seems to be losing 160 dinars
Elilali50 says():right

Elilali50 says():which even that in itself is huge, because they seem to be in a position where they can easily afford it

clay says():don’t know good question

Elilali50 says():which… 160 dinars is only worth 16 cents.
Elilali50 says():how does that make sense?

clay says():right
clay says():it doesn’t

Elilali50 says():and why would they let that article out?
Elilali50 says():if they’re being hardcore about keeping this hush hush

clay says():depends who wrote it
Elilali50 says():true

Elilali50 says():someone could have pasted it without anyone’s “permission”

Elilali50 says():but if that isn’t a huge red flag to the world. HELLOOOO do you know what the exchange rate is on Forex?

clay says():but if it wer the ministry of electric then?

Elilali50 says():You’re with me clay
Elilali50 says():Then, they may have screwed up
clay says():yes

Elilali50 says(:oops.. we told everybody, let’s go ahead and pop it
clay says():lol

Elilali50 says():since that’s how it works
Elilali50 says():sigh

clay says():one morning we willwake up to it
clay says()::)
clay says():brb’

Elilali50 says():one morning. tomorrow works especially well for me because I was hoping to take a weekend trip to Monte Carlo

Elilali50 says():I’m just short 5k, and the trip would only cost 5,000
Elilali50 says():or atleast, I think I have 5k in my account. It’s just in red bold for some reason
Elilali50 says):I just found something
clay says():lol

Elilali50 says():In the US at least, it’s 12 cents per kilowatt hour
Elilali50 says():so unfortunately…
Elilali50 says():I’m super bummed now

Elilali50 says():there’s nothing special about that article. That’s the standard price

?SRW says to Elilali50():We are with ya Buddy.. Hope this happens in a short time period.. I wouldn’t read too much in that electricity article though.. For more reasons than you probalbly want to hear .

Elilali50 says():touche
Elilali50 says():I hear ya

SRW says to Elilali50():On the bright side 94 percent of the citizens are now getting electricity.. That is huge to them.. I just can’t imagine the hardships some have had to go thru during the corrupt Maliki leadership..

Elilali50 says():right.. having electricity in itself is huge

clay says to SRW():years and years
clay says to SRW():not to mention torture and starvation

clay says to SRW():no running water
clay says to SRW():s43 or TP
clay says to SRW():ouch
clay says to SRW):they deserve better

SRW says to Elilali50():We want to make money… They just want a civil life.. We have to keep all this in perspective..
clay says to SRW():yep


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