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larrykn says():Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, was occupied by ISIS in the summer of 2014. Since a military campaign launched in October 2016, Iraqi forces managed to recover the eastern half of the city.

On 19 February, they launched an offensive to reclaim the western half and have retaken an estimated 60 percent. They are currently engaged in a slow, tough fight in the central, old districts of western Mosul.

larrykn says():

subgirl says():this is from yesterday and we actually saw it earlier this week…

subgirl says():Abadi announces release of Mosul, the entire end of the month
A source in the office of the Prime Minister, on Wednesday, ready commander of the armed forces Haider al – Abadi , to announce the complete liberation of the city of Mosul by the thirtieth of April / April.

The source indicated that ” the remaining neighborhoods are only 6, and will edit the old city within two days, a neighborhood that is a stronghold of the remnants of the ” Daesh ” in Ayman Mosul , ”

noting that “preliminary indications of the security forces and the Center for Joint Special Operations Command confirms the liberation of all neighborhoods in within a week from now. ”

“The security forces need a few days after the liberation of the city to conduct combing operations, secure the arrival of food for the population, and the evacuation of wounded civilians, and also the delivery of convoys of international and humanitarian organizations to the region.”

The source continued that “the visit of Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, a conductor morning is for the purpose of standing on the deadline for the liberation of Mosul in full, which will be the end of the month of April / April.

The Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, has at a time from an earlier Wednesday, a visit to Mosul to inspect pieces of operations are coming, Nineveh, and hold a meeting with their leaders.

subgirl says to SRW():the next is this: Government agrees to develop a project for the maintenance of the Mosul Dam

2017/4/19 [Oan- Baghdad] approved by the Ministerial Committee on Economic Affairs, on the development of a project for the maintenance of the Mosul Dam.

A statement by the Ministry of Planning Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, ” The committee is chaired by the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili taken during its tenth meeting a number of decisions of economic affairs, which would remove the obstacles facing the economic and financial process of the country.”

Government Committee approved the statement said , “the development of a project [installation and maintenance works Overstuffing and rehabilitation of the lower ports of Mosul Dam],

as well as directing the Ministry of Agriculture to provide a mechanism and strategy to support poultry breeders and farmers in maize.”

The statement added, ” The committee decided to approve the lifting of committees procurement validity in order to speed up the implementation of national card measures in Baghdad and the provinces to enable the Ministry of Interior to secure the project requirements of the rehabilitation of buildings and processing devices necessary equipment,

as well as the approval of the General Company for food products contracted with Ministry of Commerce for processing a quantity of 100 thousand tons per year of material edible oil. ”

The Committee on Economic Affairs has also agreed to “transform the annual programs of the Ministry of Electricity Projects to ongoing projects for the sustainability of the Ministry ‘s work.”

subgirl says to SRW():it is one I like cuz it deals with electricity…

larrykn says to subgirl():gm subby , yes good news , along with the meeting this weekend with the WB an IMF, next Tues parliment meets to pass all remaining laws, an then this, WOW , talk about a road map to an RV

subgirl says to larrykn():(y) GM
subgirl says to SRW():Infallible calls for wider participation of German to build the capacity of Iraq

History of edits:: 2017/4/19   Called President Fuad Masum , to German broad participation in the rebuilding of industrial, agricultural and medical capabilities of Iraq, hello also the coming of expertise and investment German to the country, praising the attitude of the Government and the people of Germany support for Iraq in its war against terrorist Daesh gangs.

The transfer of a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today confirm infallible during a meeting at noon today, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad , German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and his accompanying delegation, on “Iraq ‘s interest in building strong ties of friendship with Germany ,

referring to the historical character at all levels He expressed the gratitude of the Iraqi people for his friend from the German people, logistical and humanitarian military assistance to Iraq in its war on terror, calling for the expansion of cooperation for the benefit of the two countries. ”

While the President of the Republic expressed “confidence that Iraq was progressing resolutely towards the renewal of economic capabilities and strengthen its role in establishing peace and stability in the region, he stressed the country ‘s desire to build friendly relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect and constructive cooperation to eliminate terrorist threats.”

He also pointed to ” the determination of the Iraqis to the success of the project , community reconciliation and the reconstruction of the affected areas as a result of terrorist acts and to enable displaced persons to return to their home areas and to secure a decent life.”

For his part , the German minister expressed “his appreciation of the successes achieved by Iraq against terrorism, noting that Germany is expanding its support for Iraq in all fields , especially economic, as well as in the preparation of qualified personnel, reconstruction and stability.”

He stressed that “Germany is keen to strengthen its relations with Iraq , according to a strategic perspective, and attaches particular importance to promote political and social stability , which in parallel with his victory over terrorism.”

subgirl says to SRW():talks about Germany… love it when another country is involved with Iraq!!!

subgirl says to SRW():you see other countries are getting involved with the rebuilding of Iraq… Why?? hmm…

subgirl says to SRW():great part here: For his part , the German minister expressed “his appreciation of the successes achieved by Iraq against terrorism, noting that Germany is expanding its support for Iraq in all fields , especially economic, as well as in the preparation of qualified personnel, reconstruction and stability.”

subgirl says to SRW():esp economic… WOW! and reconstruction and Stability!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!

subgirl says to SRW():that is an awesome article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

larrykn says to subgirl():“They might not have understood the situations very well. Holding a referendum is intended to communicate the opinions of the entire Kurdistan nation to the world.

This is a process for which we will be talking to other parties, especially Baghdad. This doesn’t mean we will be adopting the path of violence. Rather, we will be choosing the path of peace and dialogue.

Mutual understanding and reaching a result which the nation of Kurdistan approves will contribute further to the interests of the region. It will promote the interests of the Kurds, Arabs and other nations in the region further,” Barzani detailed.

Regarding Germany’s prospective on the referendum, “It is an internal matter as it is between Iraq and the Kurdistan Region,” Gabriel said. “This is something they decide on it.”

He added that what is really important for them — as they have told Baghdad and Erbil authorities — is “the stability of Iraq and the region.”

Gabriel arrived in Erbil on Wednesday, where he was received by Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani.
“I would like to thank you for the warm hospitality you showed to us with being open to the discussions we held together,” Gabriel said during Thursday’s press conference.

In Baghdad on Wednesday, Gabriel said his government would continue its support for Iraq, including humanitarian aid.

larrykn says to subgirl():http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/200420171

subgirl says to larrykn():thank you Larry
subgirl says to larrykn():good points…
subgirl says to SRW():ok another article… you ready? lol

subgirl says to SRW():URGENT Abadi arrives in Mosul

History of edits:: 2017/4/19 Abadi, up to Mosul   [Oan- Baghdad] arrived Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al – Abadi to the city of Mosul to inspect pieces of operations are coming …

lAbadi inspects several districts of Mosul, Ayman – Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi on a number of neighborhoods the right side of the city of Mosul , and met its peop

subgirl says to SRW():short one lol
subgirl says to SRW():oops lol here is the rest of it lol Abadi inspects several districts of Mosul, Ayman – Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi on a number of neighborhoods the right side of the city of Mosul , and met its people and listened to their problems after its liberation from the terrorist gangs Daesh .

subgirl says to SRW):so here we have Abadi going to inspect the city of Mosul… he is really a great PM… He really cares for his people…

subgirl says to SRW():listened to their problems after its liberation from the terrorist gangs Daesh .
subgirl says to SRW():cool huh?
larrykn says to subgirl():Federal Police kills IS Chemicals Official in Mosul

by Loaa Adel Apr 20, 2017, 3:22 pm

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi Federal Police Chief announced, on Thursday, killing the chemicals official of the Islamic State group, in western Mosul.

Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat, in a press statement said that the Federal Police forces fired a remotely controlled rocket, targeting a headquarters of the Islamic State in al-Zanjili area.

The shelling resulted in the killing of the Islamic State’s chemicals official, Ahmed Abu Ghaz, Jawdat added.

subgirl says to larrykn():WOW thank you
clay says():GM all! News getting better by the day
subgirl says to larrykn():yes it sure is… love it…

larrykn says to subgirl():Iraqi F16 fighter jets destroy 4 explosives plants in Nineveh

by Loaa Adel Apr 20, 2017, 3:46 pm

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi Ministry of Defense’s War Media Cell announced, on Thursday, that dozens of the Islamic State members were killed and four explosives plants were destroyed by F16 fighter jets air strikes, west of Mosul.

The cell said in a statement, “Today, F16 fighter jets carried out several air strikes on Tal Afar District, destroying 3 explosives plants and a hideout belonging to the Islamic State, as well as killing dozens of militants.”

“The air strike also destroyed another explosives plant in al-Mahlabiyah area, west of Mosul,” the statement added.

The statement also revealed that the air strike was carried out based on accurate information obtained from ‘We Are Coming, Nineveh’ Intelligence Cell.

Iraqi F16 fighter jets destroy 4 explosives plants in Nineveh
clay says to larrykn():thanks for the news buddy GM

cfine1 says():does anyone have an update, what’s the latest
clay says to cfine1():Mosul complete by end of next week

subgirl says to larrykn():maybe copy and paste and put in what you are thinking…
subgirl says to cfine1():very important meetings this weekend… starting tomorrow…

cfine1 says():I am very new to all this, does that mean we are looking for that to be complete

clay says to subgirl():right IMF meetings
larrykn says to subgirl():Iraq to summon Turkish ambassador over Erdogan’s mobilization forces remarks

by Mohamed Mostafa  Apr 20, 2017, 4:18 pm
The Iraqi President Fuad Masum, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said Thursday it would summon the Turkish ambassador to hand him an official letter of protest at remarks by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan critical of Iraqi paramilitary groups fighting the Islamic State.

Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Gamal said in statements that the memo protests remarks by President Erdogan during an interview with Qatari al-Jazeera network on Wednesday, in which he labeled al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) as a terrorist entity.

“Who are al-Hashd al-Shaabi? Who is backing them? The Iraqi parliament supports al-Hashd al-Shaabi, but, honestly, they are a terrorist organization, and should be known who stands behind it,” he said during the interview.

He added that PMUs, active in the Sanjar region, west of Mosul, are “acting against Tal Afar”, referring to an Islamic State stronghold town with a Turkmen majority, a community which Ankara has shown anxiousness to protect from ethnic bigotry.

?Earlier on Thursday, Ahmed al-Assadi, a spokesperson of al-Hashd al-Shaabi , said the remarks are “a violation against an Iraqi security institution” that is “recognized by the parliament and the state”.

Al-Hashd al-Shaabi was formed by a decree from Iraq’s top Shia clergy in 2014 to combat the Islamic State militants who took over many regions of Iraq.It won parliament recognition as a national armed force late 2016.

The militia, an alliance of more than 60 groups, is currently engaged in fighting against ISIS on the side of the Iraqi government forces, and its expected involvement in the liberation of areas inhabited by Sunnis and Turkmen has aroused international and local fears of sectarian twists.

United Nations agencies have occasionally said PMUs were involved in human rights violations during their battles against IS.

The Iraqi government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fervently defends al-Hashd against criticisms. Earlier in April, Abadi vowed to “cut the hands” of whoever defames al-Hashd al-Shaabi.

“They volunteered to defend Iraq and its people based on a fatwa by the clergy,” he said during an event marking the passing of a senior Shia religious figure. http://www.iraqinews.com/iraq-war/ir…orces-remarks/

clay says to cfine1():it means IMO we are very very close to what we want
clay says to cfine1():welcome to chat

subgirl says to cfine1():just watch and see what happens…

larrykn says to subgirl():Iraqi forces recapture western Mosul district, advance in others Report Ad

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi government forces on Thursday took over al-Thawra district in western Mosul, ending four days of intense encounters with Islamic State militants.

The announcement by the Joint Operations Command came hours after forces recaptured al-Thawra al-Oula, a first section of the neighborhood. The troops invaded the area on Friday.

The army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service also said its forces were advancing further at al-Tenek and al-Sihha districts.
Sihha district, west of Mosul.

Iraqi forces recaptured the eastern side of Mosul in January after three months of fighting with Islamic State, and sat on a new offensive in February to retake the western region. Commanders said earlier this month that the Islamic State was controlling only less than seven percent of Iraqi territory, and that only six districts were still witnessing IS presence.

Islamic State has lost many of its senior commanders since operations launched to retake the western side of Mosul. Officials from the U.S.-led coalition estimate the number of remaining militants in Mosul by less than 1000.

The conflict in Mosul has so far displaced more than half a million of the city’s population, according to the Iraqi government and the United Nations. http://www.iraqinews.com/iraq-war/ir…western-mosul/

subgirl says to Doug_W():I really like this news too

subgirl says to Doug_W():Abadi’s adviser “Economy News”: Iraq will discuss with the IMF, the development of foreign reserves
Economy News Baghdad:   Financial Advisor to the President of the Iraqi government, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Tuesday, announced that the Iraqi delegation, which will meet with the IMF in the coming days in Washington will discuss the development of foreign reserves.

Saleh said in an exclusive interview for “Economy News”, “The Iraqi delegation will discuss with the IMF, the implementation of the financial budget for the current year and the management of public revenue and expenditure and the financing of the fiscal deficit,” adding that it “will discuss the development of foreign reserves to ensure stability.”

He explained that “the Iraqi government succeeded in achieving economic reform, which is reflected positively on the economy,” stressing that “the benefits of the International Monetary Fund loans are very few.”

The start of the Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance Agency Abdul Razzaq Al-Issa, next Friday in Washington discussions with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to prepare a review of the credit agreement, which included lending Iraq $ 5.4 billion to cover the deficit in the fiscal budget.

A source in the Iraqi government refused to reveal his name for “economy News”, that “an Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance Agency Abdul Razzaq al-Issa will go to the American city of Washington this week to discuss the readiness of credit agreement signed by Iraq in 2015,”

noting that “the delegation meetings with the international Monetary Fund and the World Bank will begin on Friday, the next day on April 21 and lasts for three days”.

The source added that ” the delegation includes the Minister of Finance Agency Abdul Razzaq al- Issa and Central Bank Governor Ali Keywords Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, and officials from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Planning and Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Central Bank of Iraq , and representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the Office of financial supervision”.

The Iraqi delegation held with the International Monetary Fund experts discussions in Amman during the period from 5 to 17 March 2017 on Article IV consultations in 2017, and the second revision of the agreement to prepare credit(SBA) with Iraq, amounting to a 36 – month, which was approved by the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund on July 7 2016 .

It aims to prepare the credit agreement to correct the fiscal balance and the balance of the external position, and improving public financial management, while protecting social spending. The first review was complete under the standby credit agreement on 5 December 2016.

subgirl says to Doug_W():Financial Advisor to the President of the Iraqi government, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Tuesday, announced that the Iraqi delegation, which will meet with the IMF in the coming days in Washington will discuss the development of foreign reserves.

subgirl says to Doug_W():that would be this coming weekend I believe!!!!
subgirl says to Doug_W():WOW!!!
subgirl says to Doug_W():IMF raises its outlook for

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised its global growth forecast in 2017 thanks to manufacturing gains and trade in Europe, Japan and China, but warned against trade protection policies that signaled a halt to widespread recovery.

The IMF, which starts spring meetings with the World Bank in Washington this week, expects the world economy to grow 3.5 percent in 2017, up from 3.4 percent in its previous forecast in January.

In the latest World Economic Outlook, the IMF said the developed economies, which are chronically weak, are expected to benefit from a recovery in manufacturing and world trade that started to gain momentum last summer.

“It seems that the economic improvement we have been expecting for some time is beginning to materialize,” IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld said in the report.

The IMF raised its growth forecast for Japan in 2017 by 0.4 percentage points from January’s estimates to 1.2 percent and raised its growth forecast for the eurozone and China by 0.1 percentage points to 1.7 percent and 6.6 percent respectively.

subgirl says to Doug_W():NICE

subgirl says to Doug_W():At the same time, the IMF kept its growth forecast for the US this year unchanged at 2.3 percent, a big jump from a 1.6 percent growth in 2016, partly because of expectations that US President Donald Trump would cut taxes Increasing government spending.

He also revised his growth forecast for Britain this year to 2 percent, half a percentage point higher than his January forecast, and said the negative impact of the vote on exit from the EU would take longer.

Although growth appears to be generally improving between developed and emerging economies as well as oil and commodity exporters benefiting from price recovery, including Russia, IFAD said recovery is still fragile and prospects are facing unfavorable factors including chronic vulnerability to productivity growth and policies that may Trade is restricted.

The IMF did not specifically mention Trump’s trade policies, which bear the slogan “America First” and aim to reduce the US trade deficit.

larrykn says():Japan fears Iraqi irresponsibility using aid package
by Mohamed Mostafa   Apr 18, 2017, 10:46 am

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Japan has said it fears its financial assistance to Iraq will go “in vain” if the Iraqi government does not fulfil its responsibilities towards those packages.

Japan’s ambassador to Iraq, Fumio Iwai, said all efforts by his country to contribute to development projects in Iraq could “go in vain” if the government in Baghdad.

Quoted by an embassy statement during a conference in Baghdad, Iwai said his country was committed to Iraq’s development through seaports, water, electricity, fertilizers and irrigation projects.

The conference was tackling a 2012 project signed by both countries in which Japan would provide enhanced internet services for 150.000 homes in Baghdad by the end of May 2017.

Japan had extended its official aid to Iraq to a total of USD5.7 billion, mainly targeting to rehabilitate the country’s infrastructure in the fields of electricity, water, sanitation, petroleum and natural gas. It also provided USD330 million for humanitarian and stabilization purposes.

The Iraqi economy, relying on petroleum as its main lifeline, has suffered seriously since Islamic State militants took over large swathes of the country in 2014 to proclaim an “Islamic Caliphate”.

The government has pleaded to international donors to assist in the reconstruction of its devastated infrastructure as well as to address the needs of more than 500.000 people displaced by its campaign to retake areas occupied by IS.

Japan fears Iraqi irresponsibility using aid package
subgirl says to Doug_W():that is a good one too OUtlook for Global Growth!!!

subgirl says to larrykn():gotta love Japan… Quoted by an embassy statement during a conference in Baghdad, Iwai said his country was committed to Iraq’s development through seaports, water, electricity, fertilizers and irrigation projects.

subgirl says to larrykn():electricity is in there…

?larrykn says():Business
Iraq may seek exemption from OPEC oil cuts to boost own output: Hakim
by Mohamed Mostafa Apr 20, 2017, 12:20 pm

The chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim
Cairo (Reuters) Iraq may seek to be exempt from a deal between oil exporters to reduce global supply in order to support crude prices and ask to boost its own output, the leader of the nation’s Shi’ite ruling coalition Ammar al-Hakim told Reuters.

OPEC is due to meet in May to decide on an extension of supply curbs decided late last year to lift prices.

Speaking in Cairo, Hakim cautioned that Baghdad could ask to be exempted from taking part in the supply curbs as the nation needed its oil income to fight Islamic State.

“Given these sensitive circumstances, it is the right of Iraq to hope for an exemption by the other OPEC member states and have an opportunity to increase its production,” Hakim, an influential cleric, said in an interview late on Wednesday.

“But we are with the principle of reducing the overall OPEC supply to lift prices.”

Hakim is the president of the National Alliance, a coalition of the main Shi’ite political groups including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s Dawa party. The Shi’ite community forms a majority in Iraq.

Iraq is OPEC’s second-largest producer, after Saudi Arabia, with an output of 4.464 million barrels per day (bpd) in March, a reduction of more than 300,000 bpd on levels before OPEC cuts were implemented from Jan. 1.

Baghdad reluctantly agreed to take part in the current agreement to restrain output. Hakim was one of the Iraqi leaders whom OPEC Secretary Mohammed Barkindo met while on visit to Baghdad in October when trying to broker a deal.

Iraq may seek exemption from OPEC oil cuts to boost own output: Hakim
larrykn says():IS members including leaders, Baghdadi’s relative killed in western Mosul

by Nehal Mostafa   Apr 20, 2017, 1:17 pm

Federal police members aim their weapons at a man, whom they thought was a member of Islamic State but later turned out to be mentally handicapped, during a battle with Islamic State fighters at Bab al Beed district in the old city of Mosul
REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Federal Police has declared killing a relative of Islamic State supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and other group leaders in western Mosul.

“The troops targeted IS leaders through shelling,” Lt. Gen. Shaker Jawdat, chief of Federal Police, said in a statement. “The forces killed abu Baraa al-Daghestani, a military official, and his aide abu Abd al-Rahman al-Zemari in al-Jisr al-Khames region, north of the Old City.”

Moreover, Jawdat declared “killing of Abdullah al-Husseini, a relative of Baghdadi, Khaled Ali Nada, minister of zakat, and Blood Judge [executioner judge] called abu Hussein as they were targeted in al-Zanjili district.”

In related news, Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi, known as Public Mobilization Units (PMUs), announced killing five IS members in the west of Mosul.

“The 28th brigade noticed five IS members while trying to infiltrate in the vicinity of Tal Abta within the forces’ operations unit,” the troops said in a statement adding “they were killed immediately.”

Islamic State has lost many of its senior commanders since operations launched to retake the western side of Mosul.

On Wednesday, Iraqi security forces announced controlling 30 percent of western Mosul’s Old City.

Iraqi troops, backed by U.S.-led coalition, recaptured eastern Mosul in January after an offensive was launched in mid-October. A new offensive was launched in February to retake the western side of the city.

IS members including leaders, Baghdadi’s relative killed in western Mosul

subgirl says to SRW():Trump Promised Turkey’s Erdogan Close Cooperation on Syria, Iraq, PKK: Turkish Sources

ANKARA (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump congratulated Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on his referendum campaign in a phone call on Monday and vowed close cooperation on Syria, Iraq and the fight against Kurdish militants, Turkish presidential sources said.

“I value our friendship, we have many important things to do together,” Trump was quoted by the sources as saying in a statement giving a readout of the call.

cfine1 says():can anyone comment on the info out there that Paul ryan is the one really in charge. I do not know what is real when it comes to this

SRW says to cfine1():That is bogus information from a Guru..
cfine1 says():Thank you I was hoping that

subgirl says to cfine1():think about that… would TRUMP allow Ryan to be in charge??? NO WAY!!
clay says to cfine1():never

cfine1 says():I thought the same thing as I said I am new to this so my discernment is not quite there yet. I appreciate the assistance. So I may ask more questions like this. Please bare with me.
subgirl says to cfine1():your fine…

SRW says to cfine1():Sure.. My suggestion though is to not read Guru posts and beleive them..

clay says to cfine1():never a problem my friend we are all here for each other and for the same reason
clay says to cfine1():ask away

tman23 says():If you research back……..Paul Ryan was involved and drafted plans for Iraq to use the USD……They/Someone/Whoever/committee/………..moved on and came out with Iraq using their own currency which is the 3 zero notes…….. Ryan back then was offering “perks” in his plan to Iraq for using the USD………..

subgirl says to cfine1():yep just stay here and read the news… it will eventually kind of start to make some sense…

cfine1 says():Are there Tiers and if so what are they?
woodywoodpecker says():no tiers…..guru BS

cfine1 says():Segments payout
SRW says to cfine1():No mam.. Another Guru fallacy….

cfine1 says():How will we find out
SRW says to cfine1():When the CBI posts an International rate.. Everyone will know.. Period..

clay says to SRW():exactly

cfine1 says():Thank you
cfine1 says():Are there higher rates for humanitarian projects

clay says to cfine1():it will be one rate
clay says to cfine1():just like all other currencies

cfine1 says():Where the H are these people getting all this disinfo
SRW says to cfine1():Don’t fall for that.. That is a group scam.. Be careful..

cfine1 says():I take it that when CBI posts an international rate it will be posted here
seadreamer says to cfine1():They are making it up
cfine1 says():Okay

tycho says():good morning everyones71
subgirl says to tycho():GM s71
SRW says to cfine1():Yes mam… We all want to see an International rate as investors..

tycho says):I am waiting very patiently for April 30th let’s go RV
clay says to Okie Dinar():hey there Okie
Julie says():HI everyone…why April 30th?

clay says to Julie():don’t listen to that
subgirl says to tycho):s59

clay says to Julie():they will have taken Mosul by then
tycho says():Abadi said they should be finished with Mosul, that is all I ment

clay says to Julie():RV hoping soon after
clay says to tycho():LOL

Julie says():Oh gotcha. Oh yeah, I know better than that, lol.
clay says to Julie():(y)
Julie says():A little more time for me, as I said, is good, build up my collection so to speak, lol.

cfine1 says():Do they expect the RV this month, been hearing this weekend
clay says to cfine1():never
clay says to cfine1():Mosul IMO needs to be liberated 1st

cfine1 says():what needs to be done for its completion
clay says to cfine1():IMO Mosul

cfine1 says():Trying to understand how this all works
Dullenih says to clay():what happen in apr 30?

Julie says():Question, when you all made your first “purchase”…did you ever think, “I hope this wasn’t a mistake?” Or were you fullly confident and have always been. In other words, buyer’s remorse?

clay says to Dullenih():its coming s39
Dullenih says to clay():whos coming

clay says to Dullenih():Abadi said Mosul will be liberated by then

tycho says():year’s ago I listened to the gurus. Got all worked up on the date and rate, nothing like being let down emotionallly

clay says to Dullenih():the 30th
clay says to tycho():it killed me
clay says to Julie():totally confident
clay says to Julie():the richest nation in the world will have a reality rate not an imposed artificial rate

tycho says():Same here Clay was so down
Julie says():good to know! I had a moment of wondering if we did something stupid, lol.

cfine1 says():so we are waiting on Mosul’s liberation and then it rv’s
clay says to cfine1():thats the hope

subgirl says():No one knows when this will happen but we watch the news and look at the CBI site… This WILL happen just when we are not sure… praying it is very close tho…

Dullenih says to clay():noted thanks clay but why apr 30 ..hehe
Okie Dinar says to cfine1():No one knows. We are just hope

clay says to cfine1():stability and security in country
Okie Dinar says to subgirl():Exactly!

BGG says to cfine1():That is a pretty “canned” statement… though it may not be far from the truth.
cfine1 says():ok i understand. what its the CBI site

BGG says to cfine1():as in- pretty absolute.
clay says to Dullenih():1st part of 2017 but I’m waiting for after Mosul

BGG says to cfine1():Uhhh – that’s where all real currency info about Iraq comes from.
clay says to cfine1):iqd.com i think

BGG says to cfine1():http://www.cbi.iq/
Okie Dinar says():http://www.cbi.iq/
Okie Dinar says():Oops

subgirl says to cfine1():http://www.cbi.iq/
Dullenih says():so only dinar..iqd ..

BGG says to tycho():Copy that – GM to you too.
cfine1 says():What about the other currencies

subgirl says to Dullenih():this is dinarupdates…
clay says to BGG():messed that one up lol been awhile since i been there

BGG says():   lhttp://www.cbi.iq/ – the only one that matters for now.
cfine1 says():Ok

BGG says():Dong looks to be a ways out (at best)
subgirl says to Dullenih():just dinar…

BGG says():the rest are a waste of time
BGG says): the Zim is a FARCE…
Dullenih says to subgirl():noted thanks
subgirl says to Dullenih():yw

?BGG says():and if you trade your Dinar in for Zim over some STUPID INTERNET JIBBERISH… you just made the BAD DEAL OF THE CENTURY.

cfine1 says():ok thank you
cfine1 says():Where do I buy dinar at
subgirl says to cfine1():have you bot any?

BGG says():GO ask BANK NOTE WORLD if they will take your Zim wall paper in and send you Dinar.

BGG says():if they won’t – then you have your CONCRETE ANSWER.
BGG says():lots of sketchy dealers out there – tough to say.
BGG says to cfine1():Woops – that was for you

Dullenih says to clay():why they need to wait until apr30?
clay says to SRW():me too s39
cfine1 says():what about the dong

BGG says to cfine1():Read my comments above.
BGG says to cfine1():it’s a ways out (at best)…
clay says to cfine1():its my plan B

cfine1 says():Okay thank you
cfine1 says():Then it seems everyone else out there is full of it
cfine1 says():What is this stuff about specific currencies in a basket
clay says to cfine1():another guru talk

clay says to cfine1():thats why we are here want the truth not RV evey day
clay says to cfine1():every

cfine1 says():the dinar I am seeing has Sadam on it is that the correct one

SRW says to cfine1():The only currency I care about right now is the Dinar as an investor.. That’s why this is called Dinar Updates..
SRW says to cfine1():No.. That’s for wall paper..



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