Dinar News

Article: “Central: financial sector management electronically end of 2017” There are four phrases in this article that got me excited.

The first is the phrase “in the best world systems.” What this means is that the IMF is bypassing older and more traditional methods of change and are instead moving Iraq to the “front of the line” in terms of technological development.

This is consistent with Saleh’s statement made years ago that the dinar would become a “world reserve currency.” When your banking system is among the world’s best that means that you are poised to move directly into the world foreign currency exchange market.

But the next phrase is where Saleh’s statement about the dinar become a world reserve currency gains some credence. That phrase is “helps to pull the money supply of homes to the banking sector.”

We have read over the years that this is a major concern, namely, how do we get people in Iraq to pull their dinars out of their mattresses and put them into the banking system? It seems evident from this phrase that this is intended to do just that.

Now, the connection to Saleh’s prediction about the dinar becoming a world reserve currency is that as these dinars come out of the mattresses and into the banks they can be destroyed by the CBI, thus lowering the overall money supply, allowing the value of the dinar to rise.

The rising value of the dinar, given their high relative reserve position, will ensure that the dinar will become one of the strongest currencies in the world.